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  1. Flares are off but the PO hacked the fenders a bit.
  2. Picked up some wheels last weekend for $50 so I threw them on the mj. They have maybe 30% tread left but have no dry rot unlike my old tires. Pretty much running these till I can afford some 31’s. Then I’ll have to decide which wheels to go with, I like the 16’s but as you can see with the stock backspacing the flares look pretty bad. Old vs “new”
  3. Bummer I was hoping to give the mj a little extra boost without upgrading to mpfi.
  4. I know there’s a lot of jacked up tacos in Hawaii but don’t forget about the Honda Offroad scene. Spotted this on a Maui around 6am And this later that day
  5. Wanted to throw some TJ pics in here for my own archive if that’s cool? Had a lot of great times and were I originally caught the Jeep bug. Was totally stock when I bought it so I painted angry eyes on it and threw a few other parts on it. 4.0 with a 5 speed and some stock axels. Had a OME 3 inch lift, JKS track bar and sway bar disconnect. 33x12.5’s and some other goodies.
  6. I plan on doing as much as the work I can myself as I want to really learn how to wrench on her properly. Here is how she’s sitting currently:
  7. I’ve done a few things since owning her starting with a H4 relay harness, a new headlight switch, and connector. Glad I did this before it caught fire.Threw some leds in the dash while I was at it. New U joints in the rear drive shaft, had the exhaust patched and re attached to the trans bracket. Put a new trans mount in, cross member bolt broke but I’ll fix that at a later date. 80w-90 in the diffs, fresh fluid in the Np 207 and a new output shaft seal, for some reason it was impossible to find until I went online. And a oil change after a sea foam treatment. Gonna pull the trigger on some redline soon
  8. Starting a build thread after 3 months of owning my 86 Comanche, had a TJ a few years back and ended up having to let it go. Since I sold it I knew I wanted another Jeep and now needing a truck I stumbled across this gem in Lancaster PA. Drove it home to Baltimore MD in poring down rain with a decent driveline vibration and dry rotted tires, safe I know. But this is a strong truck or so it seems. Here’s a pic from the craigslist ad: 1986 Jeep Comanche X 4x4 Lwb 2.5 l AX-5 Np 207 Dana 30 front Dana 35 rear 3.53 gears 31x10.5r15 BFG Long Trail Seems mostly stock besides some pocket flairs, d window wheels, snorkel, Jks sway bar disconnects, and a homemade front bumper. The rear leaf seems like it may not be the original, looks beefy to me.
  9. it’s would be cool if you put this up in the DIY section once you get it going. Just a thought
  10. I don’t have a very interesting profile but I’ll take it Thanks guys
  11. Yeah I took the pic with my phone sideways but it’s all good, I dig it just how it is
  12. Your that man @Pete M!!! Thanks
  13. https://www.amazon.com/150-Watt-Transformer-Halogen-BSET150/dp/B00905TLLU?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_3 I’m not sure if the led driving will work for incandescent so I found this one. You can try the led driver but it’s hard to say without giving it a try
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