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  1. New starter showed up yesterday, hopefully it holds up better than the cheap ones I've been running. Need to trim the nose a little to clear the inertia ring then toss it on and see if it's worth it's price.
  2. Got everything coated with Raptor liner, now to put everything back together. 20220101_163238.mp4
  3. Been working on another supercharged 2.5l for my YJ, so I've been bouncing between projects but, I finally cut out the windshield and finished removing the rear window. I've got a few little things to do inside then hopefully I will be done messing with the interior for a while. 20211231_160201.mp4
  4. They are a little different, I bent them based on how the seats sit in the truck. It looks a little wierd without the seats installed.
  5. Finished tacking everything up and started pulling the cage for welding, in the process I managed to knock out the back window, luckily I have a spare. I got the cage out and welded then primed it and painted it with bedliner. It's now back in the truck and bolted in place.
  6. I'm 6' tall. The new seats are much thinner than the Dakota seats I had in there which helps a lot, I actually have to move the seat forward a little. It might be hard to tell but some of the tubes are bent to allow the seats to go back a little further.
  7. No, the main hoop was part of the rock hard kit I bought and I think they made it a little too big, there was no way I was getting it in there with the interior panels installed. I considered fixing it but I'm leaning towards leaving the plastic out, it has kind of a race truck feel.
  8. Had to wait for some new cut hole saws to show up for the notcher, tonight I spent a few minutes in the garage and finished notching the last to pieces. Now to pull it out and weld everything.
  9. That's the idea, once the harness bar is in I want to see about cross bracing the rear hoop, should make the cage a bit stronger.
  10. Worked on the MJ a bit and got the seats bolted down, they are as low as I could get them, feels weird sitting so low in the truck after so many years with the old seats.
  11. I originally made sections of the tunnel removable just for accessing the drive shaft,shifters, transfer cases,ect... it's pretty hard to get to that stuff from underneath due to the tummy tuck. At this point I'm not sure if I'm going to modify the first tunnel I made or make a new one. I think a custom tube center console would look pretty cool, so we will have to see what I do with it.
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