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  1. Yep! I refuse to give up this particular set of wheels. FWIW, mine are stamped with "Venezuela" in the back. They made a BIG difference going to those from the stock Jeep steelies.
  2. I know...zombie thread, but... 15x7 Canyons; 16lbs.
  3. Interesting... I wonder if the same applies to Renix trucks.
  4. My brother's '95 XJ with a 2.5 sounds like a diesel, too. He bought it that way around 4 years ago with the idea of doing a rebuild on it. Still going without any sign of dying. Those 2.5's are tough.
  5. Don't Jeep 6's run lean enough to eventually crack the exhaust manifolds?
  6. Hello all. I recently installed a full dash cluster in my '87 Sportruck. The cluster I obtained came out of a '88 XJ with a 4.0, so the tach is off (by 33%, I think). Now, I know that the proper way to adjust a tach is to install a reference tach, start the engine, and adjust the on board tach to match the reference. What I was wondering is this: since Jeep only used a 4 and a 6 cyl engine in these vehicles, would turning the adjustment knob all the way over to the opposite end of the adjustment range get me the correct readings, or should I just do it the proper way? Thanks in advance!
  7. TJ springs will generally give 1" less than advertised when used in a XJ. I assume that applies to MJ's as well.
  8. Do what I did; get the trans and t case from a YJ. A 5 speed will have the same ratios as your 4 speed anyway. You'll just have the option of using overdrive on the flats.
  9. Brand new throw out bearing came with the kit. I'm thinking that we installed the clutch disc backwards, but we haven't worked on it any further. I'll update as soon as we drop the trans.
  10. Check your O2 sensor. Mine was acting funky on and off. I pulled mine and it was completely trashed. I threw on a used one I had kicking around and it runs like a champ now.
  11. Another question: Is it possible that we installed the clutch disc backwards?
  12. The pedal is in the same position as before, but has very little resistance. As far as the bleeding, we bled it because of the difficulty in getting the vehicle into gear.
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