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  1. I had to change out the leaking collector gaskets and I had a heck of a time with the inside bolt on the passenger side. It is a pretty tight fit with a full size starter so I bit the bullet and bought a Powermaster. It is a mini size similar to the factory ones. When I first put the engine in I had a mini Hitachi style and it always ground and eventually wore the flex plate out. I put a full size factory style in and replaced the flex plate. This one has good reviews and I'm hoping to get it installed tomorrow. Oh, and I welded the troublesome bolt to the flange so that should take care of that little problem.
  2. Spotted one on the big island. Pretty good shape. Seen another one and it was ragged out.
  3. kansashogan

    Hawaii lifts

    I don't know why but a lot of the lifted pickups on the big island look like this. Big lift and little tires. There are tons of Wranglers and Tacomas here.
  4. Jeep Driver, so far so good. Awinski, your fab skills far exceed mine. I will keep looking for Mustang 2 stuff. The guy told me the widths of the frame and spindles but when he sold them I deleted the conversation.
  5. We went to Sonic and grabbed a burger and on the way home I may or may not have went a wee bit over 100 mph and she ran great. My problems started when I put the distributor in. I'm going to put it up for sale and get rid of it. That was an expensive and time consuming lesson. Awinski, i love your truck and I think yours would be a perfect build for a small block. Perhaps even an LS. I want to someday lower mine and do IFS. I was talking to a guy who had an aftermarket Mustang 2 front suspension for sale but he had a guy interested and the guy must have bought it.
  6. Well, it started acting up again so I said to heck with the electronic distributor. I'm not a patient person when things act up. I want to get in and go. Anyhoo I sold my old HEI awhile back because it was running good so I had to buy a new one. I got a DUI HEI. they are supposed to be top notch. I also bought their plug wires. This is nice stuff. While I was at it the paint on the rocker covers and breather still had overspray from when moron boy painted it so I repainted them . I'm going to clean the engine bay up while I'm at it. I had it running for a couple days to make sure the distributor was the problem and it was. I was trying to reroute wires and make things look good when it started acting up and I said to heck with it. The fuel injection is fine but the distributor is to sensitive to RFI.
  7. Welcome. There a a lot of knowledgeable people on here who can help you. And many with spare parts.
  8. Really cool project, can't wait for more updates.
  9. Here is something I done to help keep water from under the hood. I put a 1/4 inch rope in between the layers of the back hood seal so it sealed to the hood better. I wouldn't swear it works 100% but I think it helps.
  10. I have a rod for the rear end to brake valve. Real good shape. $12 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal ready.
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