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  1. It is a Delphi. The first one that I installed was a Precision from O'Reilly's, but the little hose blew off that one. I installed hose clamps on the Delphi. I did a pressure check at the fuel rail shortly after I posted to this thread, and the readings were spot on to the specs.
  2. Well, the surging problem seems to have been fixed, though I am not completely sure, since it is intermittent. Thanks for all of the help on this. I do have one more question: the fuel pump is very loud, even driving down the road. Is that normal? I thought that the ballast resistor had something to do with quieting it down once the engine was running or something.
  3. Fuel Pressure regulator is new as is the fuel rail - all new o-rings. Have I mention that this was an exhaust odor and not coming from the engine bay?
  4. Replacing everything is what I have been doing. I have not replaced the coil , yet, but wires and plugs have been changed. I cannot see any fuel leaks. The exhaust odor is not really like Raw Gasoline, such as you would smell at the pump when filling the tank. It is more like you said, "incomplete combustion". putting it a different way, if I lived in California, it would not pass the emission tests.
  5. As I said, I don't have a scanner? for this engine or anything older than OBDII. The exhaust appears to be ok. The battery was disconnected while I was working on the engine. It is too early to tell if the plugs fixed the intermittent stumbling problem. I only changed them about a week ago, and I have driven it once since then.
  6. I don't have an engine scanner for a 1991 HO engine. The key method with the Check Engine Light shows codes 55 and 12. The O2 sensor was changed about 2 weeks ago. How do you check for an Open/Closed Loop? Thanks, Tom
  7. So are we done? Is there anything left to check?
  8. This is an edit to our offer. We no longer have the add-a-leaf kit for sale; we only have the kit with the rear spring packs. We are selling that one for $900.00, including the 105 Comanche Club discount, plus actual UPS Ground shipping to your Zip Code.
  9. Don't forget about your 10% Comanche Club Discount off the kit price.
  10. What are we looking for? It runs fairly quiet, so i don't think there are any holes. I'm not sure how old the Cat is.
  11. I have in my inventory an older Rough Country 4.5" MJ lift kit. This kit includes: Front coils, short rear add-a-leaf & adjustable shackles, lower control arms, transfer case drop, sway bar drop bracket, & shocks. The shocks are the older Hydraulic ones and not the newer Nitro gas-charged ones. The reason that I can't sell this one on eBay is that I can't violate Rough Country's MAP rules. In other words, I can't sell cheaper than they do. This is NOS (New Old Stock). I can let this one go for $450.00, plus actual UPS Ground shipping to your Zip Code. The regular price of this kit is $549.95. If you want the kit with new rear leaf springs, I can sell it for $1000.00, plus actual UPS Ground shipping to your Zip Code. The regular price of the complete kit is $1182.95. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Tom Hell Creek Suspensions, Inc.
  12. I finally got around to changing the plugs; thanks for the suggestions. I really can't tell if the intermittent surging problem is fixed, yet, as it doesn't happen all the time, but the strong exhaust odor is still present. Is there any way to get these engines to run a little leaner?
  13. Yes, I did - the second time. The first time it blew off. I always preferred Autolite. No reason, just had good luck with them.
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