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  1. The love/hate is over.... it was a hard day but I finally sold it last aug or september. I still miss it from time to time, as the quad just doesn't do the same in the snow but It was just recently replaced by a 2005 mustang GT 5sp. Not my color choice but I got it for a steal and it's grown on me
  2. Took the girlfriend over Naches trail yesterday. Once we got on the east side where it was dry I let her do the driving received_2326094777474078.mp4
  3. True true. My heep was stumbling like crazy and had two 02 sensor codes. Fond a thread from 8 years ago that pointed me in the right direction. I do t know if the older systems are the same but I merely had a blow 02 sensor fuse. Saved me close t0 $150 for the time being.
  4. I've taken the interior apart so many times that my ol fir tree clips or whatever they are called have taken a turn for the worse. I've now tried 2 sets I've found at the auto parts store and failed. Anybody have a link? Thanks
  5. Found out that with an ARB you are suppose to engage it fairly often to keep oil from creeping up the air line. Even with maybe 500 miles a year I have an oily tool box. Started the day trying to figure out how to get my locker working since the rewire last july. I left a few unneeded accessory wires coiled up from the firewall junction box. I've had the compressor wired the the rear window defroster and that has been fine. Another member with much more electrical skill than me tired his switch into a two stage, I planned on doing that but never attempted. Instead I ended up using the rear wi
  6. Looks like a s10 mud truck with a tube chassi to me. Heck Comanche of the month is dead anyways. At least naxja recognized me once in the small time frame in was a member there lol
  7. I vote fix the pans too, then coat. I did mine in 2012 I think, and for whatever reason I chose rust bullet. I think because they claim a 10 year anti corrosion. I don't drive it much but if in were to.clean it up it would still shine. Rewired the jeep last July and pans look almost just like I left them
  8. You going to keep it spread out like that or get some wheels with less offset? Don't know if you have room or like the skakeboard look
  9. Still trying to sell this thing. Had 2 serious buyers but wasn't quite ready to let it go. Took off the noisy mechanical fan and wired up the eletric fans again. Also did a re-paint on the bumpers to pretty it up. Planning on fixing the passenger inner axle seal again soon
  10. Cleared the snow off and took it to the store. Compared my stt discovery on the jeep to the at3 xlt on my daily. Think those are my new favorite tires so far. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. cody4359

    Mud Tires

    Looking for strictly offroad or a daily/weekend tire? I've heard the trail grapplers are obnoxious onroad, i can only imagine how loud the muds would be. I have Cooper stt on mine and they have treated me well on/off/snow/rain etc. I'm a Cooper fan tho, had st maxx on my ford and they treated me great for almost 70k MI in every condtion. Have you looked tat the new stt pro or st maxx? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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