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  1. A few new photos of progress. Was able to locate the correct door bezel for a 2 door! The truck is off to the upholsterer this week:)
  2. I got those pedals on ebay. I checked and I don't see them available right now. I did some modifying for those to work as they were sold for a Liberty/Cherokee.
  3. The Comanche is schedule for upholstery the last week of March. We will flat bed it over and back. The transmission is rebuilt. We changed the color on the door panels, center console and seat trim to Agate. Since the main use will be for towing our travel trailer we went with General Grabber HTS 60 31X10.5R15LT. The rims are American Racing AR62 OUTLAW II. We mocked up the parts before paint them. Here's a few pics of the progress.
  4. I have a new YouTube video up Part 3 of our restoration project:
  5. finishing up with all the cab wiring still wondering about these extra wires.....
  6. Sorry to hear your had issues with fatmat. I have been using fatmat for years, this is 7th vehicle of my own that I have used it in and never experienced the problems you described.
  7. I have the stereo bezel just hanging there so you get the idea of how it will look, once I get a new one on Monday.
  8. Just about done with the dash. Because I was not paying attention I get to redo bezel for the stereo as only one side has a textured finish!!! Also as the dash cubbyhole was cracked and the inside of the glove box a numerous cracks, that have all been fixed. They don't look good so when the I start the upholstery I plan on lining those areas a liner that we have yet to pick out. The stereo is not as flush as I would like it, had to make compromises even after customizing the defrost duct work. I was not able to get the dash bezel to lay flush completely with the HVAC control panel. I fill that gap we used high density black foam tape that has a sealed finish on 1 side.
  9. As I'm connecting all the wiring from the 93 XJ into the MJ, I can't remember where or if the wires in the photo go. The white/red wire comes off of the brake light switch connector that ends at the white connector then splits off with a white/black wire ending with a brown connector.... (switch picture)The wire comes off of the dash harness that plugs into this switch and is connected to the white/red wire that is the cold side of the brake light.
  10. I'm doing a double din mod on the MJ we are restoring and we are using the electrical system from a 93 XJ. The issue is we can not use the heater a/c control panel due to how deep that control panel is. So we are using a control panel from a 1999 XJ. The problem with that is we have 3 wires left after hooking everything up. Do these wires need to be plugged in somewhere or can they be deleted? The plug is highlighted in the photo and the wires with no home are the B,D and E wires. E is part of the C43 circuit and there is a C43 wire that is being used in the 1999 control. I'm assuming those left over wires were used in the old setup to... turn on the compressor when in defrost or something like that. The 2nd photo is the 1999 pin layout. I have reached the limits of my understanding with reading these diagrams and blending different systems together.Help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. TheKelly's

    Cargo Light

    I'm looking for a cargo light that is in really go condition. If you have one and want sell it please contact me with photos and price. Thanks!
  12. I ran short on time so I didn't get any photos, sorry. Here's a link for the yard http://www.frenchlakeautoparts.com/ they said to make an offer, they said around $500.
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