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  1. Update! Ok well this happened again: I suspected a fuel pump or something with in that system. It had started acting up on a Friday. It would start and then immediately die. I would restart it and then it would run fine. Saturday morning I was driving down a dirt road and it died several times. I would kick it in neutral and restart it with the key while it was still rolling. It eventually straightens out and I go about my day with out any other problems. I raked hay the rest of the day until Saturday afternoon. When I head towards the house about 2pm I get about 1 mile down the road and
  2. I have the same problem. I like you thought it was the ballast resistor. I bypassed it with a jumper and still same problem. I have plenty of fuel pressure AFTER cranking the engine so I know the pump is running while cranking. However I do not hear the pump prime when i first turn on the key. What else do I need to check in the "run" circuit for the fuel pump? Relay? I have refreshed the fuel pump ground and all of crusiers ground refreshing. I installed new fuel filter and fuel pump as well as throwig on a new CPS. I also replaced injectors and fuel pressure regulator about a year ago. Any
  3. Its also a good idea to buy premium gas, it has less ethanol and should keep longer especially with the stabil added.
  4. The Spectra Premium radiator will work in either application and has the opening for trans lines and water temp sensor. Part # CU1193. Check out my build thread for details. http://comancheclub.com/topic/44995-ems-mj/page-8
  5. I am at the 192K mile mark on the jeep. I had high hopes in spending some tax return money on the truck but paying the hay bill for my cows and paying for a repair on my diesel truck the money is going fast. I did replace the alternator last week as it finally gave up the ghost. It is one of the few things I had not replaced under the hood. I was driving to work one morning and noticed the amp meter reading 9. SO i pulled back into the house grabbed the other truck and went on my way. Few days later I pulled the alt. Took it to parts store they tested it said it was good. I cleaned all the gro
  6. So everything has been going along pretty good. My wife and I had our baby girl on Dec. 11th. After that I had some time off work so I checked the brakes. Front pads were dang near metal to metal and the rear pads were ok except for a rear axle seal leak on the passenger side. I replaced the front pads but ignored the rear axle seal as I hate to put money into the D35 when i have the AMC20 going in.....someday. I know its not safe to have axle seal leak. I also noticed the arm going from the proportioning valve to the axle was missing. I will have to replace that, I kinda have planned on t
  7. Ended up holding off on this one. We still want a Cherokee but it will be after the New Year before that can happen. Thanks for the help.
  8. OK so I did some reading here on the forum and I decided to do kind of a open/closed cooling hybrid system. My heater diverter valve thing is working fine and my pressure bottle is holding up fine as well so I just bought a raidator for a 1996 Cherokee. This one even has the bung for the fan temp controller sensor thingy. I give credit to Bleeping Jeep on Utube for the help on that through his videos. Here is the part number: and here it is all nestled in to the ole Comanche: The only mods I had to do was to redrill the bolt holes for the tabs that connect the a/c condensor to the
  9. I wish i had more details to tell. It was hot that day but it was not window busting hot and the truck was/is not air tight. I arrived at work went inside and worked until lunch, came out to run errands on my lunch break and found the passenger side window broken out and glass was all the way over into the drivers seat. The truck sits right outside the window of my office so I would of heard some kid throwing rocks and probably would of heard a lawn mower spewing rocks. Plus there was not projectile found in the truck. The window had been replaced probably two years ago. It was replaced with a
  10. I got them from Team Cherokee. They are nice pieces but they are so tight I can not easily roll the window up or down. They are gradually getting better.
  11. Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been super busy with life and work. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in December so between that, buying a bulldozer and cattle, not to mention my regular job I have been busy. So not much has happened with the jeep. Besides driving it a cow broke the windshield with her nose so I got to replace it. Now the radiator is leaking. SO I guess I am going to have to anty up and switch to an open cooling system like the newer models. The jeep has 187K miles on it now. I have been pretty good about oil change every 3 to 4K.
  12. I wouldn't say that's it priced unreasonably assuming the seller is an honest fellow but I figure to offer $850 for it.
  13. I have started a list of things to check and will add those mentioned to the list. He is asking $1000. 179k miles, straight body, clean interior, new headliner, sport and the a/c works.....when it's was running.
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