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  1. MiamiMJ

    One of our own is down

    All the best to Don and his family. Praying for you.
  2. MiamiMJ

    One Week Anniversary Today

  3. MiamiMJ

    88 Grand Waggy

    Got the interior pulled. Found a pair of vice grips holding a window up. Found newspaper stuffed into the leaky sunroof to catch the water. And found the rear window lift is rusted. Finding hardware for the sunroof is tricky. And I'd rather not have a sunroof at all (leaks, the headache of rebuilding a headliner that works). Any opinions on repairing it vs. welding in a new roof panel from the luggage rack forward? Thanks for all the comments. A lot of helpful stuff in here.
  4. MiamiMJ

    88 Grand Waggy

    @88whitemanche Thanks for the heads-up. Got some much needed trim pieces there. Appreciate it!
  5. MiamiMJ

    88 Grand Waggy

    @terrawombat I didn't say that very clearly. "Rust came free" meaning it came with plenty of it; mostly around the windows. The rest checks out so far. Paid for it too. But not enough to worry too much about. It's a project though and my wife wants this one. So it's going to cost me in the end. I didn't quite realize how sought after these were until I got it home and parked it in my driveway. In the first two days, three people made offers. If I was smart, I would have let someone else take it away and save me the time and money. Update: Rebuilt carb, new battery and fuel pump, repaired stock radiator, still having problems with the fuel sender/gauge. Pulled most of the interior. Now tackling the sun-baked woodgrain to get it ready for bodywork/paint.
  6. MiamiMJ

    88 Grand Waggy

    @shelbyluvv If I get to that point, I'll give you a heads-up!
  7. MiamiMJ

    88 Grand Waggy

    I've just been driving it as is. Having problems with my fuel sender. So need to sort all that out soon.
  8. The folks next door needed to get rid of this. So, being a good neighbor, I took it. It's all stock, and the rust came free. Definitely in over my head, but it's hard to not love driving this thing.
  9. MiamiMJ

    what did you do!

    The new header is great. Would love to get a window sticker as it is at the top of the page. Great update to the site too.
  10. MiamiMJ


    Hey, Swampy. I'm in Miami too. Welcome...
  11. I could use some help. I did the WJ brake booster upgrade, but I had a leak at the back of the distribution block. Fluid was coming up out of the top of the rear fitting. Pulled everything out again, took a new set of lines to my mechanic--thinking maybe my lack of experience in making double flares was the problem--and put everything back in. Today I went out to bleed the brakes and finish the job when I noticed that fluid was already coming out of the rear fitting again, without ever having depressed the brake pedal. The line is new again and the brake line fitting is new again. Could it be my distribution block (or is it called a front proportioning valve)? If something is gummed up, can I fix it so the double flare seats right again? Or do I need to find a replacement block? Maybe there some other answer? Appreciate everyone on this site. It's been a huge help.
  12. The engine starts. Then, like clockwork, dies after about 5-10 seconds. Since I started it last, I changed the brake booster, air box, evap canister, pos/neg battery cables, refreshed grounds, and washed the engine bay (I was worried about doing this, but it was filthy). Where should I start? I'm pretty new to this, but appreciate all the help I've received on this site. Thanks!
  13. MiamiMJ

    Heater Bypass Valve

    Forgive me for reviving such an old thread. But, also hate to start a new one. The PO has some weird hoses and fittings that don't look like they'll hold up for much longer. So I'm going to swap things out. Can the 97+ hoses also be used on a Renix era ('89; eliminated HCV)? Or do I need to order the heater hoses for an '89 and make a fitting where the HCV was? Thanks.
  14. MiamiMJ

    Air Box Replacement

    Appreciate the ideas. I'd like to leave it stock. So I'll try epoxy or maybe a barbed hose fitting until I run across a replacement. I've found plenty of 91+ but haven't had any luck finding a Renix era. Thank you both!
  15. I was swapping some hoses and one of the plastic hose fittings on the airbox cover broke off with the hose. I've had no luck finding a replacement at the junkyards or online. Am I correct that it would need to be an '86-'90 Cherokee/Comanche in order to fit on my '89? Or has anyone found the cold air intake kits to be worth the money? Thanks.