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  1. I think so. The offset isn't quite enough so they stick out a little more than I wanted. One side is leaning a little so I need to Jack it up and check the ball joints. Of course. But I've been working on the garage quite a bit lately and I'm back on nights so I don't feel like doing much till the weekend.
  2. I have a complete engine that turns over but the condition is unknown. Rockers move up and down when turning. Not a lot of gunk under the rocker cover. 100 bucks, but you have to come get it. Complete engine mounts, frame and engine side. 100 shipped to lower 48. If you see anything you want just ask or make me an offer.
  3. Good set of brackets. I thought someone said these were in demand. Correct me if I'm wrong. 80 shipped to the lower 48.
  4. I have a pretty well perfect gasket for sale. $85 shipped to the lower 48.
  5. I bought a hitch from Scarfab and got it mounted. I will give Brandon credit, he makes a nice hitch. You will tear your truck up before you tear it up. Thanks Brandon.
  6. I've been working on the ole girl quite a bit lately. The old stereo was cutting in and out so I replaced it with a new JVC unit. Also got the bed back on and all put together. And finally I found some of the wheels I've been looking for. A guy in Tulsa had them for $450 with nearly new tires. Still 31/10.5/15. They are a little shorter and a little wider than what I had.
  7. Too late now. I will put them on tomorrow but I'm sure it's going to work great.
  8. I was thinking about welding some bolts to these but I'm not the best welder on thin metal. Then I came up with the idea of drilling and tapping the old bolt heads after grinding the stud part off. I will use at least red locktite to hold the bolts in. Before, i had fender washers on bolts and while it works it's not ideal. Also using stainless bolts. Good idea or no?
  9. If fiatslug doesn't come through let me know. I don't want to steal a sale from him.
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