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  1. I meant to update when I put the new transfer case in. I got it in a few days after my last post. Everything went extremely quickly putting it all back together. It maybe took me 6 or so hours to get the new transfer case in, cross-member section bolted back up with those pain in the butt bolts, drive shafts installed, tires aired up, and garage cleaned up to start driving it again. The longest part of the install was getting the Azzy Design works linkage figured out... The instructions left a lot to be desired. But I got installed and adjusted. Boy did it feel good to be driving
  2. Go for it man! Anything I can do to help. If you want, message me on Facebook for a faster reply. Brannon DuBose - my profile picture is of my comanche in MOAB at On Top Of The World.
  3. So finally had time to yank the transfer case. And wow! Let me tell ya it sure is a pain to get that center section dropout piece removed from the IronMan4x4Fab long arm kit. Once removed, I could hear something rattling around and moving inside the T-Case. Turns out one of the Shifter forks broke. Ruined all of the gears. The T-Case is trashed. On a side note, when I bought the Jeep I was told it had a 6 pinion planarity, HD gears, and a wide chain. There is absolutely nothing special about my transfer case... nothing has been done to it internally. I have a spare NP231 ready to throw i
  4. Picked this up local on Friday! 2000 XJ Limited. Interior is on pretty decent shape. Stock axles, all electronics work including windows and door locks, and only has 2,000 miles on the new motor. It isn’t perfect, but it is a daily driver and it is going to be my wife’s project rig / family rig. Needs a little TLC but one day soon she will be a gem! The kicker though is, the motor is 4.7 Titan Stroker. The same engine in the JCR XJ minus the aluminum heads but with bigger exhaust valves and a performance cam and a new fully welded exhaust and some other nifty tricks below the hood. :]
  5. So, quick little update. I have been super busy with life... been working 20-30 hours at my second job and being a dad as well as going to school does not leave a lot of jeep time here lately! But I went to Tuttle Creek Kansas a few weeks ago with my buddy. Not 10 minutes after having it off of the trailer the transfer case was spewing fluid, the steering gear box was leaking all over the place, fuel was leaking from above the fuel tank, and a nail was in my passenger rear tire. My NP231 will not engage in any position. The Comanche is dead in the water... So my buddy
  6. These ones by weather tech are my favorite! I have run them on almost all of my vehicle. Instead of sticking to the outside of the vehicle they seat to the inside of the window channel. The ones on my Comanche now were already on there. But I highly recommend the weather tech ones.
  7. EXCELLENT idea!! I didn’t even think of that!! This is why I love these forums... lol
  8. So I got the wiring done on the Moonvisor. Wired it so that it operates off the headlight switch and comes on when the parking lamps / interior guage lights come on. XJ'S that do not come with a factory fog lamps still have the wiring. It is attached to a blank spot behind the switch bezel. I used the orange illuminated and grounding lead off of that to wire the visor. This way I didn't have to wire to a separate switch, it is on a factory fused circuit, and it is on an ignition circuit. I also gained the ability to dim the visor lights! I was pleasantly suprised that I was able to go from
  9. I really like the bumper!!! But I'm gonna have to make a skid plate for the winch to protect the clutch lever and the rope from rocks
  10. Got the bumper from Krustyballer prepped with the accessories. Waiting on a couple more things before I install it. Got the Lund Moonvisor installed tonight. Just have to finish buttoning up some wiring on the interior.
  11. Started working on the rear bumper from Krustyballer, finally!!! Will finish mounting it next week, waiting on a couple final pieces of the puzzle to arrive.
  12. Thanks man! I have done quite a lot since MJOTM if you wanna check out my build thread.
  13. Had fun at Kansas rocks frostbite today, but man it was muddy!!!! I had some carnage... due to the mud and the tight technical trails I slid into a couple trees and dinged my bed up some.... Then while pressure washing the dirt off some of the paint began coming off... But, the jeep did absolutely amazing and I did every single trail, even the washed out expert ones. I didn’t do the slab because it was just too slick for anybody to get up so I didn’t try. I tried out the ramp again this time and made it half way up the large one!!! The new front four link system is absolutel
  14. Getting to the bolts on the transfer case side with the new cross member is dang near impossible without an extra set of hands to install the front drive shaft. Had to enlist the help of my buddy to get it installed, but she’s in and one step closer to Kansas Rocks!
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