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  1. Drill the plug and pick out the pieces, then use a Time-Sert kit to repair the threads. Just use lots of compressed air and a magnet to get as much metal out as you can, it sounds kinda sketch letting a little metal into the combustion chamber, but I've repaired dozens of heads like that with no issues.
  2. Do some research on converting it to an external regulator, there's lots of write ups and even several You tube videos on how to do it. It's a pretty common swap on the newer Jeeps, when the one in the ECU dies, it is a lot cheaper to convert it to external rather than buy a new ECU so lots of people go that route. You can find kits online or piece it together yourself to save a few bucks.
  3. It probably was me. Might be a while on a update on the standalone,Friday I am going in for another knee surgery so it might be a bit before I get to tinker on the truck.
  4. It's not uncommon for one or more valves to stick on an engine that has sat a while, many times I've worked the valves with a mallet and got the compression back. I would be looking at the valves first as Eagle suggested.
  5. Thanks. Right now Speeduino seems comparable to the early days of Megasquirt as far as information and support stuff, it took Megasquirt a long time to get were it is and I imagine Speeduino will get there too in time. The 4.0l looks to be a little easier to set up since it's already supported by Speeduino but so far no one has done anything with the 2.5l Tuning should be about the same since both use tuner studio.
  6. Either will work, drop brackets will ride better. Doing both adjustable arms and drop brackets will work the best.
  7. I doubt any of it would swap, besides .85 vs .79 isn't much of a difference. If you did anything, I think you would be much better off just putting an AX15 behind the 2.5l
  8. My distributor has had a nasty wobble to it for a while, i finally dug in and found the issue. Besides the broken pump drive, i found that when i put in the new pump it was having binding issues similar to the old pump, i pulled the locating dowel and found it was damaged and looked like it had been installed incorrectly at some point, i swapped in another one and the new pump turns nice and smooth.
  9. 91-92 are Chrysler MPFI so a Renix 428/429 ECU wouldn't be any good there either.
  10. I don't see how it could, besides 4cyl vs 6 cyl the Renix 4.0l is MPFI and the Renix 2.5l is TBI. Unless you found a 2.5l TBI 429 ECU, I'm not sure if they used that part number on the 2.5ls though, typically it's associated with the 4.0l.
  11. My current wheels i shot solid black,the plan was to sand down portions to reveal the silver underneath but i never got around to it. My last wheels i shot red & black, i thought it looked pretty good.
  12. Advance Adapters is another option, they make a kit to put the AX4/AX5 bell on an AX15, it's spendy but less work than tracking down the Dakota stuff.
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