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  1. Still have a water leak on the passengers side from the foot well somewhere. Someone mentioned the blower motor, I'll definitely have to look into that. For now I used more silicon sealant on the window, which looks like it has some moisture trapped in there. I wonder if squirting some expanding foam around the blower motor will stop it from leaking water in through there. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works I've never been in there before.
  2. Now that it's nearing the end of winter, I figure it's a good time to undercoat the jeep to prevent rust. No worries, I haven't been driving it much because of the axle swap and break booster upgrade (pics to come). Real sticky stuff but i hope it protects the new floors, they were just painted with eastwood rusty metal primer Gave it a healthy 4 coats Enough so it dripped on the floor a good deal and made a bit of a mess I hope it's not a big deal but I just washed away the dirt from the metal by using a rag and some water then oversprayed a little to make sure the layer covered the entire pan.
  3. Dog tax, look at this guy taking up all the space in the bed.
  4. The front right sway bar lost it's lynch pin long ago so I temporarily put a pin in there (not exactly reusable). Bought this set https://www.harborfreight.com/50-piece-lynch-pin-kit-67544.html from harbor fright and put the other 49 in the barn for the future. Later on it actually lost the bolt too, so it was just dangling there and letting the body roll all around.
  5. I bought this ford 8.8 off facebook marketplace, got a decent deal for it, $200. It came with 4.10's and a lunchbox locker. The seller bought it but didn't end up using it in their project. The calipers and the rotors are really rusty but the internals all look solid. I won't end up putting this in for a while, I know the jeep will be down for a while once I start the swap so I want to wait until a couple upcoming wheeling trips are over.
  6. I'm sure a shop fix all the rest of the jeep too for a small fortune Really though it has some rust above the wheel wells I will want to address eventually.
  7. Here's some more close ups of that damage. i spent some time trying to push it out from the inside of the cab and used a wooden board and a hammer inside the bed sides to push that part out too. i took a heat gun to the plastic molding there and melted it so it fit back on with the angle. It still looks bad but like slightly better than when i started. Oh also those plastic strips above the windows, long gone at this point, i've only taken it out 3 or 4 times on the trail but they got ripped off super quick
  8. Did that zj tie rod swap, looks way beefier, it was the same cost basically as staying with the stock setup and all the original ends were really worn out anyway. I also tightened the power steering box a couple turns. Really got rid of some of the steering slop. i put in the tie rod backwards at first
  9. Nice looking jeep! How’d you get 17-21 mpg out of the 4.0? I’ve only ever managed 13-15 mpg. I have 33s and a 4 inch lift but it shouldn’t be that big of a difference. Is it the renix 4.0?
  10. I really want to build an exocage in the future which will put an end to anything like this. I think an easy first step is probably rocker gaurds, made out of whatever cheap rectangular tubing I can find at the junk yard.
  11. Did a bad thing, I ended up doing some serious damage to the panel on the passenger side behind the door. The dog makes it look better but it was a big disappointment. It's easier to see how one of the leafs is sagging from this far shot it might be a bit exaggerated by the terrain though. Looking pretty good I would say.
  12. Went wheeling in the local state forest, it's a decent spot. I was surprised to see how well it did, the long wheelbase seemed helpful but it was a little hard getting around tight turns. Should have taken some more photos.
  13. One of the bolts on the bumper's left side had snapped off, I drilled another hole and ended up with 5 total bolts (3 of them being grade 5 rather than grade 8). Should be good enough for a recovery point.
  14. As part of my ongoing work to kill all the leaks in the cab (see above pics of water on the floors) I calked the upper right corner of the back window Ugly but it works. I also replaced all the weather stripping on the windows just in case it was leaking there as well, it was all cracked anyway.
  15. Did some basic maintenance: engine mounts - as you can see in the photos it's totally worn away, there was nothing left to the mount, just a little bit of rubber on the bottom. air filter Spark plugs, air filter, cap and rotor, spark plug wires, All 3 temp sensors one in the back of the head, near the intake, this one runs the sensor on the dash, one on the engine block drivers side above the the oil pan which runs the fuel injection system a final one near the airbox in the coolant line which toggles the electric fan decided just to bypass this one, I couldn't find it online and I wanted the fan to run all the time, not sure if it will burn out earlier but I'd rather be cool. I can always upgrade to that ford tarus fan (there's a DIY article somewhere on the forum) Power steering lines, they were leaking a bit. This was a breeze to change not much too it. Here's the airbox, all but one bolt is totally rusted out. Old versus new sensor, looks like it was a bit stripped, I checked it with the ohmmeter and it wasnt working properly.
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