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  1. My truck is an 89 with 2.5L and 4spd. I bought it a little over a year ago for $400 and have been tinkering on it since. When i got the truck it was basicly stock other then the 31x10.5 15s, the lights on the sides of the cowl which were cosmetic and had never been wired in , and a flowmaster muffler,it ran and drove but had been neglected/abused and needed ALOT of little things. First upgrade i did was a guage swap,my truck is a base model with idiot lights so i swapped them out for guages from a 1990 XJ. No photos but I'm sure youve seen MJ/XJ guages next project was the interior,the truck had some thrashed bucket seats out of some car thrown in it and bolted onto wood blocks screwed into the floor. I tore all that out,fabricated new mounts and put in a set from a 97 Dakota. next the rear, the rear bumper was missing and the truck had a reciever that hung below the missing bumper.I chopped off the reciever and tucked it up then made a rolled pan to cover it then I installed a winch bumper,I had one laying around from my old 83 F250. It was way too big so after a chat with a torch and welder it looked like this Now time for a lift,I decided to install a 5" lift from Rocky-road outfitters,It uses old man EMU springs and i installed long travel shocks. the entire install took me about 7 hrs to complete by myself. the truck drives much better on the road now and has lots of flex off road. the other day i decided to redo my headliner since the old one had been cut out but i wanted something different so i customized it. And thats about were I'm at now,with lots still to do.
  2. It will be a minute, I've still got a ton of research to do,i also still need to get the Continental out of the garage to make room for the MJ. I did order some IDC40 ribbon cables to build the adapter to make the Speeduino plug into the 91 MJ harness, once i make it, i will have the boy design and 3d print a housing to attach the connector to the housing i got to hold the Speeduino. I also got the 36-1 trigger wheel ordered to put on the crank since the Speeduino can't read either of the available 2.5l trigger patterns off the flywheel, (FYI there is code to support the 4.0l HO pattern so it will be easier for someone to convert a 4.0l.)
  3. The Speeduino ECU showed up today, now to figure out how to wire it up and get it to work.
  4. mnkyboy

    Introduce yourself and your comanche

    I don't know many shops that are still running up your way, you might try John at Auburn auto repair and offroad. He's pretty active in the offroad community and i can't recall ever hearing anything negative about his shop.
  5. mnkyboy

    La Dee Flats OHV

    I've been out there several times since it's only about 40 minutes from home, it's a newer area and is growing, it's currently not a very big OHV area but it's still a good time. 4XNation is working with the forest service to improve and build the area, the club does clean ups and work parties up there as well as lots of wheeling trips, so check them out. They are more active on Facebook but also have a forum.
  6. It's pretty simple really, there's also many write ups and videos about the conversion. You can find kits with wiring and all for $50-$60, or source the parts yourself for around $20, even less if you can snag a used regulator and plug.
  7. Still waiting on the ECM to show up, and I still need to get my Continental moved out of the garage to make room to work on the MJ, so not much of an update. I did get an external voltage regulator since currently my alternator is regulated by the Chrysler ECM and the Speeduino doesn't have the ability to regulate it. I also liberated an ECM plug from a 93 YJ ECM, it was a pain to get out but i should be able to wire it into the Speeduino making it plug into the Chrysler MPFI harness, once i get it wired up i will probably 3D print an enclosure for it to live in.
  8. mnkyboy

    New Member - New Owner 1987 2.5 2WD

    Most of the 2.5l mods you will see, like the 4 port injectors or 4.0l TB are for the 91 and newer MPFI 2.5l. The 86-90 TBI 2.5l is a great engine but you won't find much as far as performance parts, just get it running well then gear the axles correctly for whatever tire size you want and run it.
  9. mnkyboy


    Something to consider, although the LS4 will bolt up to the bell housing it does not have any starter provisions. The LS4 was designed to use a bellhousing mounted starter, 2.5l/2.8l Jeeps use a block mounted starter so fabrication and some creativity will be necessary to mount a starter on it, this is a big reason that you don't see a lot of LS4 swaps.
  10. mnkyboy

    Steering pump upgrade

    I put an AGR super pump on my MJ with a 4" overdrive pulley, it seemed to help with turning the 37s, i also ran a larger remote reservoir and installed a cooler. I recently tapped my box for assist and picked up a PSC ram, with all the other upgrades already done it will be an easy install to go hydro assist.
  11. mnkyboy

    Front Dana 44 questions

    $3000 for those axles probably isn't bad with everything done, just be sure that D44s are going to be enough axle for your build, you could spend that same $3k and be sitting on 1 tons. Also, personally i would much rather have a built D44 rear over your current 8.8", strength is similar between the D44 and 8.8 but a D44 has much better ground clearance, an 8.8 has roughly the same clearance measurements as a D60.
  12. Seems to be a decent set up, i stumbled upon it as i was looking for Arduino stuff for my son a while back, it seemed like a fun project so i figured i would give it a shot. I have a few other projects that would benefit from it too once i figure it all out.
  13. They are good little cars, I've had a ZX3 and two ZX4s, never had any major issues with any of them. I also have 3 Zetecs and some high performance goodies sitting around for swaps into some of my other Ford projects, you can make some decent power with those engines if you want to build them.
  14. After hours and hours of reading i pulled the trigger on a Speeduino kit to play with, looks like the MJ may finally be going full stand alone. Should be an interesting project.
  15. mnkyboy

    One of our own is down

    Very sad to hear, I've had many great conversations with Don over the last decade. Definitely going to miss him.
  16. UPS brought a present today, now i need to get everything mounted and make a couple hoses.
  17. Tinkering on the MJ a little bit. I ordered a hydro assist ram, and set up one of my spare boxes for assist, also planning to finally set up the sector shaft support since i will have everything apart anyway.
  18. I'm good on the Fireball, it took a while just to not feel sick from the smell of it. I can drink it now, but it doesn't even sound good anymore.
  19. I put 91 stuff into my 89, the HVAC and most of the stuff under the dash was plug and play, i didn't even pull the dash out for the swap, the cluster will need swapped. You definitely will want the fuel pump/ sending unit, the sending units sweep backwards between Renix and HO, i had to swap the fuel lines too for my swap. I seem to remember the wiper motor plugs being different so you may want to pull it or at least keep the plug to it. Also make sure you get the entire harness or you will be splicing the rear harness into the dash harness, the plugs are different between Renix and HO,i didn't get the 91 rear harness and had to splice mine. Probably more that I'm forgetting but that should help some.
  20. mnkyboy

    V8 swap

    Personally, i would spend the time and money elsewhere on the truck, the 4.0l is plenty of engine to get started. Once you have a built rig with axles and such to support a V8, swap one in if the 4.0l isn't giving you the power you're looking for.
  21. mnkyboy

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    It's something like 2.62" vs 2.76" . Some TJ D44s are supposedly the same as the D35 but MJ/XJ D44s are definitely a larger diameter.
  22. mnkyboy

    mpg 2.5l vs 4.0

    On the road my 2.5l has always got a few mpgs better than my 4.0l Jeeps. Off road my 2.5l typically gets significantly better than the 4.0l, after long trail runs when the 4.0ls in the group are near empty, I've still got quite a bit of fuel left and just top it off each day.
  23. mnkyboy

    Painting the MJ

    If you have a compressor, just use an HVLP gun. I'm going to guess that since you are considering rattle can that paint quality isn't super important, in that case you can go with Rustoleum or some other cheap equipment enamel, a $8-$10 quart of paint equals about the same amount of paint as a case of rattle cans, a can of spray paint only contains a few ounces of actual paint. You can get some automotive paint reducer or go cheap and use acetone from the hardware store to thin it, you could also add a can of hardener if you wanted for $10-$20 but that's optional. An HVLP gun is going to lay down paint much nicer and coat way better than spray paint, you can buy a cheap HVLP gun for $15-$20 if you don't have one, for a budget paint job the cheap HVLP guns will do ok, many are knock offs of Sata or other higher end spray guns. You can pull of a decent budget paint job for less than spray paint or spend a little more and step up the quality from there, you could even get into some lower end single stage automotive paints without spending a lot.
  24. Nice video, looks like a fun project.