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  1. That would be fine with me, one of my next purchases! Buck.
  2. Wow, great find and welcome to the club. Keep the pics and updates coming! Buck
  3. The mj is doing great, has it's own spot in the garage now! It was awarded, mjotm a little while back, still need to get a/c working again but since it hasn't been my dd for a long time I find other places to spend the money, lol. Let me know if you travel up this way, I will do the same if I head back your way, but definitely need to meet up! Buck.
  4. Hey Rich! Great to see you again, can't believe your son is already 4. Our daughter will be 15 in 2 months, I can't remember when you met her but it was a long time ago. Great to see you back on here, take care and hope to see you in person sometime soon! Buck.
  5. Sad to hear of Don's passing. Helped so many out with great non condescending advice, me included. He will be missed but not forgotten.
  6. Great find and great idea on the thread, brought up some good conversation that I hadn't thought of before. Buck.
  7. Thanks to Pete first of all and thanks to all of you who have helped everyone else. I have said this already and will keep saying that this forum is so great because of the selflessness of so many of you willing to help and do it without a condescending attitude. Everyone keep up the good work! Buck.
  8. No. I have Hagerty for my mj and Geico for our daily drivers. I had Progressive for maybe a year for the mj because they would insure for more than blue book value. Once Hagerty started covering mjs and I could get my mj in the garage I switched from Progressive to Hagerty. I tried Infinity collector insurance for a little while (a few months) and it was dirt cheap but would only insure the mj for 5k, even though Hagerty was quite a bit more it is still less than insuring through the big companies for blue book value only. Buck.
  9. Glad I could help Don, we switched to Geico for our daily drivers, I think we saved 15% or more, lol. Speaking of savings, the Hagerty rate is great, their mantra is that they like to insure people who are careful drivers, I imagine we drive our classics with much more care and awareness than the normal driver. Buck.
  10. With my Hagerty policy my mj is insured for 10k, agreed value. They wanted pictures but didn't need an appraisal. As far as I remember there are no mileage limits and no restrictions on when and where I could drive it. It has been retired as a daily driver for years but I still probably put around 2k a year on it. I have a neighbor who has 3 vehicles insured with Hagerty and has had good experience with them. He even had his classic truck parked on the street and it was hit by a distracted teenager and Hagerty didn't cancel him, of course the teenager's insurance paid for it but Hagerty was notified and even offered to help locate replacement parts if needed. Buck.
  11. I had been away from CC for a while because I was crazy busy and just logged on and see this thread pop up that I forgot about. I switched to Hagerty a few years ago because I got a space back in the garage. I don't know if it is because of living in Central Florida (weather) that it has to be in an enclosed garage or the state. I noticed a previous post had said Hagerty didn't require the vehicle to be in the garage. That is the biggest thing I was worried about was if the mj were ever wrecked that they would do just that, hand me a check with an insulting amount on it. I would call them if you haven't, they have been very helpful when I spoke to them. Buck
  12. buxmj

    Jim Oshel has passed

    Sad news, had thought about him in the last year. I always read his posts, especially if it was a thread on the pub he started, lots of wit but you could tell he was a very honest and down to earth guy.
  13. Congrats Don, keep it up, you might need to find another MJ though, yours doesn't seem to be neglected. Buck.
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