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  1. https://parts.moparonlineparts.com/auto-parts/2000/jeep/grand-cherokee/limited-trim/4-0l-l6-gas-engine/front-suspension-cat/front-axle-scat part number 3 on this diagram
  2. Aren’t they used to provide preload for the hub when the nut is tightened?
  3. If you're truck is a 2WD you'll also need the stub shafts, and depending on your wheel bolt pattern you might need an adapter/spacer as well as WJ lower ball joints and a wheel alignment when it's all done. I did this upgrade on my MJ and it made a nice difference.
  4. I'm trying to re-install my AC system and realized I need the lines coming directly out of the AC Condenser into the compressor and receiver drier. My MJ is an 89, 4.0, AW4 with factory installed A/C, thank you.
  5. big66440

    Jeep wheels

    Yes, it's stamped near the hole for the valve stem.
  6. big66440

    Jeep wheels

    OP correct me if I'm wrong but if those have not been widened they should be 15"x6". I have the same wheels on my MJ.If they have been widened please put me in line for them.
  7. I'm hoping you guys can help me with figuring out the differences of the HVAC boxes under the dash (heater core boxes) for MJ's and XJ's through the early 90's. My MJ is an 89 and I have access to a 92 HVAC box out of an XJ and a factory Mopar 1991 XJ Evaporator core. My question is will the combination of these parts work in my MJ? thanks
  8. I'm having an issue with my hazard lights, if I step on the brake pedal while I have the hazard lights on they will stop blinking. I do not have LED bulbs and I have installed new flashers for both the turn signals and hazard lights.
  9. This is exactly what I plan to do to mine, I have a column shifted auto and I'm planning on doing a 4x4 swap in the future. I'm not 100% sure but the shifter cable might be able to reach the new 4x4 tranny.
  10. Cool thanks for letting me know
  11. Thank you, I actually only needed the driver side and was able to get one from a friend with an XJ.
  12. Mirror no longer needed.
  13. I might take them if "1989commanche" doesn't, I'm not far from Highland Park.
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