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  1. I’m stripping my MJ completely to do a full restoration/modification. Have 2 partout XJ’s (-88 Laredo and -92 Limited) which I’m trying to pick XJ parts in order to improve the MJ. I started with the leather/power seats from the -92 Limited, to see if I could use them in the MJ. It turned out to be much easier than first expected. I seat height difference is not more then 0,5-1,5 inches in lowest position (depends where I measure), so the XJ buckets with full power functions will definitely go in my MJ. Some pic's what I did with the el. power frame, and some comparising with the stock MJ bucket. Bear with me if my English grammar is sometimes bad, I’m from Norway.
  2. Parting out 2 XJ’s, both with electrical leather seats (tan and dark blue). The tan leather buckets will go in to the Comanche, and the other become office chairs. They are surprisingly comfortable to sit in
  3. Some pictures of the mechanical and electronic speedometer The electronic is from a -92 XJ, the mechanical from a -88 XJ It should be doable to do a custom job to fit the electronic in the Renix housing. The wiring is simple, only 3 wires.
  4. Use a thin nail, pen, needle or somthing, and push through the smal holes next to HR and MIN.
  5. You need the speed sensor (behind the instrument cluster , between short and long speedo cable) Here's the wiring diagram.
  6. As Minuit stated, the max 85mph US speedometers was a political BS regulation, and had nothing to do with the cars max speed. https://www.yahoo.com/news/question-of-the-day-why-did-1980s-cars-have-233212628.html EU did have other regulations, speedometers should show the max speed the cars was capable for under ideal conditions.
  7. Sorry my mistake....PCM (Power Control Module). XJ export cars to Europe had both mph/km/h speedometers 120mph/200km/h Have some MJ/XJ/ZJ/WJ instruments on my shelf
  8. A early XJ HO electronic speedometer can easily be used in an Renix MJ. These speedometers are “stand alone”, and do not have to be wired via the HO PSM.
  9. Thanks for the reply, also for me it looks like a dual. This booster is from a part out XJ have, it's an European -92 w/abs. Is there any way to determine if it is a single or dual? https://www.factorychryslerparts.com/products/Jeep/BOOSTER-PACKAGE--Brake-1994/4358046/04713075.html
  10. Hi, I’m an old member doing a forum comeback, after near 10 years away. My Comanche have been standing still for several years, but now I have started a full restoration. I'm collecting parts for upgrades and modifications. Is this a single or dual diaphragm brake booster? Part no.
  11. Test PB Test direct uppload
  12. To look for vacuum leaks, use START GAS, spray over potensial leak areas. If you have a leak, the idle rpm will increase.
  13. Yes, I did it on my XJ after 2,5 OME lift. Drilled/grinded new holes on both sides, made and put in two “offset washers” Work perfect with the stock track bar.
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    Read in an other forum it was a fox, not a deer... some more picture...what a mess.. :eek:
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