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  1. buxmj

    wake up call

    So glad you are on the mend and it wasn't worse, take care Cruiser and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
  2. That is a cool build, looking forward to the progress pics. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I was wondering the same about Florida, Jennifer has a '15 Nissan Rogue with factory tint, the rear door windows and rear hatch window are very dark, even the front doors are dark, I am still not used to it when I drive it at night. The problem with the Nissans is that the dash and top part of all the door panels are black, the dash radiates so much heat during the summer, definitely not designed with any southern states in mind.
  4. So sorry, I do not have my old door handles after all. I thought I got them back with some other parts when I got the truck painted, I found some of the other parts but not the door handles. If I go back to the LKQ and the '91 is still there I will grab them if you still need them. Buck.
  5. Fast draw Pete, you can't beat him, just have to hope he just grazes you. That is very interesting. Hope it is what they say it is.
  6. I think I kept my original door handles, will look tomorrow. Buck.
  7. buxmj

    Tinted Windows

    Great find Rich! Was it crowded? The LKQ in Daytona usually is swamped on 40% off weekends.
  8. Nice rig and welcome to Comanche Club. You have done an awesome job getting to where your wife is proud of it again, great accomplishment! Looking forward to more updates and feel free to browse around, it is a great place. Buck.
  9. buxmj

    Tesla's new truck

    Derf, I agree, spot on. I would say that has to be a hell of a blind spot on both sides but it probably has 24 cameras to show you what is going on around you.
  10. I remember the Trucks TV show cut down a long bed C10 pickup to make it a short bed. If I remember correctly they even cut the bed down. The work involved in that was so extreme, even though they made it look doable by normal humans I can't imagine taking on that type of work because their original premise was that the short bed C10 looks better and is worth more money, I couldn't see justifying the work and cost to get a short bed. Just to shorten the truck to fit the short bed or to shorten a long bed to fit a short frame would be a huge undertaking. Also, this site is made up of a great number of knowledgeable people who don't judge but give great advice and also a lot of people like me who marvel at the work others do. I think a lot of people may have seen your original post and thought your project is out of their league. I think Dzimm wrote what some probably thought, make the work as easy and inexpensive as possible. Good luck! Buck
  11. buxmj

    Recovery gear

    I would just go with the cheaper one. Agree that if a FedEx truck or the like ends up needing help they can afford to pay a recovery company.
  12. buxmj

    MJ at LKQ Daytona

    Thanks eagle scout, I didn't mean heavy sanding as in start with 60 grit, figured it is going to be just a lot of elbow grease and patience. As bad as the truck is I was pleasantly surprised in the condition of the flares, no big gouges etc. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727AZ using Tapatalk
  13. buxmj

    MJ at LKQ Daytona

    They are actually in good shape. I scrubbed them down and can send you close ups if you want. They will need to be sanded heavily because the truck was painted on top of the original paint and they didn't do a go job of prep, several bubbles. They are still flexible and all the tabs are there. I do not have the brackets for the driver's side and the passenger side brackets have some rust and every nut broke off when I took them off. If you look at the first pic I posted the driver's side brackets are in really bad shape and were fitted with at least 3 different size screws and nuts and they are all seized by the rust. That flare took some select words to get it off without destroying it, but glad I had the patience to get it, at least I didn't have to worry about damaging the bedside, it was more flexible than the flares!
  14. buxmj

    MJ at LKQ Daytona

    And none of this stuff is for me except the stereo, b pillar speaker brackets and the dash bezel. Need to get up in the attic and see what else I have accumulated and have a garage sale. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727AZ using Tapatalk
  15. buxmj

    MJ at LKQ Daytona

    Had to use my brain to get the parking brake pedal out of the way to get to the only screw on the kick panel. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727AZ using Tapatalk
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