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  1. UPS brought a present today, now i need to get everything mounted and make a couple hoses.
  2. Tinkering on the MJ a little bit. I ordered a hydro assist ram, and set up one of my spare boxes for assist, also planning to finally set up the sector shaft support since i will have everything apart anyway.
  3. I'm good on the Fireball, it took a while just to not feel sick from the smell of it. I can drink it now, but it doesn't even sound good anymore.
  4. I put 91 stuff into my 89, the HVAC and most of the stuff under the dash was plug and play, i didn't even pull the dash out for the swap, the cluster will need swapped. You definitely will want the fuel pump/ sending unit, the sending units sweep backwards between Renix and HO, i had to swap the fuel lines too for my swap. I seem to remember the wiper motor plugs being different so you may want to pull it or at least keep the plug to it. Also make sure you get the entire harness or you will be splicing the rear harness into the dash harness, the plugs are different between Renix and HO,i didn't get the 91 rear harness and had to splice mine. Probably more that I'm forgetting but that should help some.
  5. mnkyboy

    V8 swap

    Personally, i would spend the time and money elsewhere on the truck, the 4.0l is plenty of engine to get started. Once you have a built rig with axles and such to support a V8, swap one in if the 4.0l isn't giving you the power you're looking for.
  6. mnkyboy

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    It's something like 2.62" vs 2.76" . Some TJ D44s are supposedly the same as the D35 but MJ/XJ D44s are definitely a larger diameter.
  7. mnkyboy

    mpg 2.5l vs 4.0

    On the road my 2.5l has always got a few mpgs better than my 4.0l Jeeps. Off road my 2.5l typically gets significantly better than the 4.0l, after long trail runs when the 4.0ls in the group are near empty, I've still got quite a bit of fuel left and just top it off each day.
  8. mnkyboy

    Painting the MJ

    If you have a compressor, just use an HVLP gun. I'm going to guess that since you are considering rattle can that paint quality isn't super important, in that case you can go with Rustoleum or some other cheap equipment enamel, a $8-$10 quart of paint equals about the same amount of paint as a case of rattle cans, a can of spray paint only contains a few ounces of actual paint. You can get some automotive paint reducer or go cheap and use acetone from the hardware store to thin it, you could also add a can of hardener if you wanted for $10-$20 but that's optional. An HVLP gun is going to lay down paint much nicer and coat way better than spray paint, you can buy a cheap HVLP gun for $15-$20 if you don't have one, for a budget paint job the cheap HVLP guns will do ok, many are knock offs of Sata or other higher end spray guns. You can pull of a decent budget paint job for less than spray paint or spend a little more and step up the quality from there, you could even get into some lower end single stage automotive paints without spending a lot.
  9. Nice video, looks like a fun project.
  10. mnkyboy

    Front Leaf Spring Conversion

    Originally it had shackles out front which really killed the approach angle, the shackles were removed and the sliders were added to the rear of the front springs, the sliders tightened up the front end and made a night & day difference in handling over the shackle set up, the approach angle was better but still much worse than a linked rig would be. The rear axle was still running shackles.
  11. mnkyboy

    Front Leaf Spring Conversion

    The one i put together is on 3/4 ton Ford axles, it has YJ leaf packs set up SOA up front, we used liquid iron slider boxes instead of shackles. I wouldn't recommend the swap, the one i did drives very well for what it is but can't be compared to the performance of a link set up, wasn't really any cheaper than links either.
  12. mnkyboy

    4bt into comanche?

    4BT stock has 70-80 less HP than a 4.0l and only about 40 ft lbs more torque even at low rpm. Being around 270lbs heavier than a 4.0l seems to me would be the bigger issue for an MJ than the power would be. Personally I'm not into diesel swaps, but if i did one i would be looking for something a bit lighter than a 4BT.
  13. mnkyboy

    HO CPS Compatibility

    I haven't done the CPS, but i run a 95 distributor on my 91 harness. I simply swapped connectors, the 95 cam sensor worked fine with the 91 ECM. I would suspect that the CPS would work too, maybe i will see if i can find the old 95 CPS that came with my injection set up and try it.