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  1. Just wanted to check in to see if there were any updates on this build. I'm very interested in picking your brain as i just bought a wrecked running 05 Libberty CRD and have an 88 mj shell with all of the 98 xj swap parts. I am no stranger to the 97+ mj swap as i have built a few of them but I'm more interested in the wiring aspect of making it all work.
  2. wow, I realy like where you've gone with the truck!!! I finally sold the other one to a guy in Chicago, he flew down and drove it the 2000 miles home. It was a nice truck but 2000 miles in a mj, wow.... I'm starting a 90 / 98 build soon so let me know if you know any one looking.
  3. yes sir but i need the other side of the plugs, thats the harness that i am trying to connect to so i need the plugs from the dash harness that go to those two plugs
  4. I am looking for some one that is parting out a renix era MJ that would be willing to sell me just the teo dash to rear harness plugs ( Black and grey on drivers side kick panel) I am in the middle of a HO harness swap and I recently moved, during the move i have mislaced the two plugs that i need for this swap and am in need, I just need the 2 plugs cut out of the harness with as much of the original pig tail as you can give (4 to 6" of wire off the end of each plug). Pm me if you have what i need with pictures of the plugs and a price shipped to 88021. Thanks
  5. Dude it's comming along awesome.... I love that you still have the EPJ sticker on the window.... Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  6. Any time. Ive been meaning to do this for a while.
  7. Na, I'm just completing the swap and what ever the new owner wants to do after flare wise is up to them Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  8. After the pics were taken and the water dried out I took my shop vac to the inside to get the small pieces of slag out. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  9. I'm here in the shop working on the mj this afternoon and I had to move the tank around so I figured I'd show you guys what I do for the fuel tank / sending unit delima on my swapped mjs.... I use a factory mj tank but I utilize a 95/96 xj sending unit /pump. The tank has to be modified but I think it's a better solution than a dakoda tank. The down fall is, just like our mj sending units the 95/96 xj sending units are not in production any more so you can't just buy one at auto zone, they have to come from a junk yard. But the pump is the same from 95 to 01 so pumps are avaliable. I pulled th
  10. So the truck sports a 4.0 out of a 95 xj that has 110k miles on it, i have replaced the main and rod and cam bearings, timing chain and a new melling High volume oil pump was installed with a complete reseal of the motor. the head received new valve seals, 3 angle valve job ect. I have yet to start it in the MJ but it was healthy in the XJ so i just freshened it up. The trans is a NV3350 out of a liberty with a AX15 bell housing attached and a brand new shiftier mated to a NP231 Case.
  11. OK, OK i need to update this thing already, ill be typing and updating today but here is a teaser. I'm about a month out from finishing the swap so it will be up for sale soon...
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