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    The box camper setup worked like a charm. Spent $33 and an hour dumpster diving at construction sites to get everything to build it. Bed on top, storage underneath.
  2. MulzetN


    My "little blue brick" made a trip from Jasper to Banff for it's birthday weekend along the Icefield Parkway. Definitely a little lackluster in power with the 2.5, but once you accept that you're not leaving 3rd on some of the climbs it becomes more bearable. You just have to accept the truck for what it is and laugh along the ride.
  3. Not sure about the braided lines just yet. I tightened the line where it attaches onto the master cylinder and it seems to have solved my problem. Essentially I took it to the point where I thought I was going to strip it and then stopped. I will update if anything changes. I will update if anything changes.
  4. Was just told my steering box was an issue on my 1988 MJ. Would love to know what this process was like between parts, labor, etc.
  5. MulzetN


    It is clean! Everything is stock as far as I can tell. AX-5 it is! My bad. The plan is to leave it as close to stock as I can and enjoy it. I'm thinking of making it into a camper build inside the box with some removable sections. I want to do a cross Canada trip this summer. I record nature sounds and mix them with synth to create ambient music and I thought it would be fun to record in every province and territory. The Comanche would let me get everywhere I want to go and cut down on costs by removing the need for hotels... Plus it's just a cool truck. I'll probably keep the Jee
  6. 75sv1 - noted. I've tightened the belt a few times and the squeal usually goes away for about a week then comes back. Not sure if it is just loosening off. Next time I am in there I might try the harmonic balancer. It's pretty simple? Cruiser54 - pretty old with uneven wear. I had brand new winters on it with the same problem though. I'm replacing the rubber soon and will get the alignment done. I've noticed that since having the driveshaft balanced I only notice the rumble through the seat which makes me think it is tire related.
  7. Rockauto has been a wonderful thing.
  8. Delayed response here. I had the driveshaft balanced and that helped with the vibration (which was speed related, not rev). Once I get new tires I will do an alignment on it. I suspect that will fix the rest of the vibration problem.
  9. MulzetN


    I'm slacking on this one - Meant to do it a long time ago. Sorry! 1988 Jeep Comanche 2.5L / AX15 / Transfercase? / Front axle? / Rear axle? / Wheelbase? Build date: (its on the driverside door sticker, in the form of month and year) - Will check this tomorrow. Current Location: Central Alberta, Canada. Status: On the road with only 106,000km. Notes: 5spd standard, blue exterior, light grey interior, armstrong steering, bench seat, oil drip behind the fuse box like the rest of them... This is the quintessential old man fa
  10. Following along this thread. I have an 1988 Comanche base model, 2wd with the ax15 as well. I lost all clutch engagement and had to power shift home. Replaced the MC with a dorman MC. Bled the heck out of it and it did nothing. I then replaced the slave cylinder and clutch (might as well do both while in there) with a LUK brand set. Still couldn't bleed it out. Replaced the MC with a second new one and finally got it to bleed and work. Fast forward 1 week and I lost clutch again but only intermittently this time. If I pump 1 billion times I can get clutch back. I also noticed the c
  11. Thanks! I'm loving it so far. I'll get on that registry right away 👌 No idea on the age of the belt, but the tension seems alright. I haven't taken it off yet - will get on that tonight hopefully. How is it to find parts for the old Comanches? Truthfully, I just bought the thing on a whim 😅 - Noah
  12. Hey everyone! I just bought my 1988 Jeep Comanche about a week ago. It has 98,000km on it (60,895 miles). The truck is in great condition - no rust on it at all which is very rare for any vehicle in Alberta. It has the 2.5L v4 with a standard 5 speed transmission and 2 wheel drive. It sat under a tarp for a few years before I got it. I tossed in some photos too, mostly because I am still at the "holy s*** I love this thing so much" stage of ownership. I'm noticing a squeal from the engine at higher RPMs (no tach, just a super large fuel gauge, so I can't tell you exact
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