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  1. Let me know what kind if shape that 2wd front beam is in if you're looking to sell.
  2. In great shape. $100 plus shipping from 01007.
  3. I'm very interested in the leaf springs, and I'm less than a half hour away.
  4. Tach came in, were you able to find any details?
  5. I'll get my hands on a tech in the next day or so. Thank you.
  6. At the moment, not very far out at all. I've never seen it move, but on startup the idle is relatively low, it builds up as the engine warms. I've seen the adjustment procedure alluded to in Google searches, but the links I've clicked are dead.
  7. My 1987 2.5L had a long crank/ hard start issue over the winter. Only when the weather was cold and the engine itself was cold. I replaced the ISA with a new unit from Rock Auto. This solved the starting issue, but immediately I was plagued with a high idle. I tried a different new ISA with same results. All vacuum lines look to be in good condition. Any suggestions?
  8. I live in Springfield and work in East Longmeadow. I hardly see any Comanches around here anymore.
  9. I'm not in a rush, it's for an upcoming swap.
  10. Looking for 87-89 under hood wiring harness for a 4.0
  11. I have a manual steering box here in western mass out of an 87. No idea about how many turns or anything like that. Yours for $20.
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