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  1. Got some small finishing things done, 1/4npt bungs with some brass 90s threaded into them for my “fuel gauge” there will be some clear 1/4” tubing connecting them for a sight glass, also got a fuel pump mount made out of an exhaust clamp and some of the lines connected to the tank, still need to clean out the tank and final inspection to make sure there’s no holes but the project is moving right along!
  2. It should be about 33 gallons if my maths are somewhat close so should weigh about 250lbs full!! And that’s without the weight of the tank! And thanks for looking out, I haven’t looked for any sealant yet but I figured there had to be something out there for the job.... I just have to find it now!
  3. Also I made a little progress on the front axle, got the knuckles taken apart and drilled for the Barnes4WD high steer arms, the spring perches are still under review currently as I’m not fully sold on their mounting, in an attempt to not move the currently spring on it this is about where they have to go, I’m going to look at it a little closer when the fuel tank is finished up. But progress.
  4. The fuel cell is just about finished up, in the first picture you can see how it’s being held in, the idea was to make it somewhat easily removable if I ever need to.... I most likely won’t ever take it out because it’s about 60 pounds without the top plate! But I have the option. The plan is to use a lot of RTV to seal the top in place and I’m thinking I might add some 1/8” npt bungs to make a level gauge out of some clear tube, not sure if I want to take it back out though. I clear coated the whole tank and painted the mounts so gotta clean it out and glue it up, then it’s onto finding a forever home for the filter and pump!
  5. Finally had some time to work on the beater, started with getting the axle cleaned a little better to tack the truss on. next step was to mount the leaf spring perches, still need to finalize it and figure out how to add a forth bolt on the drives side, but before I did that I moved onto the fuel cell, it’s right about 32 gallons if my calculations are correct and I know it’s steel but that’s all I had so that’s what I get. The plan is to make a top plate that will bolt on and I will try to seal it with some type of RTV, I got a good start on the mounting platform for it. I’m trying to make it as stout as I can considering it’ll be almost 300 pounds when it’s filled so i don’t want it going anywhere. I’m hoping to finish up the fuel cell this weekend and work on mounting the fuel pump and filter. Feels good to be making progress!
  6. Finally made some time to get the beater back into the garage, got the Dana yanked out, the Dana 60 slid under and borrowed some 40s to size the old girl up! The original plan was to link the front, but after much though I am thinking I will keep the leaf springs in the front
  7. No major progress on the old beater recently, only small accomplishments and planning lately as most of my time has been shifted towards other projects. I got the 2010 ford Dana 60 cleaned up and ready to get built up, and I got my rock lights wired. The idea going forward is Dana 60 and 3 link front, sterling 10.5 and leaf spring rear. I’m planning to use ruff stuff specialties 3 link kit and steering, Barnes 4wd low profile truss, and artec weld on high steer, and have been looking at the redneck ram steering kits for hydro assist, I have some new Chevy 63” leads for the rear but still need to get a 10.5, shocks for the front are up in the air currently, with not a lot of money currently and the hopes to be wheeling in the next four months I am leaning towards some 6 inch lift coils, ideally I’d like to throw some 16” shock/coil overs on the old girl, but that may have to wait. Gears and lockers are also up in the air until it’s atleast a roller from there I’m thinking weld the diffs at first and where the $#!& out of it until she pops.
  8. I don’t have a write up on it, I could probably do one though, but yes it’s all junkyard parts, cost me less than 300 bucks for everything. I haven’t had any issues with it and I’ve been wheeling it since 2016, but it’s also behind a 2.5 so I’m not sure if it would do the same behind a 4.0.
  9. Since the last time I posted I finished relocating the oil filter, intercooler piping, and tossed a temporary fuel tank in the ole beater and....... IT STARTED!! It runs and ideals great, messed with the fuel pressure regulator a little, test drove it and it seems to be holding good AFR numbers. The front axle is pretty worn out and not having a diff cover I don’t want to drive it to much, but happy with how it’s looking so far. The first run down the street it didn’t build any boost so I pulled the wastegate line off and it fixed that, With it being super clapped I don’t wanna drive it far so I’ll have to wait to see how the AFR fairs on long pulls, this setup is with stock injectors and only 40 PSI of fuel pressure, so there’s ALOT of room to give it more fuel, I plan to run 93 in it and I might try to take some timing from it in the future. Next step is to gather a few more parts for the wonton swap, plan is 3 link front sd Dana 60, Chevy 63” leaf springs rear with sterling 10.5 rear end, and 40s. I was hoping to keep tie rod ends for the steering but it seems like the weld on high steer might be a cheaper route, I’ll be running stock shafts for awhile and most likely stock gears until I can afford to regear. I’m thinking ruffstuff specialties DIY 3 link kit for the front and some cheap 6” lift coil springs. I already have a set of Chevy 63” leaf springs from a 2020 Chevy 1500, and a Dana 60 from a 2010 f250, not the biggest start, but still a start. Very excited it started and ran though!
  10. Had some time so was able to get a little bit done on the beater this weekend, grabbed some fittings and some copper line that I’ll run from the air compressor to the tank in the bed, then started working on relocating the oil filter because the exhaust will make it impossible to remove. Then after a few beers I finally got the small Passenger side hatch done.
  11. Progress On the Comanche has slowed slightly due to some of my other projects..... but a little work got done tonight! Ran alternator cables, engine ground, and got the exhaust painted. Next On the list is to run the air line and power wire from the compressor to the tank in the bed then onto the fuel cell, THEN START UP!
  12. I was planning to make a flapper on top of it so it should keep most of the bad stuff out..... that’s the hope atleast...
  13. And that brings us up to today, it’s currently in the single car garage of the house I rent, so a lot of the time has been me getting the garage set up And house together, but progress is still being made, all the wiring is done except for the rock lights, fuel line is run, just need to finish the intercooler piping, and make a fuel cell and she’ll be ready for the first start up
  14. Started working on the interior after I found a NICE Cherokee in the yard so swapped the bench seat for a center console, snagged some door panels and some seats, got the exhaust done, battery’s fully mounted, And battery box done. And also scored a 2010 Ford Dana 60, Then we partied a little to hard at the shop and We got kicked so had to move this fine unit one last time!
  15. Thanks man, it’s taken some time, but it’s getting somewhere!
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