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Found 9 results

  1. So, noticed a shake every now and again, so I decided to check and grease the front suspension. When I went to grease the pass side tie rod end, the joint moved!! So... Time to replace and/or upgrade. The problem: what year is my axle? Truck is an 89, but everything was changed on it before I bought it.. D30, non-disconnect, hi pin, 27spline... All seems correct, but when I go for upgraded tie rods, I come up against 84-90 or 91+. WTF is the difference?!? More importantly, how do I determine difference? HELP...
  2. So... The DS outer axle seal started leaking on the MJ. This is a non disconnect axle with an outer tube seal. It's this correct from the factory, or has it been retrofitted? Took it apart, inner axle was rusty and pitted, but no signs of water. I'm wondering if this wasn't an inner seal axle someone installed before I got the truck (u joint had been replaced recently). We sanded it down and put some tacky Lucas red grease on it to help with leakage, but to no avail... It's worse lol. So the big question, it's this the original axle setup or a retrofit? Also, do
  3. Hi I recently added fresh gear oil to my front diff, and now it started puking it out through the passenger side axle tube. Also I tried to test the 4x4 and it is not working, so I think either the diaphragm in the axle to lock the shaft is done, or my new to me axle has some more issues.. I hope not, but since I already need to take a peek inside for the oil leak I'm thinking of just manually have it locked and leave it like that, I thought of getting a stock shaft of a newer TJ/XJ, but I think that since the split shaft looks thicker than a stock TJ one, I'll just leave it there till I save
  4. So for about 3 months now Ive had a ford 8.8 ready to swap in including a new 5.5 inch lift. :doh:I have everything to do the lift and swap and i know how to do it, but i haven't yet because its different gearing then my dana 30 upfront right now and i need a drivable car and 4wd here in the upcoming colder months. But now that i have this 1995 4wd cherokee with a non CAD dana 30, I'm going to pull it out and have it re geared and put that in my comanche. I'm not going to build it up yet because i don't have the money because i started school and can't work as much, but i just want to replace
  5. So I'm getting all the supplies for my 8.8 swap and i need to get some new 4.10s for my dana 30 cause its geared with 3.08s right now. Whats th best and cheapest ring and pinion and some websites have a lower ratio carrier. whats that? thanks and if i need anything else tell me please.
  6. So I have 1987 jeep Comanche long bed with the 4.0l i6 Dana 30 upfront 35 in the rear, 31inch bfg AT, winch, bumper, lift, led bar, and I want bigger axles. I know Dana 30s are good and 35s suck so I want to upgrade to 44s all around. I'm handy with tools and stuff so I want to do this myself. I just need to know what size to buy and what else I need to know. I saw something about WMS. What size do I want for mine? Driveshaft? I just need to know all the things I need for a swap like this. thanks
  7. Just bought an 8.8 for the rear and it has 3.73's. Mine has 3.07's.
  8. Here is a pic of a homemade RTI ramp lol. . :MJ 2: .
  9. Got a question for the suspension experts here in the forum: As you may know, my son recently converted his 89 MJ by performing the 99 conversion. In that conversion we swapped a Dana 30 into his front end from the 99 XJ. As we ran short of time rebuilding the axle was placed on hold...we changed the fluid, greased the ball joints and tie rod ends and had it aligned. As he is home from college for a week, we ripped it apart and replaced the following: Ball joints Sway bar links Track bar Hubs U joints Steering link (from Pitman arm to passenger knuckle) Tie rod ends Steering
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