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  1. Got an opportunity to pick up a very clean rear-end smashed 2000 XJ for free but not sure I want it - the front clip is perfect, could swap the front end with the MJ for the "newer" look, but like how the front of the stock MJ looks now - aside from the big window doors which would be nice, don't know why I would mess with how it looks now.........
  2. Thinking about replacing the front amber lights with clear - have seen this done, not sure how it will look but they sell on Amazon for like $30 figure could try it out....
  3. Am thinking 99-2004 WJ Booster upgrade. Yep, hoping to get the TB from Meanlemmons he hooked me up with the battery cable upgrade set and it is excellent.
  4. Thanks brother - still got a ways to go, this Fall plan to get the brake booster upgrade done, TB, new headliner & seats, maybe upgrade the exhaust and start thinking about getting the A/C working. But for now:
  5. Fishing taking up most available time right now - but did get Krustyballer to hook me up with some of his rocksliders, he does really nice work - got them delivered by UPS banded together with all hardware (got a set of seat brackets from him while I was at it) - dropped them off for powdercoat, got them back and bolted them in with the supplied 3/8 thread cutting screws - will eventually have them welded to the frame rails, but they are solid as it now. (Dog pic is of my apprentice - 9 month old Irish Terrier - he was in a "timeout" because he finally got one of those damn squirells he's been after - I have no problem with him taking out those yard rats, but would not surrender the (deceased) squirrel on command so he had to spend Sunday on a tether - which he hates)
  6. Yeah! Looked like that or this one - the one I saw of the Comanche was similar...
  7. Been driving me crazy - somewhere on this forum is a picture of an MJ where the owner flush mounted an LED light bar in the factory bumper - stumbled across it a couple months ago while reading through posts, now can't find it. Like the look of the factory front bumper, want to take another look at that set up and see if the owner has a write up because I think that might be something I want to do with my rig - appreciate if anyone can recall or direct me toward that thread.......... Thnx
  8. Was not that noticeable to me, but couple people pointed out that the rear tires looked tucked farther in than the fronts - read on here that a some put 1-1/4 wheel spacers (hub centric) on the rears to push them out....so for $40 figured I'd give it a shot.
  9. Ok, got to read up on using 98 axles
  10. Yes, think that is the smart path.
  11. Thanks Eagle, appreciate the info - you always have good intel.
  12. Copy - not throwing any MJ stuff away
  13. Wow that is sick! - no, no, no, - guarantee wifey will kick me and "all my stupid shixt" to the curb if I start that kind of build - already alarming at how fast the want/need list for this supposedly simple house truck is growing....axles, brake upgrade, A/C resurrection, not to mention all the interior stuff I have been putting off..... My thinking when I started down this road was "hey, instead of buying a '19 Sierra and making $400-$500 monthly payments, will by a cool old truck and throw that much at it for a while and see how it goes" - no regrets, but starting to look like I could spend $400-$500 a month on this MJ for a looooonnnnnngggggg time and still find more stuff I want to add....
  14. You won't , no one want's those. Ha - figures, more stuff for the scrap pile then.
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