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  1. I took that photo with my I-phone but I think I commented with my I-pad later on.... can't remember.
  2. got word my new 2021 Ford Bronco is being built the week of June 14th. I sold the 88 and scrapped the LS project.
  3. took a short break for awhile to work on some other pressing projects for the wife. Soon I will be back to getting this Jeep on the road again. I am doing an external clutch slave swap and also converting the truck to open cooling. This week the advance adaptors complete kit showed up along with the Mishimoto radiator. I am very impressed with the quality of build with both of these items. fullsizeoutput_8b7.heic
  4. still looking for one. Scammers keep trying to scam me.....but I'm still looking to buy one of these if anyone has one they will part with.
  5. CoastChief that is great. I will need two complete sets for a short bed truck. Please let me know when they are available. thank you
  6. A friend of mine owns a pick and pull. I can get a 2006 GMC Envoy 5.3, 460L-e trans, wiring harness, PCM, and all throttle by wire parts for a super reasonable price. The 88 is 4.0, Puegot B-10 with 250k miles. It’s tired. My initial plan was to go with an AX-15 setup as the truck is originally a 5 speed. I will need to buy an AX-15, and a conversion bellhousing etc. To use the auto trans I will need the adaptor to adapt the transmission to the transfer case. For those of you that have done this would you suggest auto or manual. Pro’s and cons.
  7. this one is coming to Ohio this weekend.
  8. Complete window sticker for my 1990 Eliminator 4x4
  9. January 1991 in the original owners field in Colorado.
  10. Today my phone rings. Colorado area code. Answered it even though I figured it was spam. .....but lets back up a month....... month ago I googled the name of the original owner of my 1990 eliminator that is the subject of this thread. A name matching his was found in Colorado’s voter registration database with an address in the same town as the address on the title. I took a chance and wrote a letter and mailed it off....... so the phone call was him. Super friendly 70’ish fellow that was excited to talk about his old truck and give me some history. It was certainly
  11. looking for body side moldings for my pioneer. Need both doors but willing to buy other pieces as well. pm me if you have anything you want to part with . Pieces I need do not have the chrome in the center.
  12. Rubicon Express RE1550. For 3 to 4” lift. Same thing I used on my 2001 XJ. Amazon had them.
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