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  1. Goose_XJ88

    Need help finding interior parts

    Also check the FB group. There are two guys on there that have a ton of parts (They are probably on here too but I don't know their SN)
  2. Goose_XJ88

    ‘88 “Eliminator” on Ebay

    What website are you guys using for the MJ vin decoder? I would like to take a look at my 92
  3. Goose_XJ88

    Street Comanche -- CA

    Thanks for taking pictures of it. I couldn't get the lady to send me pics for her life.
  4. Goose_XJ88


    Alright, now that I have owned this thing a little longer now, I am a little torn on the bucket seats idea. I like being able to have the dogs lay down on the bench seat but I also like how comfortable the bucket seats in my XJ are. I am also thinking about keeping the column shift mainly because I finally came across a 4wd shift indicator for a column shift truck. HENS TEETH! I finally located a HO Header panel and red grill pieces that will be installed along with a replacement hood since the one on it was dented and is hard to open. I really need to get my 99 XJ back together so I can get the Windshield replaced in it and the Comanche at the same time to try and save on install cost. I also picked up a JCR DIY rear bumper for this thing last back Friday but haven't built it yet because other Jeep has higher priority and I don't have a welder yet. I still plan on doing the 4wd swap, lower it, and install the roll bar at some point but right now it is not high on my priority list as the truck drives just fine as is. Also want to do a re-spray the factory Colorado Red and bedline the bed for protection.
  5. Goose_XJ88

    MJ w/ Commander front end??

    I recall seeing a how-to somewhere and they just cut it off. The later liberties look like they have the same style headlights, no? just have a full round light at the bottom.
  6. Goose_XJ88

    Street Comanche -- CA

    It was still avalible last night when I contacted them. I asked for interior pics but never got anything. I wanted to try and verify it had a plaque on the dash and post the I do up with all the pictures. I can't buy it unfortunatly.
  7. Goose_XJ88

    WANTED Roommate for Naxja 35th Moab event

    Bump. One week to go and we still need a roommate
  8. Goose_XJ88

    Black seats out of a 2 door cherokee

    I have the hockey stick with the chrome backer
  9. Goose_XJ88

    Black seats out of a 2 door cherokee

    Bump. Also might have a lead on some black seats from a 4 door that I'd be willing to strip and ship the covers
  10. Hello all..... Have extra room in a 3 bedroom house for the 35th MOAB event which is same weekend as the Moab Comanche takeover event. The House is about .4 miles south of the KOA campsite. GooseXJ88 and Twinhauler have house paid for already. It has a garage, trailer parking, and access to community pool. It is gonna be a great event. We have the House Rented from Sunday OCT 7th 4pm thru MON OCT 15th 11am...The extra room will be had for $$ 82.00 per night, which is barely more than camping at KOA... MOAB Event is less than 1 month away....LETS DO THIS!
  11. Wheel the 92. Sounds like it's already past the point of "restoration" based on your description.
  12. Goose_XJ88

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    I've got a 92 swb that I plan to keep as a stock street queen and realistically have no idea when I'd be able to install... after Moab for sure. Worth posting at least. Haha Future plans: drop 2" Install lp d30, d44, and 242 JCR diy rear bumper Hidden tow points through stock front bumper Install roll bar with your mounts Dakota or other bench seat with nothing taller than factory height
  13. Goose_XJ88

    Black seats out of a 2 door cherokee

    I work minimum 10hrs a day and don't have the time to work on my junk as is. I really don't want to deal with shipping oversized items. Sorry
  14. Goose_XJ88

    Black seats out of a 2 door cherokee

    Located in Citrus Heights CA No shipping Selling some good condition black seats out of a 2 door cherokee. Both flip mechs work but missing the trim piece. Both are rocker basses with the lower trim piesces Doesn't look to be any major rips but does have 2 smaller holes in the fabric that I saw. I'd like to get $200 front and rear. (I know you can't use the rear in a comanche bit I'm selling as a set for now)
  15. Goose_XJ88

    Seat removal

    Problem he's going to have is the nut falling into the "frame" once the nut is off. I'm running into the same issue right now and debating how I can cut an access hole in the bottom for a new bolt/nut or tack the existing one in there.