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  1. I did not grab the harnesses or radio. The rest of the items are pulled or being pulled. Did you want the radio still after seeing the picture?
  2. Alright, last call for parts off this thing. I'm going to try and go back within the next few days to pull more parts. Most likely Tues the 31st. Here's the list of what I'm planning to pull. Grill for Cody Visors and visor clips (3 people in line already) Possibly Other cab corner for same person Header panel to post on Craigslist Bench seat for Craigslist Back panel for Craigslist
  3. I'm a cheapskate so I'm not trying to spend over $120 or so for a set ideally. My truck is staying stock height and I'm just trying to increase load capacity.
  4. Has anyone tried adding overload leafs from other trucks to create a diy metric ton leaf pack with good results? I'm tired of searching for a reasonably priced set near me (even though I live 10 miles from J&W).
  5. There was no handle to the tail gate. It looks like the truck backed into something hard with the tailgate down. No idea what happened to the handle.
  6. I will have the ability to do so, it's more a question if I will have the time to do so. Got to take care of the wife who has been very gracious letting me pull parts all the time and doing what i want while she is stuck at home with the baby during this whole virus mess.
  7. Got some good MJ stuff I'm looking to sell off to its next owner. Prices do not include shipping 2 pairs of cab vents $30 plus shipping per pair 1 factory fog light cover $10 plus shipping 2 Factory MJ LWB 23 gal gas tank skid $100 each local pick up only Factory T-case skid for XJ or MJ $50 local pick up only Black door armrest (2 are shorter from the rear of an XJ, one of which is a little deformed) $30 plus shipping Black door armrest (not sure which side because I have hockeysticks. Little bit of a banana shape) $20 plus shipping Black rain gutter trim $20 plus shipping Renix relay cover with clips $35 plus shipping Renix relay cover clips $10 plus shipping (not pictured) Burgundy micro console for 4wd column shift trucks. $80 plus shipping. MJ dana 44 3.55 open diff $500 local pick up only
  8. I only had 6" blades and my m12 saw. Plus I am having a hard enough time trying to fit the skin in a box thst won't be stupid amounts of money to ship. I can't imagine shipping it if I had cut the whole inner structure too.
  9. Not everything. I forgot to grab the grill that Cody wanted and the visors that have 3 people interested. I also gave up on the 2nd cab corner because of how big of a pain it was to cut out the first one. If i had a spot weld drill bit it would have been different but don't have one of those. The binders were like sales catalogs for construction spray rigs or something.
  10. I grabbed some vents from a truck today. Only 96k on the truck
  11. Thanks for the offers but your prices are way on the low end for some of those items. I grabbed the b pillar lights but $5 is way too cheap
  12. I'm going to be getting more pics within the hour. Today will be the only day that I'm pulling parts before it goes to the scrapper.
  13. I might be keeping the hooks I might have just messaged you on Facebook about the visors. (Messaged 2 people that had old ads posted wanting gray visors) The interior is gray but I don't recall the condition of everything. Interior is in pretty good condition i think besides the column. Only reason I say that is because it's sub 100k.
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