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  1. Hello everyone, time for my semiannual post and update on my thread. As some of you know my mj has been in semi retirement for several years but I am always glad to get it out and drive it. I did have a new muffler put on in the spring and got a little rumble with this one, must be my mid life crisis. I also added the head light harness from K Suspension. If you guys do this (which we all should) I found it easier to take out my battery rather than try to fish the wires around the battery.
  2. Some more mj specific parts for sale. Prices are for items only, shipping on your dime. Rear mj fender flares, they were originally Jeep red but were painted a rust red at some point. Sorry I only have brackets for one of them. $100 Chrome drip rails, great shape. $50 Inner fender flaps, one set of four. One has a crease, I am guessing from the fork lift. All screws are included. $40. These are NOT mud flaps. Front bumper end caps, drivers side is missing mounting bolt. $25
  3. I was doing an inventory and realized how much mj stuff I have. I need to get some of this stuff out to people who need it. Prices are for items only, shipping is on your dime also. 2 sets of vent covers. Set one is in better shape with less fading and has connecting tabs. Set one is $30 and set 2 is $20. 2 sets of air vents. Set one has paint but all rubber flaps are there and still pliable, $30. 2nd set needs new rubber flaps but in good shape, $20.
  4. I thought I had pm'd you from my phone with a pic but I messed up somewhere, sorry. Will get that to you here in a few minutes. Buck.
  5. I will look in the attic tomorrow, I think I have both grey b pillar trim pieces with unmolested speaker covers. Buck.
  6. I have one in my attic that a guy traded me for a tailgate years ago. I will get it down tomorrow and take pics and pm you. I think it is in good shape, never ended up using it myself. Buck.
  7. Got my 2nd shot on Monday, Pfizer, a little sore but no other issues, woohoo! My wife is getting her 2nd next week and our 17yo got her first Wed so we will be good to go and do what we want and feel much more comfortable doing it.
  8. Got my first one 2 weeks ago Friday and was going to get my 2nd on this coming Fri but changed it to next Monday. I am a drummer and have shows this weekend, can't afford to be laid up. I am doing the Pfizer, the first shot was no problem. My wife got her first last week and our 17 yo daughter wants to get hers and we want her to get it, trying to plan around her school schedule.
  9. Congrats on the house and let the renos begin! Doesn't sound like you have anything major to do right away, hope that is the case so you can get some chill time in and beside the pool. Enjoy and take lots of pics, know from experience with our first house, "what did that room really look like when we moved in?!" Also, now is a good time to move in a hot (oven) climate, your friends and family who help should appreciate that. Buck.
  10. I am interested in getting one, thanks! Just pm me your payment info and I will get you the $. Buck.
  11. Yeah Tim I had a friend ask me why I don't do the cash for clunkers deal, I laughed and said the truck just needs to be repainted. I also remember seeing an HO mj in a LKQ lot that was straight and rust free and was dumbfounded way back then, wanted to go find the previous owner and try to shake some sense into them but knew it was too late.
  12. That is such a cool car, one of my favorite classics, clean simple lines. Are you going to paint it or will your dad insist on doing it? Buck.
  13. buxmj

    Happy Easter

    @fiatslug87 We attend the church my wife grew up in, I sing in the choir, and yes it is all Greek to me, lol. Our daughter has been dancing in the Greek dance groups since she was 8, now a junior in HS and loves it. My wife has an uncle who is a retired priest and her twin's husband is a convert like me but now a priest/chaplain with the Navy. I feel like such a xeno most of the time but trying to fit in.
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