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  1. If the 2wd Ax15 isn’t spoken for I’ve got a good home for it haha.
  2. Found a set of genuine mj bucket seats at the JY. They looked like junk and I should have passed them up but they were the right color and I couldn’t let them pass into oblivion. Took a whole can of wasp spray before I could go within 20ft of the truck... After the right round of cleaning. Took them to work and gave them a good going over with the steam extractor and they came out ptettt good other than a small rip in the drivers seat. I’ll get a picture of them mounted in the truck with the factory console.
  3. It came from South Carolina. It’s the cleanest most original one I ever owned. I ended up with a few tiny holes in the drivers floor when I pulled the carpets and sanded it. It’s in storage for winter, plan to fix and seal it when it comes out. I actually like the patina, I think I’m gonna clear it and rock the look.
  4. Thanks, I was trying to make it work with the patina on the truck. I tried 3 shades of paint before I was happy. I’m doing a frame off on the rubicon so I’m going to hang onto the tcase for the moment haha.
  5. Decided to drop the rear 1in and paint up some Moab’s for it. Might look for a set of zj rear coils to drop the front a bit and throw some Cherokee shackles on it.
  6. I meant to post this in projects. Someone please move it 😭😭😭
  7. Few more pics after I got it home. Seemed to drive well enough. Threw a new track bar on it, did an oil change, valve cover gasket, tune up, basic stuff. Went around and did most of the cruiser tips and cleaned connectors and grounds etc. all were in very nice shape. Didn’t take as many pictures as I should have...
  8. I’ve been looking for the right Comanche for a long time now (aren’t we all). Wanted a rust free 91-92 swb 4wd...so naturally I bought a 2wd 88. I paid way too much for it but it was original, no hacked wiring, no fuse box issues, no door sag or cracks etc and without pulling the carpet appeared to be rust free with the expection of the surface rust from the sun baked southern paint. 4.0 ba10 d35 with 3.07s. 3/4 gauges, a/c and a tilt wheel. Had to tow it home the night I picked it up. Didnt have a copilot and had to borrow the sellers tow dolly.
  9. Where did you get the material for the headliner? I really like it
  10. I’ve always been curious about doing that. I love the idea of the one piece glass without having to use the newer doors. I’m sorta partial to the older interior and I like the original faded out look of my paint. Has this been done with manual windows? I’m not sure I want to convert mine over to power windows. Also your trucks are absolutely beautiful and your attention to detail in unreal.
  11. So you’re saying you can run the older style doors with 97+ one piece glass using the Chinese regulators?
  12. It turned out awesome on your truck. Thanks for the link.
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