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  1. More stuff trickled in, not sure how much I'm going to like the harnesses but I will give them a try. Last night i ordered up some more tube for the seat belt bar and to X the back of the cage,I also got some gussets to add in places, the cage should be pretty sturdy. Now I need my order from Corbeau to show up so I can figure out the placement of the X and seat belt bar.
  2. For now I need to add at least a harness bar, once the new seats are in I will see what I can do to beef up the rear hoop,eventually I want to beef it all up a bit and add an external halo over the cab. It's a good start.
  3. My MJ originally didn't have it, up to 31" tires it was manageable but once I went to 33s it was a necessity. A street truck with small tires would be ok, you will wish you had power on anything that goes off road.
  4. Today I finished up the wiring in the bed and started trying to figure out a home for the spare tire, after trying a few ideas I ended up with it sitting partially over the battery box. I think it should work out good there.
  5. Since I was in there doing the fuel gauge, I decided to hook up the stereo. I disconnected it in 2014 when I did the MPFI harness swap and never got around to hooking it up again, it has just been filling a hole in the dash all this time. I rarely used the stereo since retiring it from daily driver duty years ago, but now it works if I decide too.
  6. Not much of an update but, I got the battery box bolted back down and I added a power disconnect. I thought about changing up the battery arrangement but decided to just leave them for now. I also installed a fuel gauge for the fuel cell.
  7. It's definitely not a necessity, but it cost about $20 to put one together. Besides the normal advantages of a hand throttle, my main thinking was my screwed up knee, it can get pretty uncomfortable on long drives so I figure it would be nice to be able to give it a break on the trail. I want to start driving the truck more and hit some trails again, so anything that might help is worth a shot.
  8. It frees up a foot which is especially handy in a manual transmission rig, I also have a hydraulic hand brake giving me even more options when multitasking on the trail. The hand throttle can be set to operate like a thumb throttle on a quad or it can be set to lock at a specific rpm.
  9. I 3D printed an adapter to use an open slot in the stock bracket, the throttle is a mountain bike friction shifter so it uses a bicycle cable.
  10. I went with boring matte black, makes it easy to touch up as needed.
  11. Years ago I checked mine with a phone app, I had a 2.5l TBI,3.55s and 33s. Iirc, 0-60 was around 17.5 seconds. It would be interesting to see what it does now.
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