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  1. Totally jealous of the renegade setup. I tired really hard to find flat hood parts for my crd while I had it. You even got the exact color I needed 😭😭😭
  2. I love it. Doing a roll pan or bumper or just running it as is?
  3. Love the look of the truck, can’t wait to see the finished product. How do you like the ride and handling with the suspension setup?
  4. Thanks for the info. I don’t think it would work on my truck. I decided the embrace the patina look haha.
  5. onebigmj

    rustiest MJ

    I’ll get pictures sometime this week. The 92 I picked up has gotta be a contender.
  6. I was just thinking about this truck and the amazing work being done to it. I really hope it’s still being worked on.
  7. Thank you! The pictures do it justice though. It’s a clean truck but the paint is faded and gone on the top. I buffed the crap out of it and I’m sticking with the survivor patina look. Idk why but I just like it like that haha.
  8. I’m not gonna scrap it till I use the last nut and bolt. But I assure you it’s one of the worst you’ve seen haha. We might make a bench out of the back of the bed haha.
  9. Don’t really have one to be honest. It’s rotted beyond repair underneath. But it has a Dana 44 rear, a hitch, and lots of other good stuff. And it’s got a sweet running 4.0 and only 74k miles on it. Might try to find another clean shell and swap the guts over. Might throw the 44 in mine and part the rest out. No idea yet haha.
  10. 390mi round trip, enough gas to get to the moon, a large coffee and a gas station corn dog later I’m the owner of a rotted out 92 Comanche.
  11. Yeah I messed around with that and it didn’t help. It’s not high quality stuff but it doesn’t sound bad when the trucks parked with the ignition on acc. It instantly sounds like garbage when the engine is running.
  12. So I tossed some new speakers in my truck. Nothing crazy just hooked up to preexisting wiring. The only thing I had to do was fix broken wires for the left front speaker down by the kick panel. Everything seemed fine while the ignition is on acc. When the engine is running the speakers are breaking up and are getting terrible distortion. It’s a cheap jvc 490 headunit and mtx speakers. Just cheap stuff from crutchfield. The old speakers didn’t sound great but I never had the distortion issue before. And it’s only the speakers that changed, the head unit has been in the truck awhile. Can anyone give me a direction to go in?
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