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  1. this one is coming to Ohio this weekend.
  2. Complete window sticker for my 1990 Eliminator 4x4
  3. January 1991 in the original owners field in Colorado.
  4. Today my phone rings. Colorado area code. Answered it even though I figured it was spam. .....but lets back up a month....... month ago I googled the name of the original owner of my 1990 eliminator that is the subject of this thread. A name matching his was found in Colorado’s voter registration database with an address in the same town as the address on the title. I took a chance and wrote a letter and mailed it off....... so the phone call was him. Super friendly 70’ish fellow that was excited to talk about his old truck and give me some history. It was certainly
  5. looking for body side moldings for my pioneer. Need both doors but willing to buy other pieces as well. pm me if you have anything you want to part with . Pieces I need do not have the chrome in the center.
  6. Rubicon Express RE1550. For 3 to 4” lift. Same thing I used on my 2001 XJ. Amazon had them.
  7. Worked on the ACOS and freshening up the front wheel wells. This truck’s original finish is in fabulous shape but I wanted to make it look a little better. Scuffed everything good, wiped it down with thinner and hit it with a couple of coats of satin black. Then installed the ACOS and new stainless brake line. Turned out pretty nice. I need to refurb the inner fender liner and then get the liners and flares installed. Hoping to have the front end back together by the end of the week.
  8. Pulled the front differential apart today. Passenger side bearing and axle have been HOT! at some point. The vac disconnect tests good so I am going to keep it intact for now. New ball joints, wheel bearings, seals, control arm bushings, axle u-joints, rotors, calipers and shoes on the way. I’ll do the Detroit Tru-Trac and 4.11 while it’s on the bench also. But first it’s getting a bath and a new paint job. I’ll bead blast all the small stuff as well.
  9. I am installing the Mishomoto aluminum radiator in this truck and ditching the closed coolant system and heater control valve assembly. I'm doing this to help clean up and un-clutter the engine compartment. So today I got into modifying my harness to allow for the installation of the 2.5L radiator overflow bottle. I removed the EGR solenoid and the fuel pump ballast resistor from the inner fender and mounted it underneath the master cylinder behind the air box. it was a fairly simple operation that included lengthening three of the four wires. I soldered all the connections and
  10. Super thanks for getting this listed for me. Is the wheel code for the turbines?
  11. Pioneer , 4x4, short bed, 5 speed, color is marron, bench seat, fog lights. Currently in Texas.
  12. a few I have collected over the years.
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