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  1. I went to the hassle once of getting more than one quote. No more. I'm a busy guy. That's why I just pay the shipping. And I live in the middle of nowhere with not many options so they take it or leave it.
  2. Post office, way cheaper than UPS.
  3. I've been selling a fair amount of parts lately and I just want some guys to understand that shipping isn't cheap. I just shipped a spare tire winch to Ohio and it was $14.95. I made $30.05 profit on it so I don't think I was out of line.
  4. $60 shipped to lower 48. This thing is in very good shape and slides easily. The inner cable is rust free. Includes the clips that hold it in place and the part where it hooks up in the rear to the back cables and the grommet where it goes through cab.
  5. I'm not sure what all is inside the part that appears to be frozen. The Wd-40 seems to be soaking in so I would think it would eventually break loose.
  6. I'm busy today trying to get some odds and ends done. Ok, I'm wanting to post these mirrors for sale but I have an issue I think and i don't want to sell something that's not working right. I'm assuming once bolted on the door the aluminum frame should be able to pivot. Right now they seem to be frozen. I have soaked them with Wd-40 for about a week now and they haven't moved. I have put quite a bit of pressure on them and I don't want them to break. Any ideas?
  7. Mark, I do have one in good shape. Goes up and down as it should. How about $45 shipped?
  8. The '88 is a short and the '86 is long. I didn't think about that, thanks guys.
  9. I have a '86 and an '88 with different frames. Can someone explain why they are different in the X crossmember? The '86 is much larger. Metric ton? It does have an AMC 20 rear axle with 4.10 gears.
  10. Yea, I would be hesitant to put a new end on unless you have a way to crimp the piece that goes on the cable. I would hate to see it come off driving down the road. I think I have a good one if you are interested. Let me check tomorrow.
  11. Get a cheap kit from Harbor Freight to remove your old one. I helped Pete M. Last Monday cut one out and it took us maybe 10 minutes.
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