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  1. Ohhhhh that makes sense, mission accomplished.
  2. Thank you sir but I’m not frontin’ lol
  3. Congratulations man, home ownership can be stressful but very rewarding. Having a peaceful place to unwind and relax after a tough day is worth all the stress and projects you’ll have. Enjoy it
  4. Thank you, as you can see the chairs were pretty rough since they were left outside for about a month before we got them so it was a hell of a transformation.
  5. Picked this table up on marketplace for $50 and got the chairs from a friend for free so me and my fiancé stained and painted them giving them new life. I’m happy with how they turned out and now we have a dining room set Before: After:
  6. That’s cool it’s stayed in MD, I believe it’s been sold or he decided to keep it. It’s not on market place anymore.
  7. That’s wild if that’s true, I don’t know how that would be possible but . And I think I’m gonna stop by there shop tomorrow after work so I’ll see what there price is and go from there. Can’t hurt to ask. Also I’m not pressed to get this done quickly so I’ve got time. I appreciate everyone’s input.
  8. I’ve tried a few times to get ahold of them today with no answer so I may just clean it up myself. I did want them to make me new spacers for the slave where it bolts to the bell housing since who ever repaired it last used 3/8 nuts but I may just figure that out myself as well.
  9. Awesome thank you. Good to know it’s not a big deal. I was a little concerned, I’d like this job to be one and done.
  10. Thanks I’m gonna call the machine shop today and see if they’ll separate them if not I’ll give this a try. Just need to be careful and not get it to hot like you said. Thanks Pete, I appreciate the reassurance
  11. Any tips on separating the two? I haven’t tried yet but also I’ve never done it either.
  12. The wear is on this section of the ring gear, the starter hasn’t been skipping so I think taking a file to them might do the trick. Here’s a zoomed in photo of the teeth in question:
  13. Yeah I’m mistaken, I thought that was all one piece or was fused to the flywheel. Anyway I think I’ll just look into replacing the gear ring and getting the actual flywheel resurfaced.
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