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  1. I am interested in getting one, thanks! Just pm me your payment info and I will get you the $. Buck.
  2. Yeah Tim I had a friend ask me why I don't do the cash for clunkers deal, I laughed and said the truck just needs to be repainted. I also remember seeing an HO mj in a LKQ lot that was straight and rust free and was dumbfounded way back then, wanted to go find the previous owner and try to shake some sense into them but knew it was too late.
  3. That is such a cool car, one of my favorite classics, clean simple lines. Are you going to paint it or will your dad insist on doing it? Buck.
  4. buxmj

    Happy Easter

    @fiatslug87 We attend the church my wife grew up in, I sing in the choir, and yes it is all Greek to me, lol. Our daughter has been dancing in the Greek dance groups since she was 8, now a junior in HS and loves it. My wife has an uncle who is a retired priest and her twin's husband is a convert like me but now a priest/chaplain with the Navy. I feel like such a xeno most of the time but trying to fit in.
  5. buxmj

    Happy Easter

    Thank you @fiatslug87, I married into Greek Orthodoxy. Easter for us is 4 weeks later this year. It was 5 weeks later a few years ago, seemed like forever, we are just getting started with our Lent and it is Easter for everyone else. Anyway it is, we usually get our Easter candy much cheaper than everyone else, bwahahaha! Buck.
  6. What a cool story, thanks for sharing! I guess it was good that is wasn't close so you wouldn't think about it all the time? Hope you keep it stock but I am biased. Glad it is in good hands who appreciates what a gem it is. Congrats on your biannual persistence paying off and not getting charged with trespassing, lol.
  7. Something that might help is to find a pick n pull yard that has some xj s from 84 to 96, would be a bonus to find a white one that got rear ended. By taking the parts yourself you save some money and know how things are supposed to go back together. Just my .02 Buck.
  8. Welcome to the continuing addiction. Looks like the mj is in good hands. Looks like a great starting point, good luck and keep the updates coming!
  9. I 2nd what jeepsouth said, one of the best purchases I have made. My bottle lasted a long time but replaced the cap many times and when the bottle finally split I just didn't want to deal with the plastic anymore.
  10. That sucks about the deal falling through but it is nice when it works out in the end, hopefully better and cheaper to make it worth the wait. Thanks for sharing the updates! Buck.
  11. Installed mine this last weekend, thank you very much and it is a great product! Buck.
  12. Today I was able to paint the inside of the boat with primer, 2nd coat tomorrow then gloss white next week. I will put the cap back on soon after and then start the repaint of the outside of the hull and the cap. Still a ways to go but making good progress over the last 6 months. Hope to have it splashed sometime this year, fortunately being in Florida it can be in Dec so still a good bit of time left, we will see.
  13. I will make several posts to try to get you all caught up. I bought this boat and trailer 3 1/2 years ago and built a cradle for it in the back yard so I could redo the trailer. I went ahead and splurged and had it sandblasted and powder coated, it would have taken me forever with a wire wheel and I wanted to work on the boat! Last summer I finally got to grind the inside of the hull and that is the last pic in that first post. Grinding fiberglass has to be one of the most miserable things you could do in Florida in July outside! I enclosed the boat with a canopy, tarps and plastic sheeting to
  14. Hey guys, I have to apologize for not starting this thread a while ago, the project did! I got this boat after trying to restore a wooden lapstrake boat from the 50s but unfortunately it ended up in the proverbial burn pile. It was nice to get the space back in the garage for the mj and I realized I would be better off restoring a fiberglass boat that can be outside during the reno and stay there once it is finished. I do have 2 engines to choose from, a '71 Evinrude 50hp from the wooden boat and a Mercury 402 40 hp that came with this boat. They both seem to be in great shape but I am leaning
  15. In the 2nd pic if you look at the bottom right where the piece of wood is missing it looks like a face of a kid drawing.
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