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  1. shrapneltyphoon

    Anyone ever Fly and Drive?

    Makes me think of how I ended up with the mj. Half asleep bid on eBay and thought I would be outbid lol. Week later drove to Billings MT to pick up a truck I hadn't seen before wondering WTH I was doing. Plus side. ND and MT don't use salt or deicer on the roads so rust is minimal around here. Can spot a Minnesota vehicle from a mile away though with all the salt and deicer they use.
  2. shrapneltyphoon

    Best tires for off and on-road?

    I agree with the duratracs. Had them on the 2runner and it didn't even care if it was ice snow or mud it just kept gripping. Not really any road noise either. And not sure about rocks or things of that nature since ND just has mud and ice conditions
  3. Last time I was in the IT world the A+ exam was a lifetime certification and I'm still running the same windows XP. I think I need a new computer too lol
  4. shrapneltyphoon

    Side vent windows

    Checked and there wasn't any on the parts truck sorry
  5. shrapneltyphoon

    Side vent windows

    Ehhh I got the windows but no frame. I'll check the field on the other one
  6. shrapneltyphoon

    project: half-a-Jeep

    Damn should been following this. Would told ya to take a detour to ND and pick the bed cap for that lol. But I'm still debating if I'm gonna cut the short bed in half and make a trailer out of it...if I can ever get it out of that field.
  7. shrapneltyphoon

    Wtb factory roll bar

    Looking for a factory roll bar for a long bed. If anyone in ND has one that would be a plus.
  8. shrapneltyphoon

    Half-track ATV

    Ehhh...maybe extend the rear and use it for sand bags and put a plow on front I guess?
  9. shrapneltyphoon

    I've never seen a new one

    Molds would be easier. 3d printers have a hard time making something clear since they layer the print and trap air between layers as a result. Could 3d print one and use it to make a mold if you wanted though.
  10. shrapneltyphoon

    Interior pieces and other misc. Cory, Indiana

    Any sunvisor clip bases in grey?
  11. shrapneltyphoon

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Prayed to the Lord the vacuum lines would come off in one piece...he answered by making sure vacuum t broke instead -_- waiting for Napa to open.
  12. shrapneltyphoon

    Best Subwoofer Ground Location

    Just got done ripping out the previous owners amp and he had used a sheet metal screw through the back panel. Worked but still would go with the seatbelt bolt. Just clean up the metal and screw it down.
  13. shrapneltyphoon

    XJ Wagoneer headlights question

    Just measured real quick and looks like a 4x6 should work. I think there was a conversion setup that was on lmc truck for the Corvettes with the dual headlights that would fit
  14. shrapneltyphoon

    3D printing for the wag xj?

    It helped a little but yup. Obsolete parts hard to find apparently.
  15. shrapneltyphoon

    3D printing for the wag xj?

    No go. Took this dang thing down to Napa and they couldn't find a clip close to it. Most of my online searches yeilded nothing as well. In my mind I really wish it was just riveted on like the full size wagoneers now.