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  1. Alright I bought this jeep when I came home from serving in Korea (2015ish). And since then I've been building it and daily driving it until recently. I had a kid so now I need a bench. Looking to restore the enterior but it's a slow process. Not much done to it but here's a list: 4.6 stroker Newer ax15 with external slave ~4 inches of lift Auxiliary fan Train horn 3.73 gears 8.8 rear with LSD and disks Wj booster upgrade Dana 30 swap up front to get rid of the CAD Adam's driveshaft up front 95+ front axle shafts And most importantl
  2. I got one in ND. WHITE
  3. this thread kinda makes me want to restore the paint and interior back to factory specs. debating even going back to stock suspension? currently running 33's 4 in lift with some extras.
  4. maybe with some money. I've not dyed anything before.
  5. I have one I'd be willing to trade for the smaller grey console that came in bench seated trucks.
  6. I've been slowly fumbling through multiple projects. I've been restoring the interior of my 91 eliminator. Also have a 67 Kaiser M715 build going with my father. That is getting an LS, NV4500 and one ton axles. I have an 80 foxbody that is getting the turbo LS treatment and i just picked up a $200 xj that just needs lifters.
  7. I was unaware we has a fb group thanks!
  8. I have a decent set of vent windows for sale. $150 for the pair.
  9. looking for a well conditioned grey bench. I can swap grey buckets.
  10. I'm going with holly management systems for my ls swaps
  11. I run the JCR rear bumper and it really works out nice.
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