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  1. Great transaction, everything was as expected and arrived on time.
  2. @Kalal92 Did some digging and it seems to be called a ventilation valve. Here’s the picture I found.
  3. Here’s the set up on my 86 with 2.5. Front of the valve cover seems to go to the throttle body and the rear to the air box.
  4. How melted is your headlight switch? I had similar issues, and mine was pretty toasted
  5. Vote for longbed/5 speed/4wd I use the truck to haul whatever yard debris I have, I like being able to choose my shift points, and it’s snows we’re i live occasionally.
  6. Spotted this Jeepster last night. Looked like a fresh restoration, very clean.
  7. That thing is awesome
  8. Any mj fender flares? Front and rear if possible. As well as a fuel door?
  9. Still have those red flairs?
  10. Congrats! I bought my first house last year and it’s been fun. Be ready for some projects that take precedence over your Jeep, I know ive had a few. Nonetheless enjoy the new house and the new pup both will be a great time.
  11. 1986 Jeep Comanche X 4cyl 2.5/ Ax-5/ NP 207/ Dana 30/ Dana 35/ LWB Build date: Blank  Current Location: Baltimore, MD Status: Sunday driver Notes: Originally Dover Gray exterior with red or maroon interior, vinyl bench seat, floor shift Current owner: Me as of March 2019
  12. I second what eaglescout, I would be interested in just the lens if you decide that go that route.
  13. As a electrician I would defiantly suggest a rewire of your house. Now that your grounds are up to code at the panel running new Romex would be the best way to have piece of mind. And since there’s ghost voltage basically everywhere and your circuit breakers aren’t tripping even though your getting voltage to ground your wiring needs to be updated. This is a huge task but in one of your earlier posts you mentioned you have easy access to all the outlets and switches via the attic and craw space so since you have the ability I would do a rewire a room at a time starting with the kitchen. Then you can run your wire directly to what it needs to feed with no mystery boxes or splices. Do a little over time and then you will know that everything is done correctly.
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