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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know to avoid “shopjeepparts.com”. I purchased an Omix Ada flex plate from their web store and received a Pioneer ( relabeled by Crown) flex plate, aside from taking them forever to ship the part I never got any type of notification asking me if it was OK to substitute it for a different brand. I keep sending them emails to get a prepaid shipping label to send it back and they either don’t respond or keep giving me the run around through their “live chat”. Happy Holidays Stay safe everyone.
  2. Dodge A-100 pickup Dodge Dakota 72-79 Dodge SWB pickup
  3. big66440

    Heater core

    Looking for a factory OEM heater core for my 89 Comanche, I know it’s a long shot but what the heck.
  4. I got a job with one of my older brothers at an engine parts warehouse and I had always liked Comanches, one of the delivery drivers pulled in one day in a pretty beat up one and I started talking to him about it. I finally asked him if he'd liked to sell it and he agreed but the deal never went through, there was always an excuse why he couldn't sell it. I transferred locations and lost touch with the guy, till one day my brother (same brother I worked with at the original location) called me and said he had to see me right away, it was an emergency and it could not wait. I told my brother to
  5. Daily driver, project vehicle ,work truck, stress reliever, I love my Comanche too much to get rid of it
  6. WOW that's cool!! I dream of taking a trip like that in my Comanche one day. I would have at least introduced myself to you and "JazzyJeeper" if I didn't have to work 24/7 , but anyway I hope you enjoyed the trip and if you're ever back here in So Cal we can meet.
  7. Thanks for the videos, those are some really cool cars. Do any of them ever make the trip out here to California for the Spring Fling show at Woodley Park?
  8. I have the Mishimoto aluminum radiator and Mishimoto electric fan set up ( I'm using a Dakota Digital PAC-2750 controller) and it was a HUGE improvement over my CSF 3 core radiator and stock mechanical fan set up, Mishimoto's customer service is very good as well.
  9. https://parts.moparonlineparts.com/auto-parts/2000/jeep/grand-cherokee/limited-trim/4-0l-l6-gas-engine/front-suspension-cat/front-axle-scat part number 3 on this diagram
  10. Aren’t they used to provide preload for the hub when the nut is tightened?
  11. If you're truck is a 2WD you'll also need the stub shafts, and depending on your wheel bolt pattern you might need an adapter/spacer as well as WJ lower ball joints and a wheel alignment when it's all done. I did this upgrade on my MJ and it made a nice difference.
  12. I'm trying to re-install my AC system and realized I need the lines coming directly out of the AC Condenser into the compressor and receiver drier. My MJ is an 89, 4.0, AW4 with factory installed A/C, thank you.
  13. I'm hoping you guys can help me with figuring out the differences of the HVAC boxes under the dash (heater core boxes) for MJ's and XJ's through the early 90's. My MJ is an 89 and I have access to a 92 HVAC box out of an XJ and a factory Mopar 1991 XJ Evaporator core. My question is will the combination of these parts work in my MJ? thanks
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