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  1. Here's my new shocks! It actually worked out that a stock shock would work just fine. The top one is my old shock, it was way too long and only had about 3 inches of down travel with the new shock mount location.
  2. Caution gore ahead. The little mig welder I used for my floor pans isn't powerful enough to weld on these shock brackets. So I used the old lincoln AC225 that's been in the barn for the better part of 30 years and probably used 3 or 4 times. As you can see these weld's are really, really bad. I ran a few extra passes after this just to ensure it doesn't break off. This is my first time really using this welder, I took a couple practice runs on some scrap but it didn't translate that well because I had to change all the amperage.
  3. Here's the stock leafs, I ended up selling them on ebay for about $100 to a guy in long island. Fair deal for me but I think fedex beat us both with their $112 shipping fee.
  4. Since I couldn't find any decent shocks to run to the top of the stock leaf retainer (max length was 14 inches, min was about 6) I bought these shock mounts for $15 on ebay. They didn't really fit the axle diameter so I took a bench grinder to it to open it up.
  5. Here's a couple pics of the leafs after they were all bolted in. Those ubolts look a little bent, mostly because they are, I reused the same ubolt retainer (is that what you call it?). I originally thought I might be able to get away with running shocks to the top of that retainer to reuse the old shock mounting point but no luck, the distance was way too short.
  6. The wagoneer leafs are beefy which I like but they're not a perfect fit. I added a couple washers and even bent the leaf retainers closer. Now that it's torqued down it seems like it got kicked over a tiny bit.
  7. I bought wagoner leafs from a junkyard. I looked up a big list of leafs someone posted over on pirate4x4 and the measurements matched up except the width at the eyes was about a half inch narrower. This might be where I made up the difference between the XJ and the MJ perch width.
  8. I don't have the oem shackles, I bought my jeep with these giant 6.5" lift shackles. That ended up being way too much after I got it in. So I switched to a stock xj shackle. I'm struggling to dig up a side by side picture but after the axle was in, I ended up swapping out the leafs too, the stock mj ones were way too tall for me. Here are the stock leafs with the spring over axle perches on the 8.8. As you can see, really really tall, all I'm planning on running for now is 33s.
  9. Oh no kidding, that looks terrible, are you sure those pictures are from an xj to mj swap? Mine doesn't look nearly that bad but I ended up using different leaf springs so it might have offset it. I already completed the swap about 3 months ago and have driven it about 500 miles since then. I'm only getting around to uploading all my photos now.
  10. Here it is, in all it's glory, the old reliable dana 35. I popped the cover off just to double check the gears. It's a 3.55s open carrier but at least it's non c-clip. The axle never treated me badly, luckily it never broke, but I need to upgrade gears and drop in a locker. There's absolutely no way I'd upgrade a dana 35 when I could just drop an 8.8 in for a few hundred bucks.
  11. Tried to press a ujoint into the adapter and it just shattered. I messaged dana warranty dept and they shipped out a replacement, didn't even ask for the old one back when they saw the picture.
  12. Time to start the axle swap, it's been sitting in the barn a while. To start I threw some gear oil in there and put the cover on. Luckily it was already set up for an XJ, I've read around and people say it isn't a big deal to let the leafs point a little inward as it's a 1/2" narrower than an XJ perch to perch. So I'm just going to leave the perches alone. I painted most of the axle leaving a bit of space because I know I need to weld on some shock mounts eventually. I tried to set up the parking break but for whatever reason every parking break hardware kit I ordered didnt work. The springs were all way too short and couldn't span the gap between the shoes. I got frustrated and threw them out I figure I can get by without it. Pictured above I also bought new u bolts, and the flange to 1310 adapter (P/N 2-2-1379). I know I'll need that so I can use my existing driveshaft.
  13. Got a call from a friend, someone he knew got stuck in a mud pit down the road. Just goes to show you shouldn't wheel alone. Luckily I live about a country mile away so I got them out quick. Not sure if it's the right way but I used reverse gear to pull them out.
  14. Threw a new bolt in the sway bar link, didn't really make a big difference driving around town. It doesn't see the highway very often, I don't need to take it to get to work.
  15. Still have a water leak on the passengers side from the foot well somewhere. Someone mentioned the blower motor, I'll definitely have to look into that. For now I used more silicon sealant on the window, which looks like it has some moisture trapped in there. I wonder if squirting some expanding foam around the blower motor will stop it from leaking water in through there. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works I've never been in there before.
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