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  1. mnkyboy

    Ford v Ferrari

    It's a pretty good movie, even the wife enjoyed it and she was completely uninterested when I drug her to the theater to see it.
  2. I just keep an eye out for people doing swaps, many of them just want the 4banger stuff out of their garage.
  3. You need the engine and dash harnesses from an MPFI MJ/XJ, the ECM, gauge cluster, fuel pump/sending unit, fuel lines,flywheel, a complete MPFI engine and pretty much everything that plugs into it, and a few other things. It's much easier to put in a complete MPFI 2.5l, but you could strip your TBI 2.5l down and redress it as an MPFI. It's a pretty big project and rarely done, which is why you don't see much information on the swap.
  4. I supercharged my 89, I also converted from TBI to MPFI.
  5. The part that welds on is trimmed back on the rear hinges, you could add the metal back or weld them on as is. Otherwise they are the same hinge.
  6. Front and rear hinges are slightly different but interchangeable, which is good to know especially when looking for used hinges. XJ rear hinges are typically in much better condition than front hinges.
  7. Not yet, I've been tinkering on my MGs so the MJ has been on the back burner. I'm just about ready to pull my parts MG out of the garage so I can bring in the MJ and swap oil pumps. I picked up some fresh race oil a couple days ago for it, hopefully I have all sorts of oil pressure here soon
  8. I had it on my MJ years ago, with the 6.5" lift the drag link was too short and needed lengthened, otherwise it all bolted up and went down the road ok. It's pretty light duty though, I was surprised that It held up as well as it did.
  9. When I was gathering parts for a 4.3l i was wanting to do an NV3500 5spd with a 231. It would have fit pretty much the same as a stock trans, they shift pretty nice, and are drivers drop.
  10. XJ and MJ front stiffeners are the same, the mid stiffeners back are different. Basically anything past the cab support under the door will be completely different.
  11. I made my own from 3/16" plate, it was a fun project and really didn't take long to put together.
  12. Not sure, I haven't got it on a dyno. Even turning 37s It is significantly faster than stock, my 4.0l 5spd XJ feels pretty weak in comparison.
  13. My fancy hood ornament, the thing behind it could be considered bling too.
  14. My Dakota seat swap, I got a center console, a 3rd seat, and retractable cup holders all in one mod.
  15. I'm gonna go with my MJs dual transfer case set up, as long as it can get traction the truck will drag pretty much whatever you hook to it, my XJ in low range feels incredibly weak by comparison.
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