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  1. The head porting is the same on the 2.5l, only real difference in the head is that that yours has an extra tapped hole for a temp sender, the spot is there on the later head but it's not drilled/tapped. The long block is nearly identical but the front accessories are all a little different, you will want to swap everything from the timing cover on out so everything lines up correctly. There is also a small difference in crank length so you may have to address that as well to get the crank pulley to line up right with your accessories. I went with 95 parts onto my 89 long block but going the opposite way shouldn't be much different.
  2. No pics but I finally installed the SPA turbo adjustable FMU that I bought ages ago. Now I'm waiting on a new O2 sensor for my wide band to show up so I can play with adjusting it. If I can make everything happy at 9psi, I might just leave it as it is and use the standalone on something else.
  3. I haven't seen new ones and used ones can be tricky to remove in one piece so be careful is you do try to pull one. That's actually not a seal, the window is glued in with urethane like the windshield, that piece is cosmetic. You might be able to just reseal the window then clean up the one you have and reinstall it.
  4. Nice, I knew Pete could get it sorted out. That thing should rip with the turbo on it.
  5. I was hoping the ground had dried out a bit more, it sunk pretty quick. My XJ couldn't budge it so 4banger MJ to the rescue.
  6. It is a handy tool to have around the house, i wish I had bought one that could leave the pavement though, I might have to get a second one to keep in the backyard.
  7. I usually toss this on when I park it outside for long periods, I would probably get some crazy looks if I tried driving around with it like that though.
  8. Visibility isn't too bad, even on trails. Worst thing is all the steam after the engine gets wet, wouldn't be so bad but I live in the PNW where it rains all the time.
  9. I kinda wish I had put in the extra work to keep the supercharger under the hood or at least lower than it is, otherwise I'm pretty happy with my build.
  10. 33s would be the safest without cutting, with enough bump stopping you could get away with 35s. Depending on the wheels you go with, the full widths may not end up much wider bulge to bulge than stock axles with the same size tires since you typically run a back spaced wheel to push the tires outward on the stock width axles. My MJ is around 7" of lift with 37s and full width axles, but I did a little trimming.
  11. Last few days I've been working on reassembling this.
  12. I got the MJ out and swapped in a high volume oil pump, put a new O2 sensor in the wideband and cleaned the truck up a bit, just need some new tags and I can drive it again. I also put a new exhaust system on my F350,and I've been working on getting the paint work done on my MGB. I think I'm gonna start putting myself in quarantine every year.
  13. Finally got the MJ out, rinsed it off, and swapped oil pumps. I had to use the original 2.5l pick up on the high volume pump, other than needing a spacer and a longer bolt for the pick up tube the larger pump fit perfectly with no oil pan clearance problems. I got it all back together and did an oil change, the truck has great oil pressure.
  14. When my 89 had the Renix system I had to adjust the tach, when I converted the truck over to the Chrysler MPFI system I used a 4.0l HO cluster and it was just plug and play.
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