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  1. Did you buy new seat belts for her? Share where you bought please?
  2. thanks all for your guidance....guessing hes not done one and therefore trying to take safest route....think its time to learn to do myself.
  3. hes saying that he can't locate exact engine. I mentioned that ,per some of the stuff i read , that we could use a 4.0 from almost any similar year Cherokee. He says there are 4 or more versions of the engine and that we have to locate exact one.....am I getting bad advice? Current engine needs valve cover, oil pan and rear main seal gaskets replaced. he quoted me $2200.
  4. Recently purchased an 88 MJ Pioneer w 315k. Body is sweet, very unique color. My bud owns a Shell station and far handier than I on big stuff. Want to swap motor for junkyard 4.0 w less miles. What should i be budgeting for this? Really have no idea.
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