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  1. My friends dad had this seat in his shed, it’s a little dusty but looks to be in way better condition than my bench. I’ll swap it in when I get the time for a much needed comfort improvement. Looks like this one won’t cost me anything at all, he was just going to throw it away anyways.
  2. That’s right, I keep forgetting to do cruiser’s renix tips. I think the PO might have replaced the battery cables, they look newer, but I should at least check all the grounds.
  3. I used the wrong emoji, I was looking for the shocked one (it looks really small on my desktop). I’m not disapproving of your willowwood brakes, they’re awesome, but it’s not something I can afford, I was shocked to see such a large price tag.
  4. Haven't had the need to yet but when mine goes out I'll be either upgrading axle shafts or bypassing it by bolting the fork to the proper connected side of the actuator.
  5. that's almost how much I paid for the jeep.
  6. I used those when I redid my floors. They fit the smaller plugs in the cab. I bought them on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-RUBBER-Floor-Pan-Drain-Plugs-fit-Jeep-CJ5-CJ7-CJ8-Wrangler-YJ-Cherokee-XJ/331725599226?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 there isnt much information on that ebay page but I think they're the same.
  7. I want those... What should I be searching? I can't find any good build threads.
  8. Why are they worth so much? I have a set on my jeep.
  9. A 99-04 grand cherokee swap is great, I've done it on my MJ. It really helped braking and wasn't really all that difficult. There's a bit of grinding and drilling to adapt the rod to the brake light sensor (newer jeeps don't have that but my '87 and yours will too). Also you have to run new brake lines but that's not a big deal. Total cost for me was $36 for the booster/mc from an '04 jeep grand cherokee wj, $5 for new bolts for the back of the booster, $10 on misc brake line parts (metric fittings and the lines).
  10. I've been seeing some low voltages on the gauge in the jeep when at stop lights and low reving off road. I figure I might have the really weak 62 amp alternator or it's just tired after 32 some odd years. Here's the voltage at when the jeep is off (two different times), not quite 12v but it's been going on for over a year like this and still keeps it at or near 12v. If I run the engine and step on the gas the volt meter in the cab reads up near 14 v But idling it reads 12.51v at the battery. Nothing too impressive. I certainly won't try running a winch any time soon or even plugging in those kc lites I have on the front bumper. I dug around and found a 1994 or so c1500 alternator (low output) is a cs121 style 100 amp alternator. I might upgrade to that 816576G (part number)
  11. Had to use this rear tow hitch a couple times on that trip, I got stuck a lot.
  12. That dent in the corner is new as of this trip. On another note, I'd love to bob the truck and make it a flatbed. I kept getting hung up on the rear bumper, tow hitch or other body part beyond the rear tire. I might have to switch the rear to coils or something other than leafs because the rear leaf hanger extends so far back.
  13. I never posted the pics but I went to this great offroad place in central ma. Had a ton of fun and wheeled on harder trails than I ever had before but I ended up tearing the sidewall in one of my tires and denting the rear corner of my bed while sliding off a hill. These general grabber at2 tires are really bad. I aired them down to like 12 and tore a sidewall clean through so I had to put on my spare. About a year later I tore another one, but not all the way through this time. This trip was before I added lockers (it was the motivation for doing so). There was this little muddy hill with a tight turn at the bottom, I easily would have made it up with lockers but I didn't because I was open front and rear.
  14. Oh my, how much dirt is that. The load capacity is what like 800 lbs
  15. What's the advantage of a 97+ front clip? Better looks?
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