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  1. In the mid eighties I was stationed at Camp Castle up by Camp Casey. Wild times.
  2. I would say that if you are really into learning and willing to put in the time and effort to keep up on the things we all know it will need then go for it. There seems to be a lot of little things that need attention that previous owners just let go. It is an addiction. Look through this site at a bunch of the other guys trucks and see what they have had to tackle and see if it is something you want to get into.
  3. My sliding back window was leaking. When I took it out there were inches of sealant that were not adhered to the window. They also say the vents on the sides can leak. This sounds weird but what I did for insurance against that was put an eyebrow shaped bead of silicon above each hole and let it dry before putting the covers back on.
  4. No, I swear. It was really weird. They were arcing all over the place. If you read my build thread you can see the problems I was having.
  5. Oh yea, if you get shocked they should be considered bad. A good way to check wires to is pull your truck into a totally dark spot and with it running pop the hood. You will most likely see a lot of arcing across where the wires touch metal. Look around where they plug onto the spark plugs. I held 3 of mine in my palm and they glowed green. I was shocked!
  6. I have done a ton of reading regarding plug wires and i found some that I am considering. My situation is a bit different than most of you guys since the Holley injection and dual sync distributor seem to be very sensitive to RFI. The brand is Magnecore and they aren't cheap. They claim to have virtually no energy leakage. I will find a link and post it.
  7. Dang, you frenched them in. I bet that was a pain.
  8. I have a long bed for sale. It has it's fair share of dents and dings but could be smoothed out with some effort. There is some some fairly heavy surface rust in front of the passenger side wheel well. It is not close to being through and could be cleaned up with some sanding and a skim coat of bondo. The inside is really clean, don't get me wrong there are some light dings but nothing bad. If it's to high make an offer.
  9. I have some pretty decent rear fender flare brackets for sale. Most of the studs broke off but I just welded new bolts on mine. There is some light to moderate rust on the outside of a couple of the brackets that will wire brush and be decent. The inside of the brackets are real clean. They are not bent up at all. If you feel my price is to high make an offer. I know these don't come up for sale often.
  10. I have a passenger side tail light for sale. It is ugly and has some spider cracks in it. There is a crack around the upper outside hole but I guess it could be super glued. Probably only for a trail rig or just to get somebody by. The tabs and holes in back are good.
  11. I have a pretty decent D.S. tail light for sale. There is one small chip by the upper outside hole but not bad at all. The light will clean up nice if you want to buff it out. All the tabs are good on the back and the holes for the lights are real good.
  12. That's a hell of a buddy. Congratulations
  13. I would agree with Pete on this. Cheap and easy and should get you by for years.
  14. That is totally different than what I have. This appears to me to be a GM alternator.
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