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  1. You definitely want a full SYE kit for the strength upgrade, the stock output is pretty weak, a doubler would be really pushing it past its limits. I used cable shifters from JB Custom Fab, i set them into the floor when i made the new tunnel for the flat belly/tummy tuck.
  2. It will typically lengthen the front shaft and shorten the rear shaft, how much depends on the crawl box/t case combo you go with. On an XJ that already has a very short rear drive shaft i think you would want to stretch it a bit to help make up for the crawl box.
  3. My 231 has been ok behind the crawl box so far but it has a SYE, 1.25" chain and 6 pinion planetary so It's basically running 241 guts. I wouldn't want a stock 231J behind a crawl box but some people get away with it for a long time. Behemoth seems to be doing much better than they were before Jacob vanished for a while, but they still have a lot of work to do. My brother has ordered some stuff recently and everything has shown up as promised, but it took forever to show up and came with the usual list of excuses that Behemoth is known for. NWF has been on point with everything he has ordered, definitely the better company to deal with.
  4. The Behemoth is a nice box, downside is Jacob at Behemoth has had some big issues with getting product out so it may take a while to get it. The other option is the NW fab ECO box, It's a little more money but they will be much easier to deal with.
  5. A 4:1 in a 231 has a hard time staying together in a single case, the weak planetary would be a grenade in a doubler set up.
  6. I run a Behemoth crawl box in front of a built 231 in my MJ, with an AX15 and 5.38s it puts me around 152:1 Functionally my box works identical to the 231 crawl box that Kris is selling in the link you posted, mine is just a bit fancier.
  7. Today i finally swapped out the old leaky header, the truck sounds much better and my wideband looks to be happier too. I also tossed on the new supercharger pulley, i only drove it out in front of the house but it feels like it pulls a lot harder.
  8. You could talk to Ryan Hogan at Flyin Ryan Performance, he can tune the 96 up ECMs for boost. http://www.frptuning.com
  9. The supercharger and intercooler sitting on top of the intake is the biggest reason that i did it to the new one. On other vehicles i typically don't worry about wrapping them.
  10. My 1st header lasted over 10 years with wrap on it, it ended up cracking one of the tubes but there's not really any rust on it. Heat is actually a bigger issue than moisture, since the wrap holds the heat in the pipe you end up over heating the header pipes which ends up hardening the metal making it more brittle, you typically get cracks rather than rust. It does however help keep the heat out of the engine bay, you will also get a minor performance increase from the higher exhaust velocity due to the hotter exhaust gasses. Like many things, it's a trade off.
  11. Finally got around to prepping the new header for the MJ, i got the additional O2 sensor bung welded in for the wide band and got the header wrap on. Now to get it installed on the truck.
  12. mnkyboy

    eBay is 20% off again. Today till 7pm

    Sweet deal, they knocked $40 off an air tool I had been thinking about getting.
  13. mnkyboy

    Mnkyboys other MJ Project.

    Most of it is, there's a couple spots in the drivers floorboard that will need patched. I have a pretty good selection of metal working tools/machinery and the boy likes metal shaping so it will be a fun project for him.