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Found 2 results

  1. I read that 98/99 XJ are the best for making a crawler because they have the high pinion D30 and larger U-joints. But do those parts swap into a 87/88 Commanche. Sorry, Its a old subject, but probably a frrequently asked.
  2. Hey Hey guys I am back after an absence of a couple years. I have found another Comanche, in much better condition than my current one, that is being used to hold down 4 patches of dirt under its tires haha. Any ways this one will be mine as of tmrw! Plans in the works/pipe dreams are to swap in a 4wd system, a new back bumper, new front bumper, lights, some stereo equip, lights, random tweaking of stuff lol. For the 4wd swap I will have to check out what my tranny is and compatibility issues and model and what I will have to get for the swap. After the 4wd is in I want to put a bit bigger tires on, but this is going to be a "capable utility truck" so 98% on road. So that means Extremely light new front bumper and rear, thinking building my own custom tube bumper? Anyone have experience with that? If I feel really rich I may be inclined to throw some lockers in depending on what I will be riding on for axles. Floor boards are clean frame is clean, somewhere along the lines this has had a undercoating sprayed on it, corner cab surface rust starting, I will deal with that immediately. Bench Seat is coming out, getting some buckets from somewhere not sure yet, I felt like I was going to sink while I was Test Driving it. Has an aftermarket exhaust system that sounds awesome :P All in all this is probably the cleanest Comanche I have ever seen this far north the price tag was $2000 Canadian, it may seem steep but I see more corvettes up here than I do Comanches as most have long ago rotted away.
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