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  1. Used some heat shrink to cover the vacuum hole and it worked! Just need to order the headlight switch now
  2. Just put in a new coil and bam! She runs! I think that head light switch is the gauge cluster culprit. I'm guessing that's an eBay thing? There was one vacuum line that had a hole and I covered it with tape (quick fix) and it still doesn't work. Maybe tape isn't good enough.
  3. All has been well in the Comanche until recently. I switched from A/C to defrost, and it's now stuck there. It blows hot air on defrost regardless of switch settings. Under the hood, the a/c components are ice cold so I know they're working. Then, my dash lights suddenly cut off. I have blinkers, and the brights working but the gauge cluster lights are not. I was driving and the jeep shutoff completely. Couldn't restart it. The starter is working. It has a new fuel filter. It seems like a fuel issue but I wonder if there's something funny with the electrical because of all the stuff mentioned above happening back to back. Any thoughts?
  4. I got the rubber hose cleaned and it's in good shape. I'm talking about the 1" plastic nub coming out. Can I detach from the inside? I'm thinking shopvac might work
  5. How would you clean the "nub" coming out of the firewall? There's a lot of junk in there. I'm guessing coat hangar?
  6. Looks like the rubber elbow is connected but I do see plenty of moisture and can even see it in the fender well area seeping.
  7. Oh ok thank you. So I check this via the engine bay against the firewall?
  8. Trying to figure out why I'm getting water on the passenger side floor board. I thought it could be a leak from the cowl section but it has rained in a little while and I just put the hose on it to see. Not much different. When I push on the plastic seen in pictures, more water will come out. I don't even know what that thing is. Any insight? Thanks.
  9. Thank you very much everyone for the input! You've convinced me to stick with a 3" lift for ease and reliability. Looking at the rustys 3" kit and pairing with 31x10.5r15 tires. I got some aluminum original jeep 10 hole rims that I'm excited to use.
  10. New to the forums and Jeeps in general! I love the look of 33" tires on the Comanche. The more I research, the more I'm finding it won't be a cheap option (gearing). I've noticed some of the vendors here no longer sell parts. What would be an inexpensive option to get 31" tires underneath? I'm looking at the rough country 4.5 kit and rocky road kit. Seems that both of them require additional parts to make it work? (drop pitman, longer slip yoke, control drop) The rusty kit is out of stock. This will be on the street primarily with an occasional dirt road. Articulation isn't important as I won't be crawling. Thanks for your help!
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