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  1. FLMANCHE526

    when was it made

    1990 4x4 2.5 5speed short bed vin.1J7FJ36E3LL263921
  2. FLMANCHE526


    1986 2wd longbed 2.5 4speed no frills beige exterior honey bench interior stored in garage last 15 years 106k bought from original owner purchased new on2-24-86
  3. FLMANCHE526

    86 2.5 lwb fuel sending unit. FL

    shipped or a 2 hour drive from Ft Myers
  4. FLMANCHE526

    Escambia county, Fl?

    I'm in Charlotte county
  5. FLMANCHE526

    Rusty's 3" aal kit

    Thank's smart @$$. :thwak: I'm just trying to get some opinions before i put it in. My father may want it for his and i might get something bigger and better.
  6. Who has one and how do you like? I just bought one
  7. FLMANCHE526

    Central FL 88 LWB 4.0 Auto 2wd for trade

    Give my dad a call he's looking for a manche and has a cherokee he doesnt drive anymore 941 763 0368
  8. FLMANCHE526

    D&Srotors D30 solid axles AX15 231 black carpet taillight GA

    shoot me some pics if you could of the whole interior bench and all thanks Danlich526@yahoo.com
  9. FLMANCHE526

    Who's Done a 2.5 to 4.0 swap

    Sounds Like alot of work i better wait till the weather Gets cool so i can get it done thanks for the info
  10. FLMANCHE526

    Wanted 2 Things

    Found the marker lights on ebay $24.95 Still looking for the seats
  11. FLMANCHE526

    Who's Done a 2.5 to 4.0 swap

    Hey if he can do work ill give him a few! how far is Zephrhills from Punta Gorda/Arcadia
  12. First off is there any write ups on this. :help: My truck is a 90 Swb 2.5 4x4 5speed I wanna do this because i work on boats and have to tow them around town luckily i live in South Florida so no hills to slow me down but even then these boats really work that old 2.5. Ive had a couple xjs with the 4.0 and they pull just fine but i need the bed to haul parts and tools also. Ive already got a 4.0 in the shed that will be rebuilt soon an a donor 90 xj with a running 4.0. What should i do and anybody up for helping ill supply the beer. :cheers: :cheers:
  13. FLMANCHE526

    Wanted 2 Things

    Yea Toronto is a Little Far. I already checked the boneyards around me but nothing in the black and white plaid . Also what is Fleabay? the side markers are what i want
  14. FLMANCHE526

    MN - 1987 2dr XJ Seats, Black

    Those are the Seats i want, but your just a bit to far away seeing as how I'm in south Florida
  15. FLMANCHE526

    Wanted 2 Things

    white or clear Whichever they might be Marker Lights, and two black plaid Bucket Seats Closer to Florida The Better Thanks Guys