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  1. Wow! Any ideas where did that grey truck bumper came from? THAT's what I'm after.
  2. Engine + trany is less then 48k miles, I have driven it and know it's been trouble free so far. Others are suggesting the Chev V8 swap cause weight is the same with better mpg. Hmmm
  3. Will a I-6 and auto tranny from a 2006 LJ work in my '87 MJ? I'm told there might be some electronic concerns that would make it a pain. Have any of you performed this swap? Thanks, Doug
  4. I received an email response directly from Hanson.
  5. Great thread! I'll apologize if this is not the place, but this is the most interest in MJ hitches I've found... I think I'm interested ...? I need a rear bumper and a hitch for my Long-beg MJ, and I need to configure for the max that my MJ/AX-15/Ford 8.8/4Whl-Discs/Long-bed can SAFELY handle. Was considering the Hanson MJ4002-P rear bumper, which "has a class II rating hitch for up to 3500lbs", but am wondering if a hitch of the style you guys are working on is better for my application. My long-bed MJ is 4.5" up, so I am assuming the need for a drop-tongue which introduces more sev
  6. Here ya go: (1) Large Short sleeve Tee - Orange 037 Green logo. (1) Large Long sleeve Tee - Black 136 Tan logo. (1) Heavy Hoodie Large - Orange 037 Green logo. Interested in hat, but need pic - prefer flex fit if available. Thank you much!
  7. Congrats on the new Eliminator! What do you want for your 2wd Elim?
  8. Curious - did you get the long bed on purpose? With plans to bob it? I couldn't bear the thought of cuttin on my long-bed - and am planning on getting a short bed for wheelin. Just curious....looks like a fun project.
  9. The thought is very intriguing. It would open up a whole new world of bumper choices....which I am interested in right now! Nice looking rig by the way.
  10. Wow! I see what you mean. Here it is (haven't bought it yet) - That UCA mount looks wimpy compared to mine, but lots of room for gusseting. And, If I'm going to have gusseting welded on I might as well have a beefy after-market UCA mount put on too.
  11. What should I replace my 1987 MJ bent front High Pinion Dana 30 4.10 Axle housing with ? Another one? Or, is there a better choice that will be an upgrade while I'm at it? There is an '86 Cherokee replacement at a local yard, but I'm a newbie to the Jeep world and not sure I wouldn't be buying another bent housing. A buddy of mine suggests looking for a Rubicon D44 to gain strength and limited slip while I'm at it - but neither of us know if that would be a bolt-on replacement, or require fab (which I don't want to do). Any suggestions for this newbie will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have this same problem, only on both sides. Haven't picked a shop to check alignment yet cause they all start off talking about installing adjustable ball-joints as a fix - while I want to understand what is causing this. I'll keep researching past forms before posting a new thread on this. MCF90, any updates?
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