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  1. @BeatCJ I know all too well about the steel/aluminum cross corrosion. I’ve changed a thermostat where the bolt and housing had become married at the top hole.
  2. I’m going to guess that one of the previous owners of the engine must have removed the fitting a time or two or this one never got anything put on the threads. All other fittings came off of all my other areas, including my renix manifold, well, I haven’t tried the steel one in the same area on the renix I’m afraid of tearing it up since it may be needed by myself or someone else later.
  3. I’ve done some recent searching of the webs for extra ideas as well and found that some people have made a home brew release penetrant of 50/50 ATF and acetone, which they claim works better than any store bought product. I’m wondering if I apply heat and put a bit of the concoction on if it will work it’s way into the threads to help with the efforts?
  4. @schardeinyes the fitting in the top photo is what I am needing. If you do have a spare that you would be willing to let go of I surely would appreciate it.
  5. Would anybody happen to know how to free up the vacuum fittings in the Intake manifold. I don’t like my current rigged setup.
  6. So to report back on the belt situation, the 95 inch belt for 96’ and later Cherokee with a/c sat really close to the timing cover, I think it may have had about 3/64” clearance. I have installed a 94.5” belt, and with it actually tightened properly now, it sits comfortably spaced away from the timing cover. These pictures compare the difference and the 95” belt still needed more tension.
  7. It is ultimately up to you, but if it is in the budget I vote... stroke it.
  8. This is as close as I am willing to go and it still give the occasional squeak on start up. No signs of rubbing yet, but makes me nervous. I also have a new pigtail coming for the temp sensor.
  9. So 1971 was not the last year for the 454 but it was the first year that the SS package was more of a looks package than a true performance package. 1970 was the last year that Chevrolet made a production model SS with the higher powered LS6 454. I need to refresh my brain. I work nights and between work and working on the Comanche, I think I got a total of 10 hours of sleep last week.
  10. @RustyRodderNow that I think about it, I believe you are right and I have been mistaken. I wish I knew how to change the topic title now. I’m pretty sure my phone autocorrected “Chevelle” into “Chevrolet” also. I do believe it is a 71’ SS. I plan on going to inspect the condition of the engine within the next week or two. If memory serves me correct, I think 71’ was the last year for the 454 also but I’m not 100% positive on that.
  11. It has been parked for about twenty years but last I remember from when I was little it was a tire burning rocket. About a month ago I went to look at the body a little closer and when rolling down the driver’s side quarter window it fell off the track so I know it will need some work I left it alone after that. I’m hoping to get started on it soon.
  12. I have found that the later year belts are a bit big when it comes to clearance between the belt and the little part that sticks out at the timing marks on the timing cover. I have a ordered a tad smaller belt and will report back on that. The start up squeal is driving me nuts. I will try to get a picture of what I am talking about tomorrow.
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