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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 92 comanche eliminator 4.0L and it has a 4 1/2 in rough country suspension lift on it. I want to lift it two more inches and i was wondering if i would just be able to fit a two in coil spacer on there and an adda leaf and be good? Or will i need more to go along.. If theres an easier cheaper way please share. Just wanting to clear 33's
  2. Hello all, I am a proud new owner of a '87 2.5l 4X4 4-speed. I recently picked up this MJ in Albuquerque, NM, and immediately drove it home to NH coast without a single problem along the way. Well, there was one thing...the valve cover leaked a little. Today I replaced the valve cover, using a little RTV and one of those rubber gaskets. I scrubbed the hell outta the cover, getting all the years of gunk out of the two pathways where the two hoses plug in. When I started it up after replacing the gasket and letting it sit for 6-7 hours, It sounded terrible...a low stumbly kind of idle, with very strong exhaust fumes coming from seemingly everywhere. I visually checked for leaks, but i couldn't find any apparent ones. I also changed the oil today, and the truck took about 4.5 quarts. Is there something I could have knocked loose or something else that needs to be cleaned after clearing those ports on the top of the valve cover? I am at a loss here. I;m gonna let it sit over night and check all the seals again tomorrow. Any advice would be much appreciated. -Frollix
  3. So 3 weeks ago i bought an 89 comanche short bed 5 speed with 91 thousand miles on it clean frame and good body. I paid 1000 doallars at police auction. I finaly got it home changed the oil and filter, drained the fuel and added new tried to start it, i had no spark. So i started to check things out so far i have replaced the CPS, Coil, Cap, Rotor, Wires and ICM was going to change the plugs but after i pulled one and i looked brand new i decided not to, after all that got it to start, but it would stall while driving. I replaced the the TPS and it was good to go or so i thought. It drove fine for three days. my brother had it on friday and said it ran great, actully better then his 90 cherokee when it was renix (we just swapped in everything from a 95 so i have an extra renix engine and majority of sensors) so saturday i go to drive it and it was running like total garbage and got worse till it stalled. now it starts runs so rough that it seems like i have muitple cylinders missing and there is no throttle input. I checked my fuel pressure its at 38 pounds. I'm going to change the spark plugs to see if maybe i fouled one or mutiple out while trying to get it to start and I'm going to change my fuel filter because i wanted to do it any way. So what should i check after i do the plugs and filter. I'm leaning towards something fuel related because it got so low (less then 1/8th) and i don't know the quality of gas that was in there. As far as service records or any history i don't know any. The only tring i know is that it sat for at least two years at the impound.
  4. Hi all, i know for you more experienced MJ owners this may be a dumb question, but here goes. I have an 86 XLS with the 2.5L with a high idle problem, recently replaced every vacuum tubing i can find even the one on that ball under the passenger side headlight, replaced MAP, recent tune up still no relief. I ordered the only replacement that looks a lot like it, since I can't find one for the Comanche listed anywhere, so I ordered part from amazon its AC Delco 19160423 Idle Speed Control Motor it states that it will fit 1986 cherokee 2.5L now my question is this did the two,the MJ and the cherokee have the same engine that year. I read somewhere on the forum that another member used same part from chevy which will be AC Delco and it worked. :dunno: by the way did clean TB but no change Thanks for any help on this :bowdown:
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