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  1. My 99' MJ Limited

    I really like the bumper!!! But I'm gonna have to make a skid plate for the winch to protect the clutch lever and the rope from rocks
  2. My 99' MJ Limited

    Got the bumper from Krustyballer prepped with the accessories. Waiting on a couple more things before I install it. Got the Lund Moonvisor installed tonight. Just have to finish buttoning up some wiring on the interior.
  3. My 99' MJ Limited

    Started working on the rear bumper from Krustyballer, finally!!! Will finish mounting it next week, waiting on a couple final pieces of the puzzle to arrive.
  4. July 2017 ● DigitalBman's '87

    Thanks man! I have done quite a lot since MJOTM if you wanna check out my build thread.
  5. My 99' MJ Limited

    Had fun at Kansas rocks frostbite today, but man it was muddy!!!! I had some carnage... due to the mud and the tight technical trails I slid into a couple trees and dinged my bed up some.... Then while pressure washing the dirt off some of the paint began coming off... But, the jeep did absolutely amazing and I did every single trail, even the washed out expert ones. I didn’t do the slab because it was just too slick for anybody to get up so I didn’t try. I tried out the ramp again this time and made it half way up the large one!!! The new front four link system is absolutely killer... I am so impressed with how much my on road and off road handling has been improved! I highly recommend the IronMan4x4 front cross member and link system! For comparison, this is How I did at last years frostbite on the ramp. This one is the small ramp and I didn’t even make it half way up! With the IronMan4x4 front suspension and the 7075 links, I made it half way up the big ramp and had more to go!! But the 37’s were tucking in the fenders and rubbing some. So I didn’t push it to hard.
  6. My 99' MJ Limited

    Getting to the bolts on the transfer case side with the new cross member is dang near impossible without an extra set of hands to install the front drive shaft. Had to enlist the help of my buddy to get it installed, but she’s in and one step closer to Kansas Rocks!
  7. My 99' MJ Limited

    Thank you sir!! These edited ones do her a little more justice
  8. My 99' MJ Limited

    Got the flares painted and installed until I’m ready to construct inner fenders and actually fiberglass them to the body. Just trying to get things together for the Frostbite event this weekend! Here’s How she sits now: I also got the Ironman cross member welded today. She drives sooooo much better with the long arms and the axle stretched a few inches!
  9. My 99' MJ Limited

    Dorman RNB-610-449 This link might work to summit racing https://www.summitracing.com/parts/RNB-610-449
  10. My 99' MJ Limited

    With the method wheels my studs just didn’t have enough meet on them. So installed some longer studs. Now they have plenty of bite!
  11. My 99' MJ Limited

    Just sharing a few pictures of where I'm at right now. Installing the IronMan4x4Fab cross-member has been a bit of a pain... Every single nut and bolt has been pretty difficult to get to it seems like... I ran into a problem with the front drive shaft yoke hitting the cross-member. Andy said that he had seen this issue on AW4's but not manuals... Idk why mines different. So he sent me some spacers that go with the AW4 equipped XJ'S. Worked out fine. On the rear, where the circle is around the t-case it was hitting. The spacers fixes this issue as well. The one picture showed the differences in the lengths of my new uppers / lowers versus my old ones Pretty wild difference! Over all I stretched it nearly 3 inches. I am planning on going to the frost bite event on Feb 24th. I still have some nuts and bolts to tighten, a fender to trim, a fender flare to at least bolt up, and some flex pipe to install on my exhaust. My adams front drive shaft will he here soon. Then I just gotta bolt the rear back in and the new front one up. For now, until I get my suspension done I am going to route flex pipe to accommodate the new cross-member. Then, once all of my suspension is complete I'll do a whole new exhaust.
  12. Rock Rails

    Krustys! Iv used them, I'v abused them, I Trust them!
  13. Gumby Build

    Sorry I didn't reply to ya back in October, I didn't see your response till now! I am a Hydraulics Specialist on the KC-135R and I am trained up on the new KC-46 as well, just waiting on it to get here. I completley here ya on having your own workspace!! I wanted ome so bad that when I was living in the Dorms at McConnell I bought a friggin Box Truck from Outdoor Rec with a hydraulic lift gate on the back to lift my motorcycle in and out of the back of it. I fiberglassed and built my whole new headboard inside that thing, rebuilt my axles, did my duel battery setup and cowl intake, slider install, bumper installs, winch wiring, and all sorts of other projects on my stuff and my buddies things! Now I have my own garage and it's marvelous!! It's only a single car... But it's enough room for me install triangulated 4 link front and rear! Plus! None of the Kansas wind blowing crap around and across the parking lot!! Actually.... Now that I think about it, I still have my spare 1999 4.0 sitting in my old storage pod container outside of the dorms... Lol oops...
  14. My 99' MJ Limited

    Thank you sir!! Much appreciated!
  15. My 99' MJ Limited

    Just a little update, I have the IronMan4x4 Fab crossmember painted and almost installed... I have to cut my exhaust and for now I am just going to put flex pipe in until I get around to installing the rear four link from IronMan4x4 Fab as well. I am prepping for the Kansas Rocks Frostbite event on February 24th. Right now I have to: - At least get the remaining fenders cut and the flares tempory installed - Install the 37's with method wheels - get crossmember installed - cut exhaust and install flex pipe - install longer wheel studs for the method wheels - change differential gear oil, my gears were broke in several hundred miles ago. Hopefully I can get all this stuff done.. I have recently started a second job so my wife can be a stay at home mom and a full time student. Second job is to pay for her schooling and help keep us ahead monetarily. On December 22 my son was born! So I have been pretty busy with him, family, the holidays, and I am currently in school as well as prepping to test for my next rank... Life's been busy that's for dang sure! Here is my son, Liam!