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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have an 87 SporTruck 4x2 with the gas 2.5L inline 4 and the AX-5 transmission. My clutch fluid was leaking out of the transmission so I pulled the transmission out and replaced the internal clutch slave cylinder. Then I started driving it again and the clutch engagement point was very low, but if I pumped it up, it would move up, so I replaced the clutch master cylinder too. I’ve got everything really nice and tightened down. I bled it once, and then later a second time. Now my clutch engagement point is moving around wildly and I am very concerned. The fluid level in the little plastic reservoir is exactly the same every time I check it, right at the MAX line. Sometimes it is a long and gradual engagement, and sometimes it is a very short and abrupt engagement. Sometimes it is right near the bottom and sometimes it is closer to the top. I looked around and nothing appears to be leaking, but it’s been wet out and it’s hard to tell. The fluid level hasn’t gone down so I guess it’s not that.
  2. Hello again. So I was finally able to get a moment to put my comanche up on Jack stands and get my first real look at what was going on. I had posted a few questions on here before and got some wonderful feedback and now that I am a little more informed, I want to try again. My name is Ant and I just bought my Comanche! It is an 88 Jeep Comanche Cheif. 4.0l Renix 5 speed 4wd Short bed. (Previously I said it was an 87, but the title says differently) The previous owner bought the truck as a project and never began. The Guy he bought it from apparently stopped driving it because the clutch slave cylinder went bad. Seems likely as there is a new slave cylinder in the cab that came with the truck, and the transmission is half out. Whoever started on it broke the trans line off of the original slave cylinder. No big deal as long as i can get it free from the coupler. So... The starter is removed. The bolts to the engine are removed (and have long since been lost apparently, anyone know where I can buy replacements? The RPM or Speedometer cable that hooks into the trans is removed. The Stick is removed. As far as I can tell, the only thing holding the trans in is the mount attached to the crossmember. Is there anything else I need to look for before attempting removal? Puegeot right? Anybody have a relay diagram? What is this Vacuum line for? It passes into the firewall and it is broken. I'm sorry to bother with all these silly questions. I know the information is out there but it becomes very hard to filter through to find what you need. I am not a mechanic. I am a novice car guy. I have worked on my own jeeps plenty but they have been newer cherokees and I learn as I go. When something breaks, I learn how to fix it. I am good with my hands, I just don't know this particular truck yet. And if I took it apart I would know how to fix it but unfortunately many things are already half apart. The Hanes manuals are so vague because they cover 1984-2001 that they are basically no help. If anybody can recommend a better manual more specifically tailored to this truck, I would greatly appreciate it. Furthermore, I am about 10 miles from Philadelphia. I have been looking to outsource some of this work to other people. For instance, the new ignition cylinder I need put in. Could I do it? Yeah probably, but I would rather save myself the frustration and pay someone to replace it. I am also really trying to get this project moving and don't have as much time as I would like. So If you are looking to make a few extra bucks and wouldn't mind coming out to my house to take on a few of these smaller projects, let me know and maybe we connect. Thanks
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