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  1. I had it on my MJ years ago, with the 6.5" lift the drag link was too short and needed lengthened, otherwise it all bolted up and went down the road ok. It's pretty light duty though, I was surprised that It held up as well as it did.
  2. When I was gathering parts for a 4.3l i was wanting to do an NV3500 5spd with a 231. It would have fit pretty much the same as a stock trans, they shift pretty nice, and are drivers drop.
  3. XJ and MJ front stiffeners are the same, the mid stiffeners back are different. Basically anything past the cab support under the door will be completely different.
  4. I made my own from 3/16" plate, it was a fun project and really didn't take long to put together.
  5. Not sure, I haven't got it on a dyno. Even turning 37s It is significantly faster than stock, my 4.0l 5spd XJ feels pretty weak in comparison.
  6. My fancy hood ornament, the thing behind it could be considered bling too.
  7. My Dakota seat swap, I got a center console, a 3rd seat, and retractable cup holders all in one mod.
  8. I'm gonna go with my MJs dual transfer case set up, as long as it can get traction the truck will drag pretty much whatever you hook to it, my XJ in low range feels incredibly weak by comparison.
  9. Not much of an update but a while back I noticed my oil pump had broken causing a bad distributor wobble, I swapped the Melling M81 for a cheap aftermarket pump. I haven't been too happy with the new pump, it doesn't like to build pressure at start up, it builds pressure if I rev it then loses again pressure at idle, i think the relief is screwed up. After some looking around i picked up a Melling M167HVS which is a variation of the Melling M81AHV high volume pump, I figure if I have to tear it down again I will upgrade. The pump is not listed to fit a 2.5l but since they fit the 4.0l and 4.2l I know it will bolt up, so the issue will probably be pan clearance. I reckon I'm gonna find out, shouldn't be too hard to make it fit. The pics are the new high volume pump vs. the old M81
  10. You could drill through that extractor with a rescue bit or similar tool to remove it.
  11. Drill the plug and pick out the pieces, then use a Time-Sert kit to repair the threads. Just use lots of compressed air and a magnet to get as much metal out as you can, it sounds kinda sketch letting a little metal into the combustion chamber, but I've repaired dozens of heads like that with no issues.
  12. Do some research on converting it to an external regulator, there's lots of write ups and even several You tube videos on how to do it. It's a pretty common swap on the newer Jeeps, when the one in the ECU dies, it is a lot cheaper to convert it to external rather than buy a new ECU so lots of people go that route. You can find kits online or piece it together yourself to save a few bucks.
  13. It probably was me. Might be a while on a update on the standalone,Friday I am going in for another knee surgery so it might be a bit before I get to tinker on the truck.
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