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  1. Nope, center caps all sold.
  2. Hit me up Brent. I can pile it all up into 1 or 2 storage boxes and send it FedEx.
  3. BUMP...... Don't let this stuff get tossed!
  4. BUMP. Someone needs this stuff!
  5. To keep it simple..... If you're interested in any of this, please PM. Too hard to tell who responded first having to go between this thread and PM's. Thanks!
  6. So, this is the last of my MJ stash. I'm willing to ship any of these items. I'm thinking it'd be more efficient to discuss price based upon what you want, the more you want, the better the price. PM with questions. Paypal accepted. Stroh's pin SOLD. Eliminator pin, MJ pin SOLD and Cherokee pin. Misc. MJ ads and Archer Brothers images, and one magazine with a lengthy, multi-page feature on the MJ. Early and late model XJ/MJ window cranks and 1 pair of late model XJ dash vents. (2 sets of tan late XJ cranks are actually 2 different colors, the one pair on the right are from a '00-'01 XJ) Left to right - 2 pairs tailgate straps, early have the rib in the strap, later version below with black overspray - 2 hood release cables - R&L Chrome trim for Laredo interior for hockey stick arm rests - R&L interior door handle releases/locks in black - 2 drivers side in chrome - 4 "good" MJ B-pillar lights, 3 move, one is loose (brass detent needs bent back into place) SOLD - Pair of rear MJ bump stops - Fog light switch panel SOLD- Late model SOLD and early model cup holder - brake releases, one no cable fray, SOLD 3 with minor cable fray - Assortment of tailgate parts, 4 round rubber bumpers. Wedges all SOLD 3 sets of plastic splash panels for MJ bed wheel wells - 2 gray sets of seat belt receivers (can be used for bench, or bucket if you have the sleeves) - One center seat belt for bench - assorted emblems from Cherokee, 4.0 Liter emblem SOLD , not sure if the 4x4 emblems are same for rear of MJ cab - MJ rear bumper plastic pads for step and license plate light area, 4 right, 4 left, 3 right top, 2 left top - Set of license plate lights for MJ rear bumper SOLD - pair of bumper hole caps for MJ bumper (go on each side of center ball hitch hole) - B pillar cab vents - Center console e-brake delete panel filler (need to remove and put into an XJ console part)- Lower control arm alignment shims - Gray arm rest. Front bumper license plate bracket - 3 gray dash ash trays - Blue and gray sun visor clips sets and pieces ALL SOLD - Numerous late model XJ right kick panel fuse doors in agate, gray and tan - Several MJ bench seat hinge covers in light and dark gray - One seat belt sleeve for bucket seat or shoulder belt SOLD - Pair of MJ rear speaker mount brackets - 2 B-pillar lights, no wiring SOLD - Pair of bench seat seat belt hole trim - Pairs of late model tweeter speakers (fit where rear view mirror cover panel goes on the door) SOLD - Metric Ton tail gate emblem SOLD - 2 MJ jack mount brackets (one with wing stud, one without), one bracket & wing stud, strap, one styrofoam isolator. SOLD 2 Left side MJ shoulder belt assemblies in gray - 2 plastic dust shields for behind the assemblies - 2 right side shoulder belt assemblies, one gray, and thefar right one is the dark blue interior color - one '92 Drivers side MJ shoulder belt assembly which is different than earlier models, but I don't know if it's '92 only or if it fits '91 or when the change happened...?
  7. Horn buttons, A/C compressor and spare tire winch no longer available.
  8. Chrome wheel covers. Early wagon and later 5 spoke. $45 shipped each set. Ebrake assembly with cable. $75 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS Rear e-brake cables and bracket for short bed w/D35, $45 shipped Headlight bezels, $15 each shipped. Horn buttons SOLD Sway bar link relocation brackets, $25 shipped A/C compressor, rebuilt unit, never installed. SOLD Paypal is best.
  9. This MJ is one of my many "offspring"..... I rescued it years ago from a guy in Minden, Nebraska where it had been a low mile, very little rust 2wd 4cyl truck about to be converted to drag strip duties. He lost interest, so I dragged it to Colorado where my best friend from high school bought it and did a fantastic '96 HO 4x4 conversion. His son took on the rest of the build/restoration and was his daily driver all through high school and is now out of tech school and looking to buy a house. I think the truck is WELL worth the asking price considering all the work done and options it has. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-1990-jeep-comanche/6914437757.html The day it was rescued, along with other bits from a scrap yard I hit on the way home........ What it looks like today....
  10. Exactly. Like it never happened. These are not the droids you're looking for....... Move along.
  11. Shipping is of concern because of the cost and that they could get bent in transit...... I could buy a 2x2 for the length of 'em and zip tie them to it, then wrap in shipping plastic I suppose, but again, I gotta think the shipping could be kinda silly priced........?
  12. Hello! Colorado folks! You NEED these!
  13. 1 pair short bed, 1 pair long bed. Both come with the panhead allen screws and nuts kit. $80 each set. Not looking to ship these.
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