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  1. mnkyboy

    Inertia ring ina 4.0

    I was concerned about it when i put it on there,i even had a stock flywheel on hand in case i hated it. I was actually surprised how little i notice it on the road, even with the naturally aspirated engine it wasn't bad. Even with the inertia ring, it still accelerates much faster than my 4.0l XJ does.
  2. mnkyboy

    Inertia ring ina 4.0

    No, mine was a one off custom made by a guy on 4bangerJP. It looks very similar to the Tri county gear one, but i believe mine's about a 1/2lb heavier.
  3. mnkyboy

    Inertia ring ina 4.0

    What Eagle said. Mine adds about 9.5lbs to the factory flywheel.
  4. mnkyboy

    Inertia ring ina 4.0

    I haven't seen anyone running one on a 4.0l, i have one on my 2.5l but as far as i know I might be the only one in the group that has one in an MJ. It does make a difference on the 4banger though.
  5. Looking at the harness it looks like the C101 only runs stuff on the engine harness and although the ECM is under the dash it is still just part of the engine harness, so the XJ engine harness should take care of all of that. I guess what i need to do is look at the pinouts where the engine harness plugs into the dash harness behind the fuse panel to see if they match up. I typically swap the engine & dash harnesses as a set, but these harnesses being the same years has me wondering. As unlikely as it is that they will play nice together, it would be nice to not have to swap the dash harness or do the rear harness splice.
  6. Getting ready to swap the harness on the boys MJ project, we have a 1990 MJ donor, i would prefer the 1990 harness but due to some previous owners the harness is a major rats nest. I also have a 1987 4.0l XJ harness that i could splice in, but the MJ is a 1987 2.5l so both are the early harness with the C101. What I'm wondering is if the 87 XJ engine harness would be plug and play with the 87 MJ dash harness, or if it would be best to just swap it all and splice the MJ rear harness into the XJ engine and dash harnesses.
  7. mnkyboy

    Mnkyboys other MJ Project.

    Got home from work today and found the boy going to town on the donor rig, he's slowly making progress.
  8. mnkyboy

    Jim Oshel has passed

    Sad news, Jim was a great guy.
  9. Not very good pictures but i got the cooler all hooked up today after work, I think it should work pretty good.
  10. I had been using an AW4 trans cooler for a power steering cooler but it gave up on me at Naches last year, since then it has been jumped out. I picked up a new cooler months ago but finally got around to installing it, it's pretty crowded behind the grill so I'm going to try under the hood. I made a mount, just need to get some hose and tie it into the system.
  11. Since i put the supercharger on I've fought with belt squeals, especially when things get wet. Over time I've changed things around and got it down to just the alternator slipping, today i added some more idlers to get better contact on the alternator, seems to have worked. The belt is silent now, i even soaked it with the garden hose and didn't get a peep out of it.
  12. mnkyboy

    Mnkyboys other MJ Project.

    Now to turn two MJs into one.
  13. That's correct,high/neutral/low.
  14. I was looking at old pics and found one of the contents of my bed, It's amazing that the 4banger can burn out at all with all that weight back there. There's also a bunch of recovery gear behind the seats, it's got me wondering how much the truck weighs.