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  1. Oh man...my 2.5 *begins* to pull at about 3k rpm. I think I may need to go to 4.88's. 🤔
  2. Does one have to use the factory tow hooks to use the front skid?
  3. How does this apply to 2.5L trucks? If I'm using 31's, should I swap in 4.56's? My stock rear end ratio is 3.55, btw.
  4. For street use with, I assume, street tires and a stock 2.5, the AX5 should live a long and happy life.
  5. Update: My cable failed because it kissed the exhaust.
  6. Thanks for the tips, gents. Anyone know the proper length for a 2wd SWB '87 with an AX4? Mine is way long and quite likely not original.
  7. Hello everybody. I recently threw in a full cluster out of a 88 XJ into my '87 MJ and all seems to be well asude from the speedo. I drove it a few miles last night after buttoning things up and noticed that my speedo needle was bouncing up and down until about 45moh where it stayed steady. I stopped at the gas station to fuel up and afterwards the speedo is not working at all. It's not reading speed or distance traveled. Y'all think the speedo is dead, or do you think I need a new cable?
  8. Throw in axles out of a 98 and up TJ in your D30 and you're ready for 35's. No need for a swap.
  9. Yep! I refuse to give up this particular set of wheels. FWIW, mine are stamped with "Venezuela" in the back. They made a BIG difference going to those from the stock Jeep steelies.
  10. I know...zombie thread, but... 15x7 Canyons; 16lbs.
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