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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm doing a 88-98 conversion and want to add 2" of lift to the rear. I used spacers in the front for about 1&1/2 to 1&3/4 of lift. I'm thinking of using a long add-a-leaf in the rear to give me around two inches lift. I can then fine tune the hight with spring shackles if needed going forward. I'm using the factory 2wd rear springs (shortbed) and a 98' Chrysler 8.25 Axle in the rear. I'm thinking of trying the Skyjacker 2inch add-a-leafs in the rear: http://www.quadratec.com/products/76101_800_07.htm I've had positive results with skyjacker springs on my CJs. My concern is the specs for these show them as useable for both the XJ and MJ? I thought the rear leaf springs were different as I had considered using a XJ leaf to beef up my MJ pack and was told that would actualy lower the rear. Does anyone know the difference between the leaf packs on the Cherokee vs the Comanche? Again I'm taking the rear apart to put in the newer axle and would like to start with spring leafs, leaving me the shackles for future lift adjustment. What do you think? Any info would be appreaciated... anyone tried these? :dunno: I know I've heard they can fatigue and you loose the lift over time, but if so I could still do shackles.... This jeep will be my daily driver street rig and not a trail rig. I just want a little lift as MJs look low.
  2. I have a 92 comanche eliminator 4.0L and it has a 4 1/2 in rough country suspension lift on it. I want to lift it two more inches and i was wondering if i would just be able to fit a two in coil spacer on there and an adda leaf and be good? Or will i need more to go along.. If theres an easier cheaper way please share. Just wanting to clear 33's
  3. So I put on a Chevy drop shackle and add a leaf and am having trouble getting the top/head of the leaf pack bolt seated back in the little hole on the bottom of the axle. Am I okay to just lower and drive around the block and hope it reseats itself then finish tightening the u-bolts the rest of the way? Thanks in advance!
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