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  1. Thanks for this, looks good. I bet it would be perfect for a lowered 2wd build.
  2. Anyone have a picture of how this looks on a MJ? Having a hard time finding it on googles
  3. Thanks for this, looks like I’ll be buying a different set.
  4. Probably my favorite stock set of wheels and from what I’ve seen is popular opinion as well. Whatever reasonable price you set I’m sure you won’t have a problem selling them.
  5. 2013 Honda Civic Si Stock besides some Eibach lowering springs (not pictured) and burns rice at 32 mpg. Has 120k on the clock and only had to change fluids and brakes so it’s been a reliable daily for the past 6 years.
  6. It was a long day but I got paint 95% done, just need to do the tailgate and break up the red alittle but here it is. Not perfect by any means but till the budget allows a professional job this will do. Got the bed sprayed along with flares (Rather have oem) and clear and black trim on the taillights. Still gotta buff and clean up some overspray but after 12 cans of red and 6 clear it’s done. Some after thoughts on it: damn is it RED, by that I mean it came out a lot brighter than I planned. And this will be my first and last paint job of an entire vehicle. I had a fun time doing it and I’m happy with the result but that was a lot of work and I’m glad it’s done. I’m not gonna lie I kind of miss the two tone.
  7. Had some free time with our job site shutting down last week after having 6 people test positive with the corona. First was putting on these JK shocks and man was it a pain pressing out the sleeves, I could have rented a ball joint press but with a big C clamp, the right combination of sockets, and a few choice words I got it done. I went ahead and got the bar pin elimators so I could avoid pressing in the old bar pins. can't say I notice a huge difference in ride quality but it is better. Changing out my clapped out front springs will probably show a real improvement but that’s for another day. Here’s the DIY I used: I also spruced up the front with a chrome grill and ditched those Harbor Freight fogs. My father in law had these amber fogs in his shed for many many years so on they went.
  8. @eaglescout526 just realized I never thanked you for this So
  9. Swept out the bed with alittle help from my pup Wilma.
  10. I ordered one from @NickInTimeFilms via his website less than a month ago, it says they were on back order but I got mine a week after I ordered. I didn’t get any of the extra options so he may have had a few laying around.
  11. I can excuse some of that but those wheels and altezza tail lights, I just don’t get it.
  12. Had to check it out so here’s the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Jeep-Comanche-MJ-Emblem-Badge-Fender-Logo-Set-1986-XLS/184280122446?hash=item2ae7f3844e:g:BDEAAOSwaTJesWqK
  13. Took care of my leaky valve cover by ditching the plastic and upgrading to a metal one. I took about an inch off the flutes inside (sorry no pics), destroyed the gaskets for those, sanded for what seemed like and eternity, and put on a fresh coat of paint. I managed to use the old valves from the plastic cover, but the fronts cobbed together so that will be temporary. Just as a note 4.0 valve cover bolts work for the 2.5 and I finished it off with a Felpro gasket for the Dakota. Also installed some footwell lights with new male and female Metrapak 150’s. Finally purchased the Nickintimedesign Renix Engine Monitor
  14. Thanks, figured that was the case just needed a confirmation from the experts.
  15. To keep this going alittle longer what’s the verdict on using a later model ECU in a 86 2.5? And does the 4.0 and 2.5 share ECU’s? Meaning there interchangeable. Wouldn’t think so but why not ask
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