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  2. XJ ( up to 96 )manual regulators are compatible with our trucks, I’m not sure if the 2 door XJ regulators will work on our MJ’s though. Junkyard or ebay are the only places to get them now, you can replace the rivets holding the regulator to the door with M6x1.0 nuts and bolts.
  3. +2 on the WJ upgrade, they’re fully boxed and have a “relief” if you ever want to go with bigger tires.
  4. If this is the case there's a DIY with pics on this forum (done by yours truly) that shows how to replace the bearing itself and not the complete bracket.
  5. big66440

    Rear Dana 44

    Thank you jeepdude89 and comanche club, I finally got my rear Dana 44.
  6. Thanks for the heads up AZJeff, I ‘m lucky there’s a machine shop right down the street from where I live. Are you using ZJ rear discs also?
  7. I pulled both axles out and went over everything carefully, I found out both backing plates were not centered correctly when I re-drilled the bolt holes for the axle flanges which I'm pretty sure was what allowed the seals to pop out. After replacing the bearings I found out my Dana 35 is mortally wounded, it makes a horrendous clunking sound on deceleration so a replacement DANA 44 is on it's way and I'll be doing a swap soon. I wish I could have came to a conclusion as to what caused all these problems to help out some one else but it was not possible.
  8. big66440

    Rear Dana 44

    Thanks IronManche87, I’ll let you know if the deal doesn’t go through with JeepDude89.
  9. I'm starting to believe there might be, is there a way to check it?
  10. I used genuine Mopar 5083678AA retainer plates on both sides, I used Nickintime films youtube video as a reference for the swap as well. The retainer plates hold the same amount of seal on both sides and where re-drilled for the correct bolt pattern on my D35 axle flange exactly the same way, I just can’t figure out why only the driver side keeps going out though.
  11. The metal part of the seal itself is getting pushed out as well, thank you for clarifying that. I have looked everywhere I could to verify if the outer seal is also support for the bearing. I always suspected that retaining plate did not hold enough of the seal for its purpose and was allowing the bearing to “let go”. I was wondering if adding a small amount of quick steel to make the I.D of the retainer smaller thus allowing it to support the seal better would fix my problem.
  12. big66440

    Rear Dana 44

    I’d rather have the 44 since these trucks originally came with them.
  13. big66440

    Rear Dana 44

    Looking for a dana 44 rear end, gear ratio doesn’t matter, with or without brakes. I’m located about 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles but I’m willing to take a drive few hours away to pick one up if available, thank you.
  14. I did one side at a time,,, they’re different lengths so I doubt anyone else was able to swap them either.
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