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  1. The P71 Vic is up for sale. Brought home my dream daily driver. Flew into Salina, KS to pick up this '20 300s with 1800 miles on it and $10k under new MSRP. Hemi rwd with sport modes for the engine and trans. Sport appearance package. This thing is a HOOT to drive but isn't gonna keep me from wanting to drive the Hellcat....
  2. rylee- stay safe out there brutha. Thanks but I'm not a collector of that stuff. No rat rod build thread but here's a couple pics.... '49 Chevy, on an S10 chassis, narrowed frame and narrowed 9" rear, 454/th350.
  3. To those that know me.....Calling it quits after 29 years of law enforcement. 9/2 is my last day.Would have loved to cap it at the 30 mark, but it's gotten much to crazy, just isn't worth it. Not to this old dog.... the new tricks no can do. And can't even briefly glance at a black person without starting a dadgum riot. When are they gonna realized true equality will NEVER be attained by demanding and rioting for special treatment..... What's next for me? Fortunately I married well, she's making enough now that I don't have to work if I don't want to.... probably go nuts if I don't find someth
  4. BTW.......... OUR former MJ is up for sale on Craigs. Did you sell it to Trent "Puttzer" that other MJ-obsessed NAXJA guy??? https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/berthoud-1988-jeep-comanche-4x4-shortbed/7153467662.html
  5. I'm physically too big for these amazing little trucks sadly....... will have to strike it up in the "been there, done that" category of my life. Definitely VERY fond memories of my obsession with the damn things LOL.
  6. At one time I had 13 MJ's, 4 at the house, 9 in storage lots. I very well may have had 8 or so at the time you and I met. I was in the process of culling the herd and all the parts....
  7. Trent has had almost as many MJ's pass through his hands as I have......well, almost....lol. Yeah, the '88 was definitely too nice to trail rig. This one looks like it'll keep you busy for a while.
  8. So does yours now apparently....... you let the '88 go huh? I do miss all those MJ's..... all orphans that I adopted out. Maybe they'll come visit.
  9. Just picked up this '49 Chevy rat rod..... 454/th350 narrowed 9" rear. Kind of a big project.... we'll see how far I get. LOL.
  10. Been a while...... Figured I'd update this for those interested! Found a deal on a set of '11 Mustang GT wheels. They're 19" on 245/45/19's. Will be cutting a coil off the front and swapping in CC501 Moog GM replacement rear springs to drop the rear 1.5" in the near future. And a shot showing the mounted hood vent.....
  11. This MJ is one of my many "offspring"..... I rescued it years ago from a guy in Minden, Nebraska where it had been a low mile, very little rust 2wd 4cyl truck about to be converted to drag strip duties. He lost interest, so I dragged it to Colorado where my best friend from high school bought it and did a fantastic '96 HO 4x4 conversion. His son took on the rest of the build/restoration and was his daily driver all through high school and is now out of tech school and looking to buy a house. I think the truck is WELL worth the asking price considering all the work done and option
  12. Exactly. Like it never happened. These are not the droids you're looking for....... Move along.
  13. Yeah I had such amazing plans...... then came along a Hellcat and a supercharged 5.2 Dakota. The only dually conversion parts I have left are the one-off front wheel spacer/adapters. Would LOVE to pass those on to someone who'd use 'em.
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