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  1. Yep. Do an oil change with a good filter and decent oil. That may be all it takes. I think I read somewhere that my '87's 2.5L is spec'd to use 20-50, but I've been using 5-40 synthetic and I hear zero knocks. I DID hear some valve train noise when I tried going down to 5-30synthetic, fwiw.
  2. I've never tried it, but was going to give it a go.
  3. Hello everyone! I am looking to clean up the interior of my 87 MJ. The current dashpad is cracked and missing pieces in some places. I recently visited the local pull a part and found a '97 with an intact dashpad in the same color as my original. I was wondering if the dash is interchangable. I will retain the stock '87 controls and gauge cluster and just looking to change out the old, dried out dash pad. Thanks for your time!
  4. Pretty neat! Wish Jeep would re-make the MJ in a 4 door.
  5. If you want to drop your rpm's in a way that's easily reversible, slap a pair of 235/75's on the back of your ride. It should reduce your cruising RPM.
  6. A buddy of mine ran em for a while. They're your average, cheap mudder: loud, stiff, not great on wet streets, and pretty darned good off road until the tread starts to wear. They're not horrible, but there are other choices in that price range. My brother just got a set of General Grabber AT2's on his XJ in a 255/70R15 (around 29x10, I believe) for just about 500 bones from Discount Tire mounted with a road hazard warranty.
  7. I have that set up with 31's and an AX4. It gets around fairly well, but I probably wouldn't get rid of 4.10's if I had em.
  8. A LIGHT brick at that. The only times that my MJ feels really well connected to the road is when I'm hauling a load in it. The straight line stability is inreased then. When empty, any cross wind tosses it around.
  9. benjy_26


    I used to controll them with a Savage bolt action .22lr loaded with Aquila CB's. Quiet as a BB gun, but worked well at 15-20yds. I guess word spreads among 'dillos. They stopped coming around after a while!
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