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  1. Well I have already replaced U joint Hub Ball joints but it happens while not turning as well. thats why i was thinking maybe the drive train is bouncing. And i feel it in the floor almost like it is under me not in front like it would be if it were suspension
  2. I do have 4wd. is there like a nipple that the line goes over? I did not see any when I was under there earlier today. I would like to hook them back up obviosly to keep dirt and moisture from getting in. I just changed the fluid and it looked to have a little water in it
  3. Hey MJ lovers! So i have an 88 MJ 4.0 BA10 Trans When i am driving and I approach the top end of a gear i get this knocking that i can feel in what is left of the floor. I also get it when I turn a corner too fast. I suspected it was a loose exhaust hitting the front driveshaft u joint but alas it is tight. Now I am thinking maybe trans or engine mounts? The trans mount looks a bit old but not cracked dry rotted or missing. I havent investigated motor mounts. Does anyone have any thoughts on what else to look for? Also how can I go about checking the transmount and perhaps the engine mounts? Thanks. Ant
  4. 88 MJ 4.0 BA10 Trans Can anyone clue me into this Air Breather Junction above my starter? One runs down and I think is supposed to connect to the BA10 transmission as a breather line. Do you know where it hooks in? Also can you tell me what the other 3 lines are for? Weren't run to anything when i bought it. Thanks! This truck has soooo many air and vacuum lines. Where does one begin.. Thanks, Ant
  5. Hey I know this is an older thread but for future readers here is what I did. Took 10 mins. When the handle comes off in your hand don't fret. Grab 2 pairs of vice grips, a razor blade, a pair of diagonal cutters and a pair of pliers. Cut back the black vinyl covering about 3 inches. The outside protective cable is a twisted strand cable. lightly grab towards the back with a pair of vice grips. Leave an inch gap or so and grab the front with another pair. Twist in opposite directions which will birdcage the wires. Snip the individual strands with diagonal cutters exposing the inner cable. Pull on cable with pliers to release hood. Your done! and you didn't have to take anything apart. no cutting into the hood. No reaching up under the truck. Hope this is useful to someone
  6. Ok Thanks. Ill try cleaning it really well once i get the stripped torx out. Why?!! Just Why? will be replacing with a hex bolt
  7. Hey Guys! The cold here in Philadelphia has delayed my work on my 88 Comanche project, 4.0 5speed. I got the slave cylinder put in and the transmission back in about 2 months back and figured why not try to start her up. I bought the truck not running and it hadn't run in 3 years. Well not surprising, didn't start. Cleaned all the ground, and electrical contacts. No dice. Everything having to do with ignition looked brand new, obviously someone had tried to start her before. What the missed? Crank position sensor. Put a new one in and tried to start her up. She lives again!!! Cranked up on 3rd try. She is running rough and over revved to 3000rpm but i am not all surprised. Its been a while since anybody loved her. Probably will need a new IAC. Any other thoughts on the high rpm? My next task is to fix the throttle body. The spring does not release. if i hit the gas it will stay in position. Tried soaking with pb blaster, didn't seem to help. My question is should I rebuild it? How do I rebuild it? does anyone know where to buy a new one. Only ones I have found thus far are not Renix compatible. I would almost rather replace than rebuild but if i cannot find one, that is not an option. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Ant
  8. Thanks that was very helpful. I found out my resistance issue was related to the switch but something is still whacky in the column. Time to open it back up and take another look
  9. Also if anyone is savvy to ignition issues, I started a thread pertaining to mine.
  10. A-Ha! Much obliged! DirtyComanche/Green Mesa XJ. That is just what I needed. Now that I know what that is called (CAD) i can further research what to do with it. Thanks As far as the other lines that makes sense and all lines accounted for. They are all cut, except fuel lines thankfully, so i need to bend/flare new lines. Now that I know what they go to, it should make it much easier. Green Mesa: Yeah I'm not real sure how the 4wd selector gets reattached to the transmission. I figured worse comes to it, I will take a ride over to where the xj is and take a look at how it is hooked up. I see the arm/actuator, I'm just not sure where/how it bolts up. Sorry to hear about your hurricane troubles. Hope everything remains reasonably dry and intact.
  11. Ignition Cylinder Problem: So when I bought my 88 MJ, the ignition was stuck in the on position. Truck came with a new cylinder, so I had a guy put it in for me. Problems: 1. After getting the ignition installed and the steering column mostly installed, the key became stuck in the off position. It would release but not move forward. He took it all apart again. Got it moving, put column back together. I moved the key into on position and then off, and now I got the ignition stuck in off position again. 2. The ignition seems to have no resistance in the start position. no spring to it. It feels as though it is just like turning key to on position. No spring feel from start to on. Now I do not have a battery in the truck, and have not made an attempt to start the vehicle since I bought it. Its not quite ready, Electrical fixes needed. But I will be making this attempt soon and I really need to solve this lock cylinder issue. Any ideas thoughts? Always appreciated, Ant
  12. Green Mesa xj: Damn torx bolts! Anyway, I got the transmission out and replaced the slave cylinder and after a few hours of work, got it back in. there are two valves on top of the trans. one of which has xfercase fluid in it. the other is some sort of breather hose. Can anyone tell me where these lines are supposed to connect? The plastic one (breather) went into a fuel/vacuum line, and then into junction piece wich was not attached to anything. The transfew case line was not attached to anything so I also have no idea what that goes to. See Picture: ALSO THIS? Don't know what it is for? its on the driver side of trans. Maybe for 4 wheel drive selector? Also if anyone can tell me how to reinstall 4WD that would be awesome. I didn't take it apart so I have little idea of how exactly it is supposed to go back together. I see the lever and actuator but I don't know how to rebolt. More Questions: Driver Side: Brake lines have been cut and partially removed so I can't follow them all to source. One of the top lines runs to some valve on gas lines. The other disappears up above fuel tank. Any ideas? Passenger side: These lines are running on passenger side by the front axle. They hook into that connector which appears like some sort of vacuum line? Not sure what they are for. Any help would be appreciated. Since I bought the truck with some things already apart, I just don't know where they go to replace. Brake(?) lines I want to replace because they are old rotted and broken/cut but again can't say where they are all supposed to go. Thanks, Ant
  13. All bolts that attach bell housing to engine are removed. I can't get the trans mount that is attached to the crewmember off so I unbolted the crossmember. Trans will still not come out. Its bolted to something I suppose. Any ideas what could be holding this up? When I let the jack down it drops enough for crossmember to clear the bolts and then stops. I cannot figure what is holding it in
  14. Great write up. Thanks. Considering doing a Peugeot to ax15 swap. The ax15vis out of a 92 jeep Cherokee and going into an 88 Comanche. Looks like all I need parts wise is the pilot bearing from a 74 cj?
  15. I confirmed that it is a Peugeot trans. 87MJTIM: Thanks for the write up. It seems simple enough. So the only thing I need to change is the pilot bearing to a 74 cj? And of course the ax15 parts and pieces. But I have a complete 92 xj 5 speed to pull from. SteveO: that is sweet man. I can't wait to have that feeling. Mine was actually sold as an 87 but according to the title and stickers under the hood it is an 88
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