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  1. Nut breaker shouldn't be a problem to get. What size is that nut? Just re-tap the shock mount stud if everything goes smooth? Eagle as I know you are very knowledgeable, if the stud breaks... What would your solution be?
  2. I'll snap some pictures tomorrow(hopefully) so you can see the extent of the rust. Die grinder do justice or not precise enough? Hence the dremel. I'll be doing this in a buddies shop so I'll check on the nut breaker first.
  3. Appreciate the help thus far guys! Now let's say I get working away....and the upper mount bolt/stud snaps while attempting to take the nut off... This will be the last time the truck gets new shocks as I will be eventually selling it an year or two....what would be your remedy to get a shock back on there? Just weld the correct size bolt/stud to whatever is left on the stock mount? Front's aren't a worry as you said I can just replace with new hardware...I just have a feeling stuff is gonna break in the rear... I should have access to most of everything you both stated....tor
  4. Hello all, After numerous searches I am looking for some advice on replacing all 4 shocks. I'm just replacing to restore ride quality. Couple questions I have are: Is there any thing to look for before starting other than how rusty they are(thanks to lovely Minnesota)? Any procedures or certain ways to do things to save time and/or hassle? What most commonly breaks while removing the old shocks? What to do if I break a upper rear shock mount/stud?(looking pretty rusty have been soaking in JB-80) Please link any other posts or diy's I may have missed. Appreci
  5. 1989 Comanche Pioneer 2.5L / AX4 / 2WD Currently being used as my daily winter driver in Southern Minnesota. Just rolled over 127,000 miles with plenty of life left. Nothing fancy from the factory, but it was nice that the only owner before me got the optional undercoating before he bought it, which kept the underside nice and rust free. With that said I am the second owner, and actually still have the original window sticker, sales receipt, manual etc etc.. Might do a slight lift with some bigger tires, along with an engine swap so I can actually get the tires
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