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  1. Hey guys sorry for the long hiatus, I've been busy with other projects around the house. I ran into an issue with a "Ticking" sound coming from the back of the truck about a month ago. I was worried if it was a problem with the differential or the brakes. I jacked the rear end of the truck in the air and put it in gear to find the noise, no noise was made, so I checked all the joints and they weren't loose or damaged, but luckily upon further inspection I saw that the parking brake cable was damaged and my wheel balancing weight was damaged. I tied the parking brake cable away from the wheel w
  2. Changed the clutch master cylinder and hydraulic hose line to space cylinder both we're leaking, fortunately my internal slave cylinder wasn't leaking. Bled the lines real good as well.
  3. My plans are to just fix it up, clean it up and use it as a spring/summer/fall vehicle, and store it for the winter months. I never owned a Jeep before and never thought about it, but this truck is starting to grow on me.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'm an owner of a 88 Jeep Comanche Pioneer with 73k miles. I inherited this vehicle from my late father who spent a lot of time getting the vehicle roadworthy again. I'm a little mechanically inclined, so I'm working on it bit by bit and learning as I go, since I've received this vehicle, I've replaced the leaking fuel injectors with better ones, I think avoiding a fire while driving it is a priority lol. My next thing to do is replacing the clutch master cylinder since I realized it's leaking on the fuse box! Luckily the damage wasn't to bad, I just cleaned it an
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