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  1. Will do, it’s definitely got the original Colorado red paint. It’s not in great shape but i may be able to clean it up. Definitely not doing a respray if I get it, at least not for a long time.
  2. That’s what I’m hoping that someone’s been taking care of it, from what I’ve seen and heard it runs and stops but I’ll really know once I see it in person. I’ll hopefully be taking a look later this week and bringing it to its new home.
  3. @eaglescout526 thanks a bunch man, that is a looooonnng build sheet, anything that stands out to you? Looks well optioned and has a Dana 44 with 3.55.
  4. Trying to get some information as I will possibly be buying this. As far as I know it’s a 89 swb 2wd with a 4.0 and a automatic. I’ll add pics if I end up buying it.
  5. Your Instagram is private, post some pics here
  6. @Griff711 If you want someone who will for sure take care of it and treat her right I’d post it up in our classified section first. Might take a little longer to sell here than on fakebook but it will probably go to a good home. Rear glass is just an aftermarket 4 pane. Also the rear bumper, wheels, and stepsides appear to be aftermarket. Interior and floorboard shots would help determine the value a little better.
  7. Black and red it might not be as bad, something about all that yellow. And I read the article and it does sound like it would be a blast to drive but for the 7k asking price that thing is way to “personalized”. And as ugly as it is I still wouldn’t want to see it go to the crusher, there’s for sure a ton of time and effort put into it. Not to mention a twisted imagination.
  8. I didnt even read the article, too much cringe.
  9. https://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/it-came-from-craigslist-1987-customized-jeep-comanche
  10. That vented rear window that @eaglescout526 has. The chrome front end would definitely ad to the 80’s factor.
  11. Have you offered them 2k to see what they’d say? Couldn’t hurt if you really want it.
  12. Comes with an engine hoist, I wonder if the sellers trying to say something without actually saying it?
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