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  1. That’s a big bummer about the road. Your truck was so nice but you can get it back to where it was. The turbo sure sounds cool.
  2. I still hammer on mine, it's to fun not to. Love your build.
  3. Several of us have the Poison Spyder vent for a Wrangler. I have a 350 in mine and it cools really well.
  4. Are those heat shrink connectors any good? I have had the add come up on my Facebook several times and I wondered. I use the brand from Autozone and they are decent. Oh, and good job, I bet you will sell quite a few.
  5. My Comanche is my DD. I love this thing now that the bugs are sorted. I have a 2016 Colorado Z71 that has 39,000 miles on it but it has been on some pretty long trips to get there.
  6. Well, I put the Dual Sync distributor back in today. It has been running really good with no issues so I decided it was time to give it another try. So far so good. It needs to go through the learning process again but I drove the balls off of it for about an hour and it never hiccuped. I was doing some reading and I came across some info I guess I never paid attention to about how to fine tune the timing with the controller after the initial setup. Fingers crossed. Wires are a mess but I will clean it all up when I'm confident it is going to be ok.
  7. Amazing work. Hats off to you. I know what $ I have in my build and you are surely way over that. Hopefully she runs and drives perfectly so you can enjoy it.
  8. I cut one coil out of each front spring. It lowered it about an inch. You can't really tell to much unless you look at the gap from the flares to the tires. I'm not going to buy lowering blocks for the rear until I decide if I like the raked look or not.
  9. We were there last year and we seen that same one. There was also a ragged out one at the green sand beach way down on the southern tip.
  10. A really good website for help tuning and troubleshooting the system is efisystempro.com. I learned a lot from them.
  11. It's crazy to see duct tape on wires from the factory. I was sure my windshield was leaking so I had it replaced. Still have a leak. It is elusive because I have fixed several things that were suspicious looking but no dice yet.
  12. That sucks. Ticks me off to see a company that takes a short sighted view of things and let good help go. Good luck with finding something better.
  13. kansashogan

    Cruise night

    A local town had a cruise night last night to break the monotony. There was a pretty good turnout.
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