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  1. Has the filter ever been changed? Don't laugh, alot of people just drain the fluid and refill without ever actually changing the filter. The filter and gasket are pretty cheap, it's the 9 qts of tranny fluid that gets expensive. If you're going to drop the pan and change the filter, go ahead and replace the solenoids at the same time. They come in a 3 pack with upgraded grounds. Made my '88 shift smooth as silk.
  2. Found a solution to the sun visor clips. Ordered a new set of 93 -98 Jeep Grand Cherokee sun visor clips off of eBay for less than $20 delivered. They are an 1/8" wider and 1/8" shorter than Comanche clips and you'll have to cut the back plastic prong flush. Took less than 10 mins to modify and install both clips. Not a perfect fit but definitely functional and don't require any mod to the truck/mounting plate. They'll keep my sun visors from flopping around until I'm lucky enough to stumble across that gray factory Comanche sunvisor clip unicorn in the junk yard. 😁
  3. Thank you. Didn't realize there was an option for overhead console, mine doesn't have one. Just thinking, but if there's an over console option I'd assume it would be the same one the XJ Cherokees use. If that's the case it may be possible for me to get my hands on an entire overhead console and sun visors assembly. Has anyone done this or know if the XJ Cherokee overhead consoles and sunvisors are compatible?
  4. Of course there's two different sizes, why would that be standardized? Lol Been striking out on eBay for the clip, but I'll keep trolling. One has to pop up at a decent price sooner or later. If the sun visors are salvageable I'll hit up the headliner guy. At least it would match the headliner.
  5. My sun visors are shot. Not only is the covering bad, but they must have gotten wet at some point. The backing (fiber board?) Is broken in several spots, warped and expanded/coming apart (like fiber board soaked in water). I'm planning on getting the headliner redone and would like new or good sun visors too. Basically the only thing salvageable is the mounting bracket and metal rod. Is something in that shape rebuildable? Or does anyone have a source for sun visors? Also, the driver's side retaining clip is broke. Anyone know where to get one of those?
  6. Thinking the same thing. Prefabbed or homebuilt from scratch? Pics would be awesome.
  7. Going to do the oil pan and rear main in mine in a month or so. I know it's only been a month, but did the carbon paper and Apex seal fix the leak?
  8. I've replaced 2 windshields in a '96 Cherokee and 1 in an '88 Comanche all within the last year. They run $250 each, installed in the middle Georgia area. Not sure what the prices are like in different parts of the country.
  9. Might not be the cause of the over heat, but a clogged heater core definitely won't help. Easy to clear the heater core. Just pop the lines off of it where it goes through the firewall. With low pressure water hose, alternate between the top and bottom tubes until it runs clear (might take multiple times and let it run for a few minutes).
  10. Glad it worked out well for you. I finally got around to doing Cruser's distributor index. My distributor was way off. Strangely it didn't make any difference performance wise, my 0 - 60 times are still the same. My knock sensor went way down (previous 30-50, current 0 - 5) so I assume that means the engine is timed much better now. I'm guessing the ECU was doing a pretty good job of correcting the advance and the MSD multi spark and super coil were making up for the bad factory timing. Lol
  11. Looks super clean. I wish the paint and body was in that good of shape on mine.
  12. Not the same for HO engines, they don't run an ignition control module. Much easier. On the back of the coil (mounted on front passenger side of the engine) there is a two prong weather pack connector. The ECU side is what you use for the MSD ignition pick ups. Use the same white and small red wires as the RENIX , but I don't remember which is positive and negative on the plug. The output side of the MSD box (black and orange wires) will go to the coil, once again I don't remember which is negative or positive. If you want to make it look nice pick up some GM weather proof 2 prong connectors to wire it up. That way you don't even have to cut the factory wires and you can plug it back into the coil if something happens to your MSD box.
  13. If it's being sold as an Eliminator make sure it's actually an Eliminator package (somebody didn't just throw stickers on it like some "Rubicon"). Should have 4.0 and manual or auto, and most importantly full floor console and bucket seats. It may or may not have the Eliminator 10 hole aluminum rims. If in doubt you can run the VIN to check what it came out of the factory as vs what someone did to it.
  14. Good call. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the look and performance. I've had 31s on my XJs and TJ with stock gearing and they still had reasonable acceleration and mpg. Once you go to 33s you really need to regear or swap axles and that gets exponentially more expensive and difficult.
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