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  1. Measuring from the top of the hub to the fender its around 16.5 and from the center its around 18 inches. Comanche is 2wd 4.0L I6. Was only looking to replace coils to get it all over with and get all the parts replaced at once but I may only replace the shocks. Here are some picture of the ride height http://imgur.com/3QPY11Z http://imgur.com/HE0aigM . Its raining today so I couldn't get any good photos but I found these from a couple months back. Has anybody had any good experience with aftermarket shocks? can't find too much information or details on the ride quality on replacement shocks.
  2. Looking to replace the original front suspension components for my 88 comanche daily driver . Want to keep the stock ride height but increase the ride quality! Need to know what parts I need and if anybody has done this already and have any suggestions or tips. Only looking to replace the coils and shocks and maybe add a new steering stabilizer in the process
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