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    I'm going to do this soon, thanks.
  2. kansashogan

    ShowTime Comanche Build.

    That should be plenty. I think I have around 325-350 horses and it is reasonably quick. I have had it to 105 mph and could have went quite a bit more but I figured that was stupid enough.
  3. kansashogan

    Before and after

    Good to know, thanks Pete.
  4. kansashogan

    Before and after

    Thanks for the kind words. I know I really need to upgrade the rear end but it has held up so far. I never have thought about stiffening the unibody but if I had more power it might need it. I will tell you it would be cheaper to go LS than gen 1 or 2 and fuel injection. It cost about $1800 or so for the injection and distributor alone. I probably have about $3500 in the engine. If you do put a V8 in I would recommend buying from Novak or another firm that sells engine mounts unless you are a hell of a fabricator. I seen a post the other day on another site where a guy said he dropped an LS in a Comanche for $200 total and I thought to myself I bet it looks like crap too. Get a good radiator and be ready to go through the whole wire harness to get rid of a lot of wires. It was really pretty easy except for the RFI issues after I put the distributor in. I got that all sorted out and it runs great now. I am waiting for my tires to wear down some more and I am going to start thinking about lowering it and putting street tires and nice rims on it. Oh, the lift is 3 inches and the tires are 31/10.5/15.
  5. kansashogan

    Pillar lamps

    Thanks alot. I will be ordering these.
  6. kansashogan

    Pillar lamps

    Dzimm, have a part number for the led bulb? I was going to start searching to put some in mine.
  7. kansashogan

    Before and after

    I should have said I was having trouble with learning on my phone. I have always used a camera and loaded pics to a desktop and then to C.C. I didn't have a video for the light but somehow I made it look like I did. I think I figured out a little more today, though. We will see.
  8. kansashogan

    Before and after

    Yeah, I seem to be challenged tech wise.
  9. kansashogan

    Before and after

    Still figuring out how to post pics and videos with text. Anyhow, we had a half decent weather day so I took the opportunity to add a dome light. It's a led strip from Wally world so it's a cheapo. I will check it out tonight when it gets dark to see how much of a difference it makes.
  10. kansashogan

    Before and after

    20181117_143154_001.mp4 20181117_143154_001.mp4
  11. kansashogan

    Before and after

    20181117_143154_001.mp4 20181117_143154_001.mp4 20181117_143154_001.mp4
  12. I have a 350 and a Dana 35 and that thing has taken some abuse. I can lay well over a hundred feet of rubber and it ain't broke yet. YET. An axle swap is in my future but the fuel injection was expensive so I need to recover a bit.
  13. kansashogan

    Project Pango

    Looks good
  14. kansashogan

    Before and after

    This is starting to sound redundant but I was having issues still. But this time I really did figure it out. It turned out to be my plug wires. One night it was rainy and really dark so i popped the hood and looked for any arcing on the wires. Holy hell was there. I held them in my hands and they literally glowed green. There was arcing all over. I refused to believe the wires were at fault because they were 100 dollar Msd wires and weren't that old. I replaced them with some AC Delco wires and it has run perfect since. I also recently rolled over 20,000 miles.