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  1. I did this last weekend. Wind sucks for paint. I used krylon "Khaki camo" in a can.
  2. Happy birthday, America! What I did today, with help from friends..
  3. Not much has happened with the MJ, til more recent. Have a lot of things going on in life. Been dding her sinc e my dd is down. Last week, I installed Scarfab hitch. Saturday should be paint. Still 2wd, and some quirks to work out. Going to be spraying primer with a gun, and then rattle can "Khaki camo". Also, going to adjust the door latches so they close correctly. That is all for now.
  4. Should be plug n pray. I think 6 , plus the tank straps. And the fuel filler. I wantnto some day make a bracket to not have to bolt the tank to the bed.
  5. Rms and finish 4wd swap.
  6. Crash


    Follow up. Enjoying it.
  7. Crash


    LG brew co, Atomic Guava sour. Once again, safety first.
  8. Metal cover of "Material Girl"
  9. Run-around , Blues Traveler https://open.spotify.com/track/500Tkm3vJmVtdUwdCVxCTb?si=c9Fku9x6Td2fWWM5NE8qHw
  10. Bfh will clearance the tunnel, for the tcase.
  11. https://open.spotify.com/track/7112WRQXlBGe4Os43yw8gV?si=km7UrDANTRi-HSevBlbl3w
  12. Crash

    Back to Work

    Been working, slinging parts is an essential service. I was originally supposed to have reduced hours , but a couple of my coworkers bailed and took "the allowed" time off for covid.
  13. Magnaflow, dynomax ultraflo, etc. Or just straight pipe all the way back
  14. I run WJ belts. Cuz I had them available in a parts jeep. If you do this, use the driver on passenger and vice versa. Because of how the brackets and belt mount .
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