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  1. They’re okay for the $10 I spent on them, and there regular incandescent. The light output isn’t super impressive and the included wiring harness uses a pretty small gauge wire but with higher watt bulbs and some larger wire I think they could be improved.
  2. Is it me or did you only post a picture of a “confidential” document?
  3. We are a dying breed for sure
  4. Thanks @eaglescout526, I can take those out of my cart then
  5. Good to know, I’ll be in the lookout at the JY and I’ll be keeping an eye out for that Ford radio as well.
  6. Does this part number work for the 2.5 tbi?
  7. Alright I’ll keep that in mind, maybe if I get enough together we could work out a trade for one of your factory radios with aux or Bluetooth if that an option. Before I didn’t mind my aftermarket radio but after seeing some of these older radios my JVC is looking a bit cheesy and out of place in my MJ. Is there any oem radios your not interested in? Maybe after a certain year
  8. @Minuit Just wondering for my next JY trip are you interested in any Jeep Oem radio? There was a 94 Cherokee with a factory radio and I was gonna pull it but the buttons were a little faded so I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested in it.
  9. Just wanna thank everyone who helped out, turns out it was a tire balance issue all along. Still surprised that them being out of balance would cause such violent vibrations. But thanks again guys, that’s why I came to the experts here at CC
  10. I appreciate all the input and suggestions, I’ll have to call around to find a shop that has the “road-force” balancer and get it taken care of. Seems pretty unanimous it’s a balance issue. Hopefully that will solve my issue, gonna order some leaf bushings while I’m at it
  11. Just tried to give it a wiggle and it’s tight. Had one blow up on a trip back from the beach and that’s when I learned a lesson about proper drive shaft alignment That’s what I thought but after having my tires rebalanced recently the problem still persist.
  12. Thanks @DesertRat1991 I’ll for sure be replacing them. But could this be the cause of my issue? To me it’s odd that it’s only at specific speed.
  13. Leafs aren’t cracked and the bushing are worse than I remembered but i found something that doesn’t look right. Can the sleeve be replaced along with the bushing?
  14. All the bushings are intact but worn. And I would guess that there the original rubber from the factory, it doesn’t look like any have been replaced.
  15. I noticed the vibration before so I threw those parts at it in hopes to fix. But there was no change. Also I’ve had two different sets of wheels and tires (both balenced) and the vibration was the same with both sets.
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