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  1. I'm so envious. I have neither the time nor space to redo my Comanche, and good Lord does she deserve it. It looks awesome. Keep posting pics! Please!!
  2. I'm sending you a Comanche and a Cherokee to commission a build!! That thing looks fantastic!
  3. Sorry guys, I'll get to it. I owe ya'll some pics but I'm not a CC savvy guy right now and I'm headed out of town in the AM. When I get back I'll take some happy snaps and let y'all know what I'm working with!
  4. Sorry. I’m a new guy. I’ll post w pics next time
  5. It did come w a/c originally. I suppose just a new compressor and fabbed lines then? Making the compressor low pro to fit in the hood will require a fab too I suppose?
  6. So the new Comanche I bought has a V8 swap in it with a whole bunch of Novak stuff in it. Glad I bought it that way cause I don't have the time to make it happen right now (I'll blame it on that and vice my inability). Unfortunately the air intake bolt sticks up a little too high, and although it hasn't punched a hole through the hood - it tried. Does anyone know if a cold air intake system would work on a 350 V8 in the engine compartment? or am I just SOL and cut a hole for the bolt?
  7. Alright... call me a sissy... but I have a new Comanche and it doesn't have A/C. I hunt in Alabama, and the humidity and mosquitos get thick real quick at the beginning of hunting season. I have taken a look at the Novak sight and almost vomited on my keyboard when i saw the price of their a/c kits. Is there anywhere else that sells them cheaper?
  8. I've been on line looking for window sweeps for my MJ and have consistently come up short for that in addition to two (yep) new window regulators, manual. Does Dorman or anyone refab these things? I don't want to put a used one on to only have it break a year into my refurb.
  9. I just recently purchased a new Comanche. Elated at the find as it's in great shape with a V8 swapped out apparently by the CEO of Novak I bought it sight unseen. Got her home and was loving on her when noticed that the clearance on left side from tire top to bed wheel well is almost 1.5" less on left side. I know that the lift is fairly new, but it is add a leaf. Am I to assume that the originals have lost shape and creating sag? The add a leaf isn't doing its job? Or could there be something more nefarious that I don't know about. Crawling underneath the truck shows nothing twerked. Its
  10. How did you get the fenders to fit! Did they make some for Comanche or are they retrofits from Cherokee. I currently have some on mine, not sure what kind as I didn't install them, IMO they ruin the lines of the truck, they're too puffy looking. I'm hoping that I can take those off without a lot of metal work and fit some like yours on. Which kit did you use?
  11. I don't want to hijack the thread, but can you PLEASE tell me what kind of bumper that is and where can I get one?
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