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  1. Great to finally put some faces to names and user names. Great weather, great hang. Nice to do a toast in remembrance of Don. Hope to see you guys again, please let me know if you guys swing back through O town. Buck.
  2. Looking forward to it! Buck.
  3. buxmj

    Noob saying hello

    Welcome and good luck with your project! Buck.
  4. Anytime is good for me, I will probably get there by 6, can get there earlier if I need to since I am close, hope I4 cooperates, usually fine on the weekends but with all the construction one little fender bender or broken down vehicle just makes a mess of things. They call it the ultimate I4 project, agree with whoever said it first, the ultimate eye sore project. Buck.
  5. Especially the front bumper, definitely can straighten that out in very little time. Buck.
  6. I agree MJeff, a lot of work went into that, I hope a good vehicle wasn't cut up for any of this mess. Buck.
  7. I definitely am biased in my liking of your color scheme. I did the exact same thing except my truck is grey but same as yours with black lower panels and black topper. Great looking truck! Buck.
  8. Since you said you are mechanically inclined and there is little rust I would say keep it. These trucks in good shape are getting harder and harder to find, I don't think you will regret it. Good luck! Buck.
  9. Just ordered 2, thanks for sharing the find! Buck.
  10. That is a good idea Pete, I am planning on bringing the mj, as for food I am easy to please so whatever gives us the best chance to chill and be able to talk without yelling is great. Buck
  11. I have used Greyhound. You can build a plywood box and put your wheels in it and take it to a Greyhound station and it is MUCH cheaper than fed ex and UPS. The person you are sending it to will need to pick it up at a station also for cheapest rate. Go on their website and get the specifics of max weight and dimensions. They will not guarantee an arrival time because they will take the cargo off a bus if the space is needed for current passenger luggage but will put it on the next bus with available space. Good luck! Buck
  12. That sounds good Pete, sounds like a good hang, looking forward to it! Buck.
  13. Two of my favorite mj stories happened about 12 years ago, one with a good ending (mine) and one with a bad ending that shouldn't have. I had a friend tell me I should take advantage of the cash for clunkers program and get rid of my truck. I told her the truck is in great shape, it just needed to get painted. Well I got it painted and 10 years later that paint job is still looking good, mainly because the mj earned its retirement and doesn't get driven as much now but I enjoy driving it now more than ever. The sad ending story is around the time of the cash for clunkers program I was at a junk yard and saw an mj that was a cash for clunkers victim, a 4.0 HO Florida truck with no body damage, no rust and a clean interior, got as much as I could off of it but looking back wish I could have bought the whole thing. I haven't seen an mj in a junk yard for several years now, I wonder how much of that truck got crushed...
  14. Sorry Pete, I can and will make it on the 13th, didn't respond because you were asking who couldn't make it. Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully several other CC members. Thanks for getting the word out and let me know if I can do anything or bring anything since I am probably the closest local. Buck.
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