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  1. I have a 242 from a 91 briarwood. I'd have to check splines but I thought it was old style. 90k miles
  2. Please text me 401 368 1494. Like to see buckets seats and what else you have. I'm close in RI
  3. Very interested. PM me
  4. I do also have an xj mold up and going for any xj drivers in the pack also
  5. They go over the drip rail in the front where they attach. Typically 6 or 8 fasteners. I show my XJ for reference on the drop rail because it was closer at the time
  6. You attach with your choice of fasteners. I prefer like #12 pan head stainless self tappers.
  7. I'm the guy doing the repops of the Mj visors. And XJ but let not mention them here. Different mold. They are 225 Each. I can add led for 50. Choice of smoke, clear or amber lense . All light amber. Located on the east coast. Made in USA here in RI buy myself. It took me years to find mine so I made a mold from it because its what I do for work. I make these to order and usually start when paid or a deposit at least. No holes drilled for led til paid. Lmk if interest or if you have shipping questions. Please serious inquiries only
  8. thx. this forum is harder to work than a comanche for me. but I'm trying g. I heard this was a hot topic
  9. you added a comma. there is no comma. a cherokee visor does not and will not fit a comanche
  10. I have a factory turbo deisel MJ also I have one in RI if anyone wants to check it out
  11. I'm the repop guy. they are exact replica of the original.
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