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  1. When I attach A cable (no matter the order Positive or negative first) it produces a strong enough pop that it’s discoloring the battery terminal and melting the contact point on the cable
  2. Hi all, I am working on a 1990 MJ. I have had a few electrical issues since owning the truck. I began refreshing grounds and testing connections. Things that do not work: Horn, Wipers, Radio, and RH Rear turn signal. I ended up purchasing a big 7 replacement kit from JeepCables hoping it would help. I replaced each wire one at a time and then I reviewed each connection. Once I attempted to connect the battery, I got a big spark. I didn't have that before. So I went back through again. Everything appears how it should be. Anybody every have any issues like this? I looked through s
  3. I have not replaced those bulbs yet. One bulb is in so I am guessing it just isn’t getting working or the bulb is burnt (which I have not checked).
  4. I replaced all bulbs except the license plate bulbs. I cleaned up the light sockets. Still no power. I ran a test light on the fuse box and I am getting power to a few but not all.
  5. I am new to the her community and decided to start my first project, a ‘90 MJ. I have spent numerous hours trying to figure out why the driver side taillights are working but the passenger side isn’t. The previous owner butchered up the whole rear lighting harness. So I grabbed one off of another MJ and spliced them together hoping it would fix the issue. It did not change anything. I checked fuses and they are fine. Checked my ground wire on the rear driver side and it’s okay. Any other ideas to look into? Any information helps.
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