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  1. Yeah I’d like to pick up a complete 2wd axlel the my lowered Comanche if the price was right
  2. The wheels looks sextacular! What size tires are you running?
  3. Glad to hear it. I’ve seen allot of good reviews on them. Fine looking LJ btw!
  4. Thanks for the advice! So far I love them. I bought them mounted and balanced and all the weights fell off before I put them on the Jeep 🙄. But they’re so smooth and so quiet I can’t believe it.
  5. Damn that’s awesome you still have your first ride. Looks like it’s in great shape. Would be cool to see a breakdown of the current setup at least.
  6. Yeah that’s for sure. You should start a build thread for it.
  7. Did an alignment and got all the arms adjusted on the Jeep. Finally got to take it up the road for the first time in over 2yrs. Very happy with the way everything felt. Might finally get to put a few miles on it and start working the bugs out.
  8. I was inspired by another member and finally did the one piece glass swap this weekend. PIA but well worth it. Got the old girl inspected to and it passed with no issue.
  9. I just got glass, seals regulators for mine at the JY. Might try to tackle it this weekend if weather allows. Did you do the bleepingjeep method or another way?
  10. Nice! Did you do manual or power windows? My window seals are junk and I’m leaning toward going one piece glass.
  11. Interior looks awesome! I love the sem paint. It’s held up fantastic in mine and matched almost perfect
  12. That’s awesome. I’ve really been tossing the idea of an ls swap around but I’d hate to sacrifice my trucks mileage. Sounds like it’s capable of better economy than a 4.0 if you stay off the throttle 😂
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