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  1. If any of you want to email me at britt.mcneely@gmail.com, I do have a Powerpoint presentation with dozens of pix that I will try to get back to you. I am finishing the truck now after driving it for several months. New heavy off road bumpers, trim, ID badges and new matt black screen print hockey stripes that you see on some 2013 FX4 F150 crew cabs which I think will really make the truck standout. The ID badges on both front doors will be "Cherokee - Sport Trac XLT" with the XLT standing for an "XtraLongTruck". Going to cut and fit and put the factory rubber sport trim back on the lower
  2. I hope the link works below to take you to a couple of pictures of my almost completed (95%) Jeep Comanche Crew Cab pickup (X/MJ). It has been a dream of mine ever since the MJ Comanche disappeared in 92 and I finally got the time and funds to complete it. Started with a low mile 2001 rust free XJ 4x4 Sport 4 door Cherokee (one of 2.85 million made) and a rust free 87 Comanche short bed base truck and after about 3 years of part time work and lots of it, the end result is even better than I expected. I never thought the proportions would be so good and I think the overall look is about as f
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