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  1. The water/air system has a 4 gal icebox/reservoir in the bed, a 12v pump moves the water through copper pipes under the truck to further dissipate heat before it goes through a bar & plate style heat exchanger in the grill then through the Laminova intercooler. The pump is a clone of a Bosch style 12v pump for a water air set up that's used on a few OEM systems. I bought the supercharger and intercooler used and adapted them to my engine, Avenger superchargers use to sell the same set up in their TJ kit but it's not available anymore. The supercharger gets oiled like a turbo, it has a feed line coming off the oil pressure sending unit and a drain to the oil pan, it also could have been set up self contained like many OEM superchargers. In all the videos you saw on You Tube the boost was at 3psi, i have a pulley to bump it to around 10psi but I haven't put it on yet. Currently it has MPFI with 24lb injectors and a MAP adjuster, i also have an adjustable FMU but i haven't got it set up yet. I monitor AFR with a wideband and so far it's happy at low boost. I currently have nothing to pull timing, eventually i might do something but so far it hasn't been an issue,
  2. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    Looks like he is in Sandy Oregon, so somewhere out near me.
  3. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    My AX15 swap was around $600 but i took my time and got good buys on most of it, that's not including drive shafts since i had to do them anyway and also going into a truck that already had a manual transmission to begin with. It could easily cost a lot more.
  4. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    As far as 2.5l builds, I've come across several other built 2.5ls, pretty much all are MPFI and most are running forced induction or a stroker. You can make a 2.5l perform pretty well, it's not really cost effective though, for whats gone into mine i could have easily swapped in a V8 or something. I just have a thing for being different and wanted to see what i could do with the 4banger.
  5. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    A manual swap even on a worn out engine is going to be night and day. An auto already saps more power than a manual but then on top of it the A904s gear ratios aren't all that great. A904 1st 2.74,2nd 1.54,3rd 1.00 AX5 1st 3.93,2nd 2.33,3rd 1.45,4th 1.00,5th .85 Kinda like driving around using only 2nd,3rd,and 4th gears.
  6. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    T case may swap, I'm not sure what output the 904 used. Personally I would swap the t case anyway, a 231 would be a nice upgrade from a 207. Also make sure that you get a 86-90 flywheel for your swap , any year trans will work but the flywheel needs to match the Renix system on your engine. I see you're in Sandy, you might get ahold of Jeeps West, David may have everything you need laying around the shop.
  7. 2.5L Transmission Swap

    AX15 didn't slow my 2.5l down at all, i can spin 37s on pavement in first and cruise in 5th on the highway. Never tried the AX15 on a stock 2.5l though.
  8. We are working on populating this area with threads from other parts of the forums. If you have a build or know of tech threads you would like to see here or feel would fit in better over here, post the link here and we will review them.
  9. Sound deadening?

    Well that sucks, I haven't played with any of them.
  10. Sound deadening?

    There's several SPL meter apps you can download for free. I may take some readings on mine just out of curiosity,I'm sure it's much louder than the average street driven MJ, my MJ is about as refined as an ultra4 car.
  11. Sound deadening?

    I still haven't bothered to hook the stereo back up in the truck since I did the MPFI harness, the engine sings pretty good, probably the only case where constant whining is a good thing. I couldn't do no sound deadener,it was pretty bad. After I got the truck back together I drove it about 1 1/2 hrs on the freeway to my brothers house without any sound deadening, it was shortly after that I pulled everything out and added the Peal & Seal, I could hear the difference even before I got the interior back together. It may not be Dynamat but it cost me around $30 to do the entire floor and made the truck much more bearable for long drives.
  12. Sound deadening?

    You don't need a sound reading to know that you no longer need to yell to have a conversation with your passenger.
  13. Sound deadening?

    My MJs floor is covered with Peel & Seal and has bedliner sprayed over it. It made a huge difference in my rig.