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  1. Engine us strong but my legs are getting weaker. Has it got enough umph to drive the 700 r4?
  2. Right now north of 180K and still running fine
  3. Are there any post on raising the back of a bench seat and maybe scooting it back a little? Thx Steve Eggers
  4. Haven't thought about the decal route.. would sure be easier Thx
  5. My under the bed tire carrier is broke. It had at one time a donut spare. I would like to fix it but was wondering if will handle a full size tire. If not I'll go another route. Thx Steve Eggers
  6. My Comanches white so I think I'm going a grey metallic to match my wheels with a white so I don't have to strip everything off.( going to leave inside of doors and engine compartment..and chassis white) What kind of ideas yall got ? Pics would be nice Thx Steve Eggers
  7. Put new wheelhouse plastic in today but there's still a piece missing at the front of wheel well low.. there's 2 holes punched that looks like something is missing. Any ideas?
  8. After 7 years and 40000 miles I'm deciding to fix her up a bit. Originally bought for a diesel conversion but it ran to good to jerk the 2.5. My main question is what year XJs parts will fit interior ?....Mainly dash, door upholstery and bucket seats and console. Side note the 2.5 is still strong with 180,000 miles but looking into a 320 hp 4 banger, trans and rearend swap. Old lady didn't want me to sell so going to throw some money at it.
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