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  1. Crash

    Mystery connector plugs

    The one in front of rad. possibly for ambient temp
  2. Crash

    Wiring harness upgrade?

    Unless you go full out obd2, I would stick with renix personally. Depenind on whether you have emissions or not there are a lot of variables that may need to be addressed.
  3. Nice write up. I ran homemade BPE's made from XJ rear sway bar brackets. I just found correct sized bolts/nuts for the bushing to bracket mounting. I think I have JKS currently.
  4. I ran some 'no name ' hub centric ones from amazon before going to JK wheels. They are good and inexpensive. Otherwise, go synergy.
  5. Crash


    I run 34/78 dual post batteries in my heeps. Late model XJ called for 34. Most have higher cca. Mine are 800cca
  6. Crash

    TRADE? 88 Jeep YJ 4.0 5 Speed SE PA $5000

    Looks like a CJ, unless I am missing something? YJ had different front end and square lights.
  7. Crash

    Your opinion on Hella 500s

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is someone's grille on upside down..
  8. The AX15 equipped vehicle were built more for economy. Yes, the AW4 is most likely rated at a higher HP capacity. Stock vs stock, I think the AW4 can definitely handle a larger load. Swap in some 3.55 or lower gears, and I think it's a solid runner.
  9. Crash

    Crossmember bolts

    Drill out/extract them, if possible. Rethread, or drill/tap holes for different bolts.
  10. Crash

    1988 3/4 HO gauge cluster

    I may have one if still interested.
  11. Crash

    Rear Differential Lube

    Lube locker gasket FTW!
  12. Crash

    8.8 swap spring plates

    I used the stock exploder 8.8 spring brackets
  13. Crash

    Floor mats

    Hexomat. Have them in my MJ and my DD honda. Custom fit. Good price. I will eventually get a set for my XJ.
  14. Crash


    Off-Road RVs and Camper Trailers For Outdoor Adventure - RoverPass Number 9
  15. JK takeoffs should work for up to 2-2.5 lift. Will need lower BPE. Otherwise ZJ Upcountry shocks will work up front and plug n pray.