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  1. If I lived closer I'd be willing to get you a set of each. Haha. Zj and 95+ xj use the same seat base bolt pattern so you don't have to use a wj seat.
  2. Alright, digging this thread up again because I found what I believe to be a 23 gallon tank in my swb. I'm not 100% but here are the things I know. Tank is metal It is 32"-33" long It hits the d35 on the corner because of the housing It is only held in with 2 straps I have put in 21 gallons once with the normal click off (not 10 topping off clicks) The filler and vent tubes are pretty skewed and can be seen in the rear fenderwell What are your thoughts?
  3. I know a guy in California with one. Not perfect but minimal damage and no end caps. Pic is from when I owned it but not 100% he'd sell/ship or not.
  4. You may want to go back and pull the micro console out of the maroon interior and any others. Those can be worth some money. Same with any drip rail moldings
  5. Everything sold besides the arm rests and mini console. Not 100% I want to sell the console which is the reason for the high price.
  6. Yes, I am looking for a grey micro console.
  7. Not my interior, just the only good pic I can find online of the Micro Console.
  8. I'd prefer to have a factory gray one vs paint. Paint always seems to flake or scratch off
  9. Saveeveryjp1998 seems to have fallen off the face of the earth (not replying to pms) so seat covers are avalible and ready to ship. (Headrests stripped bc foam and brackets were too big) Squeezed into an 18x16x6 box, 13lbs Shipping from Sacramento CA $200 plus shipping.
  10. Goose_XJ88

    XJ Parking Brake

    I have one but don't have a box big enough. I feel like it would be cheaper to find and buy one local.
  11. Goose_XJ88

    XJ Parking Brake

    I might have one. Just have to check my parts stash.
  12. Seats dismantled, pics sent and covers boxed up.
  13. Gotcha. I'll dismantle today and send you pics
  14. Any reason you want pics of them dismantled? I feel like all of the normal issue areas can be seen fully assembled. Main reason I didn't want to disassemble first was for the possibility of someone backing out of a shipment and then a local wanting the seats complete. I know you are one of the well known screen names on cc. So if you want them, I can dismantle first.
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