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  1. Out of curiosity, you're saying that items being sold in store or in new cars with "new Booth" technology quite possibly are doing so illegally? Or are you saying that modified equipment similar to what you have done for personal use in the past
  2. Looking back, I'm kicking myself for selling a nice set of lights for like $40.
  3. What colors of the below steering column do you have?
  4. So quick Little bump. I have everything posted for sale in my other ad that I pulled. LOCALS ONLY (Sacramento) I don't plan on heading back to pull more parts off it but the owner has changed his mind and the low mileage (92k) drivetrain is now available minus the rear axle and leaf springs. (Which I took). The truck runs but we were unable to get the pump to turn on when we were playing with it the last time I was there. There is no title for the truck and the bed and cab corners have been hacked up. Probably easier to take the whole truck. Hes asking $1k for whats left otherwise it is going to scrap. Id love to grab it and save every last piece but not something I can do. Please PM me if local and interested so that this thread doesn't keep popping up to the top.
  5. Chrome XJ licese plate surround sold Cab light switch panel sold.
  6. It goes here on the xj hatch. Same with the other chrome. They aren't plastic either. Some sort of metal.
  7. Added a few more things to the first post along with pictures
  8. More effort than its worth for me in my 92 MJ. don't really need it, just more of a want if it was plug n play.
  9. Good to know. Thanks I would assume that the 92-96 would not have the plug to be able to install a clock (plug n play).?.? I know you can always add wires but that is not something that I want to deal with.
  10. I need to keep an eye out for one in a cherokee. Didnt realize they had clocks in that panel on the HO Models.
  11. Just picked up a passenger side headlight surround for the quad wagoneer headlights along with a second waggy grill that's for sale.
  12. If you get to the point of trashing the seats, you should pull and sell the brackets. As for the fabric, I'd be Interested in the headrest covers if you'd ship those. Should be able to fit into a fairly small box.
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