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  1. thanks alot for your response will it give me 5-6 inches with the added leaf or is that with stock leaf spring.
  2. alright guys I've got a 88 mj project truck. love my little manche but I've ran into a bit of a pickle. now I have read through these forums and some have halfway answered my questions but like to have them all answered before getting parts. I have a 3.5 lift I'm pretty sure bought the truck with the lift. its got the control arm drops in the front, larger coil spring and added leave in rear. i want to go about around another 2-3 inches higher. in the front i plan on just getting new coils or adding pucks if i only get 2 inches on the rear, with new track and control arms. the rear is my r
  3. should i rebuild my renix motor or should i buy a newer model motor and use renix stuff working on a budget

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