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  1. Thanks guys for the kind words, I will credit a lot of it to the guy who painted it 11 years ago. Since it has had a garage spot for the last 10 years and I drive it much less, only 2k to 3k a year, it will last a lot longer than the original factory paint and the first time I got it painted when it was 10 years old, Florida sun wrecked the first 2 paint jobs. Buck.
  2. This is my favorite pic of mine.
  3. Great job on the bedliner, looks great! Buck.
  4. Thanks Rich and 1987Comanche, I am thinking the truck will survive another 30 years, I hope I do also! Buck.
  5. That is awesome. I didn't think mine would ever get to 250k, now 268k but just a few thousand a year for mine, it earned its retirement. How much do you drive yours? Buck.
  6. Great build already, thanks for sharing and looking forward to some updates! Buck.
  7. Hello all, hope everyone is doing well, been a while since I have posted on my own thread. I haven't done much to my mj but wanted to share a few pics. I finally have a better pic of the back end with the wheel spacers. Thanks to Drahcir495 for my beefier sway bar, took a while put it on but well worth the wait. I believe it was off of a ZJ, great upgrade, thanks Rich! The pic shows the new sway bar, sway bar end links, new bump stops and Brown Dog motor mounts. And lastly, my 5$ thrift store steering wheel cover, brand new and still in the packaging!
  8. We bought a new Hyundai Elantra GT 2 months ago and it is my new daily driver. A few weeks ago I realized the last time I drove a brand new vehicle as a daily driver was when I bought my mj over 30 years ago. Since we got married in 2000 my wife has always driven the new car which didn't bother me, if a car breaks down I don't want her stranded somewhere by herself. The '04 Ford Escape was mine from '09 til now, our daughter gets to drive it to high school, 4 miles each way so it will be fine, we broke it in for her, lol, bought it new just before she was born and now has 242k. My wife's '15 R
  9. buxmj

    yakety sax

    Sorry Jeff I could only last one time through the melody, that's enough of that tune for me for the next decade. I was wondering if someone just did a good loop but if he actually played that same tune for 2 hours that is impressive, just not enjoyable to my ears. Maybe I will use that as a motivation for my students not practicing...practice or I will have your parents tie you into your chair and play this. The threat of 50 pushups on broken glass is more appealing than having to listen to this. Thanks? for sharing? Buck.
  10. I am not an expert but have seen some posts saying an '86 firewall does not give clearance for a 4.0. It was changed the next year when the 4.0 was introduced to the mj. Something to keep in mind knowing there may be a surprise cost of "adjusting" the firewall. Buck.
  11. Great job on everything, thanks for sharing the progress! Buck.
  12. Easy for the rest of us to say but I agree with everyone else. Just. Buy. It. It looks like it is in great shape and that would be a good thing to do is get it and sit on it to get your ducks in a row, meanwhile it is YOURS. Buck.
  13. buxmj

    F**k salt

    So lucky my mj only spent one winter in KC before I moved to Florida, the sun has done a number on the clear coat but that is much easier to deal with than rusting from the inside out. Buck.
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