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  1. For starters, this is not on my MJ, though it has it's own problems as well. This particular problem is on my XJ ('94, 4.0, 5 speed, 4wd) Of all the little clips that could break it had to be to be one that keeps my clutch release arm on it's pivot ball. Without the clip the clutch slave keeps shifting off the arm and not letting me shift. I know that the drivelines are the same and was hoping someone here had some insight. I didn't come here just to complain though, I came to ask if anyone has managed to replace that clip thru the starter mounting hole without dropping the tranny. (or any other way that means I don't have to drop it) I am pretty sure I am looking at pulling it apart, but if there is an easier way i am all ears. Hell, if you are in the area and know how to pop one on without a teardown I'll buy you a beer or twelve to stop by and show me. Already had the tranny off this damn thing once, and don't want to go there again if I can help it.
  2. Thanks for the input folks, I'll keep poking at it. Who knows, maybe i'll get lucky.
  3. Good morning folks, been kinda quiet here for a while for me. Mostly because i'm eyeball deep in my XJ getting it back on the road. Just havn't had much time for the interwebs. Anyhow, I'm back and starting back in on the MJ now. The question of the day is what would cause the MJ to die just when it's first starting out? It starts up just fine, and idles just fine. If I leave it idle for a few minutes then it's fine. Once it's actually moving it's fine, even if I have to stop after a block or so. If it's still warm from running everything's fine. The problem is when first shifting into gear (drive or reverse) after a fresh startup it will die. :hmm: Generally once it starts back up it usually runs fine. :dunno: I'm sure it's something simple, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. The MJ in question is an '89 4.0 2WD automatic.
  4. Not exactly what you are looking for but I have a swb fiberglass cap i'd part with in SE wisconsin.
  5. The clutch on my XJ has started slipping a bit on me, looks like it's time to plan a swapout before winter hits. I'll probably end up ordering one off Rock Auto, but figured I would stop by and ask here first. Anyone have a clutch kit for one sitting around the garage that will fit a '94 XJ 4.0 4wd that they would like to part with?
  6. I have a nice fiberglass SBW topper for sale in Kenosha, WI. I paid $130 for it, looking to get $100 of it back. I will entertain other offers of cash, MJ or XJ parts, possibly even odds and ends I can use on my boat. Seriously folks, my wife is getting grumpy that I still have this thing sitting around, lets find it a new home.
  7. without seeing the side plates, I am going to say it mounts to the bumper bolts. At least I think thats where all the drawtites mounted. I think I remember reading about some 1/4" plates that neede to be installed as well, but I don't really know for sure.
  8. Dechion


    Nice find. :cheers: For what it's worth, I was asking myself the same question a few years back. I have a 100 amp wirefeed that I use for small projects and a 300 amp stick welder I use for the big stuff. In my case I use the wirefeed for most of what I do. If it can't handle the job then I mock up with the wirefeed and burn it together with the stick welder for more/better penetration. Thats just me though, I'm a cheapskate. :yes:
  9. It depends on the hitch you have. I believe the stock ones used the bumper bolts, as do most if not all) of the aftermarkets. Do you have pics of the hitch by chance?
  10. What year/motor/etc on that JK? It just so happens I work maintenance for the Post Office (though not on the vehicles). With a bit more info I can go ask our auto tech if he knows what to do. I have see some of our vehicles at other offices converted with a shelf for carrying mail where the passenger seat used to be. No guarentees, but it won't hurt me to ask the guy.
  11. Do you recall offhand were to take the reading? I am thinking from the violet wire at the fuel pump connector to ground, right? (I still havn't been out there to work on the MJ, both the XJ and my wifes minivan needed my attention this week)
  12. Actually it could be argued that the firefighters originaly riding in the back were not covered by the design clause (B) but were actually covered by the exception in (C-1) as they were employees engaged in activity necessary discharge of the thier duty. Not trying to shoot you down, but if I was the prosecuter that would be my argument.
  13. Well, It just so happens that I picked up a JY sending unit off a renix today for install tomorrow. (Hopefully it works, I would love to know how much gas I have) Assuming I remember when i'm out there working on it I can put a meter across it and check. Then again I won't be able to test it till Friday when the alternator get here. I know I am wanting to test both and compare them agains each other anyhow.
  14. I'm in the market for a fuel sender for my '89 short bed. Is there a difference from year to year? Shortbed to long bed? I know from my search results that and XJ one is not compatible, I am just trying to find out what is before I go junkyard shopping (probably tomorrow) Thanks, Brad
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