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  1. It is a handy tool to have. I already took the support off and put it back on when i tapped the steering box, but there really isn't much to it, i basically put the bearing on the sector shaft and started connecting the dots. My front end is already plated so I just tied into the existing plating rather than building a crossbrace like the off the shelf supports use.
  2. I finally built some hoses and machined the spacer to go inside the assist cylinder. I've got all sorts of steering power now. 20190404_172356.mp4
  3. Got the assist ram installed, i need to machine an internal stop for it but the placement looks like it will work pretty good. Also got the tapped steering box put in, which is a pain in the butt with my hidden winch set up. I couldn't get the Bluetooth hydraulic hoses to work, so i took some measurements so i can make a set.
  4. Tapped the last holes so now the sector shaft support is all bolted up, now i get to take it all back off so i can pull the steering box to install the hydro assist.
  5. As the Jeep grew, i just kept trimming away at the flares. I planned to eventually remove them but didn't get around to it till now. It looks good but different, it may take me a while to get use to it.
  6. Spent a couple hours in the garage tonight and made a sector shaft support for the MJ, it still needs a little more work to finish it, but should work pretty good.
  7. Finally got my Lincoln moved out of the garage and the MJ moved back in, tonight i decided to remove the rear flares, I've gone back and forth about it and finally decided to just start cutting. Now i have all sorts of room for activities, might have to get some 40s for it.
  8. Glad it's working for you, it is definitely something that should considered when swapping in a different axle. There are several configurations with many different drive shaft lengths, so results may vary.
  9. The snout on an 8.25" is about 1" longer than a D35, so the D35 drive shaft ends up being too long for a stock height/stock wheelbase rig. I imagine you could probably shove the yoke in all the way and make it fit but you could be looking at a catastrophic failure further down the road, I know there's several drive shaft combo's but i wouldn't expect any of them to have enough extra slip to operate safely like that. In my experience you typically want around a 6" lift to use a D35 shaft with an 8.25 or D44.
  10. Unless you have a big lift, an 8.25 swap typically also requires a new driveshaft. D35 would be a lot cheaper and assuming the axle is in good condition should hold up just fine.
  11. It's the Convoy/ Deathproof duck, it does look a lot like the Oregon duck though. Since i live in Oregon, I'm sure many people will think it's the U of O duck, not that that's a bad thing, maybe i should add a beaver to even it out.
  12. A while back my son made me a hood ornament, it came out good but looked a little too small with the supercharger sitting behind it. So he upscaled it and made a much larger one, the new one seems to fit the truck better.
  13. mnkyboy


    I found them on Ebay looks easy enough to make, but he's only asking $95 for the kit.
  14. mnkyboy


    That's good to know, I've seen home made brackets but nothing that was being produced.
  15. Another puzzle piece showed up, now i need to set this up on the crank pulley and relocate the crank sensor to read it. I also picked up a new laptop just for tuning and various electronics projects, it's fancy enough to run everything i need but cheap enough to hang out in the garage. Now I'm waiting on some cables and a breakout box so i can start playing with sensors on the Speeduino.
  16. It will be a minute, I've still got a ton of research to do,i also still need to get the Continental out of the garage to make room for the MJ. I did order some IDC40 ribbon cables to build the adapter to make the Speeduino plug into the 91 MJ harness, once i make it, i will have the boy design and 3d print a housing to attach the connector to the housing i got to hold the Speeduino. I also got the 36-1 trigger wheel ordered to put on the crank since the Speeduino can't read either of the available 2.5l trigger patterns off the flywheel, (FYI there is code to support the 4.0l HO pattern so it will be easier for someone to convert a 4.0l.)
  17. The Speeduino ECU showed up today, now to figure out how to wire it up and get it to work.
  18. I don't know many shops that are still running up your way, you might try John at Auburn auto repair and offroad. He's pretty active in the offroad community and i can't recall ever hearing anything negative about his shop.
  19. I've been out there several times since it's only about 40 minutes from home, it's a newer area and is growing, it's currently not a very big OHV area but it's still a good time. 4XNation is working with the forest service to improve and build the area, the club does clean ups and work parties up there as well as lots of wheeling trips, so check them out. They are more active on Facebook but also have a forum.
  20. It's pretty simple really, there's also many write ups and videos about the conversion. You can find kits with wiring and all for $50-$60, or source the parts yourself for around $20, even less if you can snag a used regulator and plug.
  21. Still waiting on the ECM to show up, and I still need to get my Continental moved out of the garage to make room to work on the MJ, so not much of an update. I did get an external voltage regulator since currently my alternator is regulated by the Chrysler ECM and the Speeduino doesn't have the ability to regulate it. I also liberated an ECM plug from a 93 YJ ECM, it was a pain to get out but i should be able to wire it into the Speeduino making it plug into the Chrysler MPFI harness, once i get it wired up i will probably 3D print an enclosure for it to live in.
  22. Most of the 2.5l mods you will see, like the 4 port injectors or 4.0l TB are for the 91 and newer MPFI 2.5l. The 86-90 TBI 2.5l is a great engine but you won't find much as far as performance parts, just get it running well then gear the axles correctly for whatever tire size you want and run it.
  23. mnkyboy


    Something to consider, although the LS4 will bolt up to the bell housing it does not have any starter provisions. The LS4 was designed to use a bellhousing mounted starter, 2.5l/2.8l Jeeps use a block mounted starter so fabrication and some creativity will be necessary to mount a starter on it, this is a big reason that you don't see a lot of LS4 swaps.
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