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  1. Put in the yard just today...... https://upullandpay.com/colorado-springs/search-inventory/
  2. yellaheep

    One of our own is down

    Merry Christmas Don and family! Wishing you a quick recovery and looking forward to seeing you post up soon Don!
  3. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    The last pair of black joystick mirrors have sold.
  4. yellaheep

    Input shaft for an ax5 in North Texas or Austin

    I have a very low mile 2WD AX5 available......... It's in Littleton Colorado. PM me, might be willing to gut it for the parts you need or ship the whole thing.
  5. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    Edited, still have the stuff listed available. PM me if interested!
  6. yellaheep

    Colorado: Getting down to the last of it.....

    Still have all of this stuff except for the shroud and delete pulley.
  7. $55 for the pair shipped - paypal. (No idea why they got painted orange) PM to set it up.
  8. yellaheep

    Wanted: good tailgate handle

    Yep. PM sent.
  9. yellaheep

    Tailgate handle

    I've got one. PM sent many days ago.
  10. yellaheep

    Colorado: Getting down to the last of it.....

    Spins free and quiet as it should. Newer aftermarket replacement, not an OEM part.
  11. Gonna start going through the bins and totes of the small parts, and what's left from the move from storage. PM here or text 720-879-1399. PayPal accepted. D30 dually front wheel adapters. Custom made by Adaptech. These were over $300 to have made. I need these gone. $120 shipped. These are 8 on 6.5 lug pattern so early ford (pre-power stroke) and all GM and Dodge dually wheels. Pics of these mounted with a dually front wheel on a 3" lifted MJ can be found here (should open to page 3, scroll down): MJ rear leaf packs with one add-a-leaf. $40, pick up local only. Emergency brake cable assembly for short bed and D35, cables in very good shape. $50 shipped Spare tire winch and bracket assembly. $50 shipped. MJ emergency brake assembly with cable. Excellent shape. $75 shipped. Rubicon Express fixed lower control arms. NEW bushings and rebuilt joints using RE replacement parts. Have a spare arm if desired. $140 shipped.
  12. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    komanche - pm sent.
  13. yellaheep

    ZJ trail rig.........

    Yeah this rig has been for sale on and off for over a year, just couldn't find a buyer for the price he wanted. Sounds like he way over paid for it 8 years ago. He is in his 70's now and will be getting cancer treatments so in his own words "You caught me at the right time I guess, it really has to go now." He lives across from the fairgrounds in Estes Park and had it set in his yard with for sale signs. He said he's had hundreds of lookie-loos come across from the fairgrounds events....to the point he disconnected the battery, put a Club lock on the steering wheel, chained the brake pedal, and installed a camera on the house to keep an eye on it.
  14. yellaheep

    ZJ trail rig.........

    How do you know this rig? First thing is to get it emissions compliant. I'll be scanning craigs for part out ads for ZJ's to see if I can maybe snag a good down-pipe/cat assembly with the O2 and wiring. If not, my usual exhaust shop will get the task. Gotta find a couple more steel wheels to mount emissions rollers on...... After that, not much in the immediate future other than to clean up the dirty interior and fix little things like busted lights, window switches, missing screws in trim panels and the center console, etc. A/C line fractured so I'll get that replaced and have the A/C charged ......... if I have any hope of having my wife join me, it's gotta have functioning A/C......lol. Once I've gotten some seat time on a trail or 2, I'm sure I'll find some things I'll want to tweak. Previous owner already warned me that the rear coils like to jump ship when flexed so I'm sure some extensions to the coil retainer posts are in order. Brakes may benefit from a good bleed - first press of the pedal is soft but super firm after a 2nd press. Noted a dead spot in the steering that is pretty minor, initial check on the trailer didn't reveal much so that's another item to look into. I'm also thinking the front and rear axle tubes should get a few beads of weld to the housings and I'm not a fan of the rear bracket for the upper control arms only being welded to the tubes with no support in the center below the joints so that may be a future project. It's a jeep, they have a never ending list of to-do's.........
  15. '95 with 5.2 V8, auto. -Clayton's 5" full lift kit, 4-link front/rear. -'79 Ford king pin D60 with unknown brand mechanical locker and TNT truss -'70-something D60 rear with factory "posi" -241 t-case with Advance Adapters SYE -Custom drive shafts -315/75/16 Maxxis Bighorns -Stock Ford wheels -MileMarker hubs -MileMarker winch -ARB front bumper, custom made rear. -Custom uni-frame connectors welded in between lower control arm brackets -Bilstein 5100 shocks -Chevy rear disc swap -Custom steering with Chevy 1-ton TRE's. Engine is a Jasper remanufactured long block with 40K on it Trans and t-case were rebuilt 8K ago Steering box 4 months old Winch is essentially new, never been spooled out, still has factory cable ties on it. It's been all over Moab by the previous owner, but there's barely any rock rash anywhere. Runs and drives as nice as you'd expect it would if all drivetrain and lift components were new. Rides like a Cadillac. Originally built by an off road shop owner in SW Colorado somewhere. Fab work and welds are neat and tidy. Catalytic converter was removed at some point, so I'll have to get that replaced and clear the CEL. The ZJ itself has the usual "issues" with electrical gremlins and crappy interior quality. Guy came down $3K from asking price - I just couldn't pass it up.