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  1. The shrouds are different, you would probably want one for a late model 2.5l XJ to retain the stock fan. I run electric fans so I don't use a factory shroud on mine.
  2. Well, i ordered a cool guy copper gasket, i was surprised that anybody even offered one for it. Hopefully it fits.
  3. Stroker would be fun, probably not right now though. I do have some spare engines I could eventually build one with. For now I will throw another gasket in it, I'm looking to see if I have any options beyond another stock replacement.
  4. I took the MJ for a quick drive today, everything was great until out of nowhere the Jeep started missing and sounding like a modular Ford that just spit out a spark plug. Turns out I pushed the head gasket out on the #1 cylinder, I guess I got another project.
  5. The late model 2.5l XJs came with the same radiator as the 4.0ls used. On 87 and up it basically drops in, I didn't even need to swap the core support on my 89 because it already had the mounting holes.
  6. I run a wrapped header on my MJ, first one lived around 10 years before it cracked at one of the tubes, when i put the new one on a couple years ago I wrapped it too. The wrap will hold in heat, overheating the metal making it more brittle and causing the header to fail faster, but it lowers temps under my hood and keeps heat away from my supercharger and intercooler, so the possibly shorter life span is worth it to me.
  7. 5th gear might not be very useful but otherwise it will drive ok, your effective ratio will be similar to a stock 4spd truck.
  8. Here's the one Ben had, he posted a couple frame pics.
  9. They pretty much just lengthened and built off of the existing unit frame, unitized frame construction like MJ has is pretty commonly used in motorhomes,busses, and delivery trucks. They are very gutless with the 4.0l and did it's best just to pull itself, when Ben had his he talked about pulling his MJ behind it but soon realized that it wasn't going to be able to without a bunch of work.
  10. The head porting is the same on the 2.5l, only real difference in the head is that that yours has an extra tapped hole for a temp sender, the spot is there on the later head but it's not drilled/tapped. The long block is nearly identical but the front accessories are all a little different, you will want to swap everything from the timing cover on out so everything lines up correctly. There is also a small difference in crank length so you may have to address that as well to get the crank pulley to line up right with your accessories. I went with 95 parts onto my 89 long block but going the opposite way shouldn't be much different.
  11. No pics but I finally installed the SPA turbo adjustable FMU that I bought ages ago. Now I'm waiting on a new O2 sensor for my wide band to show up so I can play with adjusting it. If I can make everything happy at 9psi, I might just leave it as it is and use the standalone on something else.
  12. I haven't seen new ones and used ones can be tricky to remove in one piece so be careful is you do try to pull one. That's actually not a seal, the window is glued in with urethane like the windshield, that piece is cosmetic. You might be able to just reseal the window then clean up the one you have and reinstall it.
  13. Nice, I knew Pete could get it sorted out. That thing should rip with the turbo on it.
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