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  1. Oh believe me I know I’m in the middle of nowhere. All the good deals on parts are 3-4hrs away 😭. Thank you. I’ll keep it updated. Working on cleaning up some wiring this week. Not a fun job...
  2. Driving too fast and hit a patch of anti skid during the spring thaw and lost it. Just me being an idiot. We got the Jeep on it’s wheels and drove it 7mi like that... We hammered and pushed and straightened it out and had it on a ride 2 days later.
  3. Haha thanks. It’s been allot of work but it’s paying off. It wasn’t supposed to be this big a project but that’s how it goes I guess.
  4. Here’s how it’s sitting now. I have pictures of most of the work but they’re not that exciting. 3.5in RK longarm kit, carbon off-road shafts, sleeved gusseted front axle blah blah blah. Entire frame, axles and anything else made of metal was sand blasted and epoxy primed and painted. New tub got the same treatment but was done in desert sand monstaliner. Still lots to do but the plan is to have it done and drive it to Daytona for Jeep beach in April.
  5. My Comanche is in storage for the winter so I’ve been working on my 2004 tj. I’ve had the Jeep for 10yrs and 10yrs of hard use in PA. did a number on her. Not to mention some wheeling scars and a rollover at 55mph. Few before pictures for reference.
  6. I saw you out at roadkill! I drove my truck out too but I wasn’t in the show. You gave me the link for the carpet kit. Awesome truck sir.
  7. Totally jealous of the renegade setup. I tired really hard to find flat hood parts for my crd while I had it. You even got the exact color I needed 😭😭😭
  8. I love it. Doing a roll pan or bumper or just running it as is?
  9. Love the look of the truck, can’t wait to see the finished product. How do you like the ride and handling with the suspension setup?
  10. Thanks for the info. I don’t think it would work on my truck. I decided the embrace the patina look haha.
  11. onebigmj

    rustiest MJ

    I’ll get pictures sometime this week. The 92 I picked up has gotta be a contender.
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