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  1. Ok, so, with the key off (column locked, actually) I have no continuity between N and P on the IP side. I'll be replacing the multifunction switch either today or tomorrow.
  2. Nice. I'll get on it. Now..what does IP stand for?
  3. Holy smokes! Thanks a TON man! I really appreciate it!
  4. Ok, so, key off, brake pedal depressed: All 4 lights come on. Turn signal to the right: All 4 lights come on. Turn signal to the left: Only right hand side lights come on. Brakes not pressed (key on): Turn signal right: right hand side flashes Turn signal to the left: Left side flashing
  5. It's not as sexy as a high output alternator, but maybe you just need a trickle charger.
  6. Brake and running lights work and the turn signals both work if I don't press down the brake pedal. When I press the brake pedal, the right turn signal does not flash. I have 1107's (I think) in it. New-ish sylvania bulbs.
  7. Hello all. My MJ recently developed a condition in which the passanger side rear turn sign does not flash when I have the brake pedal pressed down. I've cleaned the light harness connector near the airbox but the problem persists. Does anyone know where the tail lights ground to the body? Is it the same location as the fuel pump ground? Thanks a bunch!
  8. Do you think TJ Rubicon shafts would fit (in order to make this 5 on 4.5)?
  9. The easiest swap would come from a MJ or XJ that came equipped with one from the factory, though you'd have to mod a XJ unit.
  10. Where would I lube? Would white lithium grease work?
  11. Thanks for the responses, guys. My truck doesn't have an AC, BUT, it did have a very stiff throttle spring. While monkeying around, I took off the spring and, like magic, my idle motor worked. My idle sits right below 1k and I don't have to depress the pedal anymore to get it started.
  12. I've been messing with my idle as well. I was about to adjust my ISA motor, but my engine didn't rev up to 3k when I unplugged the motor. 😐
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