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  1. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    Door handles sold to DesertRat and dkenitz pending funds. Jeep letters sold to Pancho975
  2. yellaheep

    Colorado: Rubicon Express lift parts.

    Shackles sold to HOrnbrod.
  3. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    Jeep letter decals sold to Pancho975
  4. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    PM sent.
  5. New in the box, Rubicon Express 3.5" front coil springs (RE1300). $130 shipped.Used, but rebuilt, Rubicon Express lower control arms (RE3700 non-adjustable). New bushings and joint races. $100 shippedRubicon Express control arm drop bracket kit, (RE9900) new in the box (no optional brace kit). $120 shipped.Rubicon Express 2" rear leaf shackles, greasible, new - **SOLD** PM or text 720-879-1399
  6. yellaheep

    Colorado: Stuff.....

    Horn buttons $25 each shipped. Late model right and left turn signals, right and left corner marker lights. $5 each when added to other parts shipped, or we'll work it out. Interior mirror finish bezels and MJ specific outside mirror delete plates. $5 each when added to other parts shipped, or we'll work it out. Late model headlight bezels, right Amythist, right Chili Pepper, 2 left OEM flat black. $5 each when added to other parts shipped, or we'll work it out. Still have these - Silver - Jeep tailgate letters **SOLD**. 1 early Eliminator bed decal. $15 shipped. RaceTruck hockey stick set $60 shipped. H.O. era remanufactured A/C compressor. New, never installed. $80 shipped. 4 door handles, 2 right, 2 left. OEM factory NEW, never installed, still in packaging **ALL SOLD** Late model throttle body, bored (sorry, don't know the MM bore size). Worked well. Comes with new gasket. $30 shipped. 4" round LED tail lights. $5 if coupled with other items, or we'll work it out. Mirrors - 2 pairs of joystick adjustables, break aways. $35 / pair shipped. 2 driver side electric break aways. $25 each shipped. 1 chrome passenger joystick break away. $25 shipped.
  7. Doing a late model XJ interior and door swap on your MJ? Don't wanna mess with power windows and trying to find that uber-rare 2 door power window switch assembly? You need these! I have 2 pairs of these. Good condition. One set has the power mirror switch, one set missing the switch. I have a box to ship one set of these in. $60 / 1 pair shipped. Given the box size, I'm pretty much giving these away for shipping, but hopefully someone can use a pair..... hate to toss both out. PM or text 720-879-1399
  8. yellaheep

    Colorado: More parts........

    Aux fan sold to Pancho975.
  9. yellaheep

    Colorado: More parts........

    Pancho975 - PM sent. saveevryjp1998 - bought the seat lever bezels.
  10. yellaheep

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    Disc brake pads & caliper were why that wheel didn't separate from the car. Had to be noisy though. Yikes.
  11. yellaheep

    Colorado: More parts........

    "Racket" = Ratchet? Yes, the ratchet assembly works as it should. Taken from an auto trans truck so not much use. "Seat brackets" = Seat lever bezels? I think I got a PM about these for asking price..........
  12. yellaheep

    Colorado: More parts........

    OEM chrome (plastic) wheel covers for Jeep steel wheels. One set early wagon style, one set late model XJ steel wheel. You need to have/retain the original center cap as these sit over those and the Jeep logo is visible through the center of the covers. They're dirty in the pic, they'll clean up nice. All tabs intact, no damage. $45 shipped / set. Still have this MJ e-brake assembly with cable. $60 shipped. PM or text 720-879-1399
  13. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/tro/d/pickup-bed-trailer/6662833534.html
  14. yellaheep

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    Um..... Think this guy's truck has a wicked vibration on the highway? Just wow.
  15. Glass packs and 2.5" black tips installed today. Definitely NOT a cop car anymore, no sneaking up on anyone....lol. PeteM: Yeah the P71 wheels are the tattletales of the brakes the car has. '06-'11 wheels have a serious off set and negative dish to them to accommodate the quite large calipers. The PowerStop Z26 brakes were ordered last night so I'm looking forward to seeing the difference as the OEM brakes are pretty damn good - this coming from a guy that is used to the amazing brakes on the Hellcat. I'm about $4400 into this car now and not much else on the list to buy for it other than a cheapie paint job so I'll "done" with the build at just under $6K I'm projecting.