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  1. maybe every wire has to be hooked up for it to work all I did was connect the green/white wire and move the speakers of the metal and it worked and that's the first time it worked sence I've had it
  2. Ok I connected the green and white wire and I think it wasn't working because I had the speaker laying on my floorboard just seeing if it worked I never knew if the magnet was on metal it wouldn't work but it sounds good now ha still a good thing I checked all the wires they had them all messed up
  3. Yeah I hooked up my buddies speakers he took out of his car and they worked a few weeks ago when he took them out
  4. I still don't know why I'm not getting anything out of my other speakers
  5. Hey guys I have a 1990 jeep Comanche and ever sence I bought it it had no radio. It had a pioneer head unit. It would turn on but nothing would play so I checked the wiring and it was all off so I just cut every wire connector and did it all over I went off of this for the mj wiring -------- 1988-90 Jeep Cherokee Stereo Constant 12V+ Pink Switched 12V+ Purple/Orange Ground Black Illumination Orange/Black Dimmer Dark Blue/White Antenna Trigger Gray Front Speakers Left Front (+) Green Left Front (-) Black/Yellow Right Front (+) White Right Front (-) Black Rear Speakers Left Rea
  6. Why's your front end sitting so low?
  7. My jeep is sitting stock right now with 31.5" tires it's the pioneer edition but sence this is the case I don't see how you couldn't run 33's with a 4.5" lift unless they say to run 32's so you can get more flex
  8. I also went to hell creek and looked at there 4.5" lift kit for the mj but it's only showing it with a add a leaf option is there anyway to get the same kit but with full leaf packs
  9. What are you lre experiences with zone? I see with there 4.5" lift I would still need to get a track bar and quick disconnects. I've never really heard of anyone with zone lifts. It really makes me mad that the big name companies like rubicon and skyjacker kinda just skipped out on the mj. My buddy had a rubicon lift on his yj and I was really impressed with it but they only have a 5.5" lift. And everyone likes to just put a add a league in there kits instead of selling a new pack with the kit. Don't they realize the stock springs are 26 years old
  10. I found the alexia lift but I'm not really looking to go spring over axle and I don't feel like getting a new drive shaft so I'm trying to stick with a 4.5" lift with transfer case drop
  11. I could not find the alexia lift in the diy section
  12. The only thing about rustys is some people say they love them and others say they go bad quick I like how there kit comes with full leaf packs and everything you need exempt a drop pitman arm but just wanna look at all my options first. Also how much of a difference is rustys shocks that come free with the kit and the other two more expensive options
  13. I've been looking to get a lift for my 1990 mj the only options I've seen is rough country rro and runic one express. Ive been thinking about the 4.5" rough country because I don't really wanna go spring over axle mainly because I don't have a good welder but I'm very disappointed with the lofts because they don't come with new leaf springs and the 4.5 rough country doesn't come with a track bar or drop pitman arm or quick disconnects. What are you guys running. Any good lift kits out there that you can't find easy? I have hers people using hell creek but I can't find a kit for the mj when I g
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