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  1. Did you get rear springs from Rusty's?
  2. Hey y'all. I was wondering if anyone is using a S10 camper shell on their MJ? A shell off of an '88 came up for a hundo locally and I was thinking of throwing it on my '87 SWB MJ.
  3. With bed coating. You're coating your interior.
  4. Sounds like a great reason to throw in a Detroit or similar into it.
  5. IIRC, you can *buy* a stroker engine from Oreilley's with a 3 year warranty. That may be an option.
  6. I used to use Mobil 1 15/50 VR synth oil in my ZJ with a modded 4.Slow, and it worked well, Rotella works pretty good, too as does Delo. I currently use Delo 5-40 synthetic on my 2.5 because of the cold winter mornings. The only thing to watch for if you're being really careful is zinc content. Our engines were designed in the 70's (I think) when oil had more lubricity additives. As far as RK fluids being good? I bet they're made by one of the few major oil manufacturers and given a generic additive package, which is to say, they're probably a damned sight better than most fluids that were around when our trucks were new and probably on par with most conventional oil out there now.
  7. Honestly, it'll come down to backspacing. I'm at 2.5" in the front and I rub under lock and full compression on 31's. I used to rub when turning in reverse, but I sanded down the back of my flares (inside the wheel well) and it cleared pretty well.
  8. This is a good cost/benefit exercise, I guess.
  9. Thanks! The seller says that this one has a height adjustment. Apparently, it'll go as high as 21.5". I measured the distance from the bed to the top of the roof at a little over that, so it might end up being pretty close. Again, thanks!
  10. Yes on all counts. You will have to adapt brakes, shocks, and spring mounting plates, but that's all dependent on if you want to keep it SUA or go SOA.
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