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  1. That's the idea, once the harness bar is in I want to see about cross bracing the rear hoop, should make the cage a bit stronger.
  2. Worked on the MJ a bit and got the seats bolted down, they are as low as I could get them, feels weird sitting so low in the truck after so many years with the old seats.
  3. I originally made sections of the tunnel removable just for accessing the drive shaft,shifters, transfer cases,ect... it's pretty hard to get to that stuff from underneath due to the tummy tuck. At this point I'm not sure if I'm going to modify the first tunnel I made or make a new one. I think a custom tube center console would look pretty cool, so we will have to see what I do with it.
  4. Not much to update, I pulled the truck out and cleaned up the garage a bit. I also started cutting the tunnel, looks like I will be able to lower the seats by a few inches.
  5. Try backing off the through bolts, then loctite the nuts in place at whatever tension the vibration stops at. Should help, playing with the bolt tension can even get poly mounts to calm down significantly.
  6. I modified the rails from the Dakota seats and moved them over to the new seats. I think I'm going work on the transmission tunnel and see if I can get them to sit a little lower, otherwise they are pretty much were they are going to be.
  7. I haven't had a chance to mess with them yet, I had to make rails for my Dakota seats so for now the plan is to try to rework them to fit the Corbeau seats. I looked at their brackets, seems people complain that they sit pretty high, I want to keep the seats low if I can. Hopefully soon I can toss them in the truck so I can finish the cage work.
  8. More stuff trickled in, not sure how much I'm going to like the harnesses but I will give them a try. Last night i ordered up some more tube for the seat belt bar and to X the back of the cage,I also got some gussets to add in places, the cage should be pretty sturdy. Now I need my order from Corbeau to show up so I can figure out the placement of the X and seat belt bar.
  9. For now I need to add at least a harness bar, once the new seats are in I will see what I can do to beef up the rear hoop,eventually I want to beef it all up a bit and add an external halo over the cab. It's a good start.
  10. My MJ originally didn't have it, up to 31" tires it was manageable but once I went to 33s it was a necessity. A street truck with small tires would be ok, you will wish you had power on anything that goes off road.
  11. Today I finished up the wiring in the bed and started trying to figure out a home for the spare tire, after trying a few ideas I ended up with it sitting partially over the battery box. I think it should work out good there.
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