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  1. I went to the LKQ pick n pull on Sat in Daytona, less than half an hour drive, very easy to get there for me. I got the mj up over 80 a few times and still feels good, no wobble. I did get a hood and some smaller stuff for the ford escape, when I had time to look for some mj parts (well, xj parts, I doubt an mj will ever show up again at an LKQ) I had to leave. I found a nice xj that one guy was pulling the brake booster and 2 other people were pulling the wheels, I wanted to get the throttle body but it was so hot and crowded, (40 % off for the weekend) I was miserable by then didn't want to wait for space. When I got back out to the parking lot there were not any spots left, glad I got there early. Buck.
  2. Hello everyone, time for my yearly update. Recently bought Brown Dog motor mounts and wow they are great! I also bought Mean Lemons cables but have not had a chance to put them on yet. I enjoy reading everyone else's updates but hardly adding to mine, sorry. So much I would like to do but when money appears it quickly gets designated to other things... Buck.
  3. Great back story about how you got to where you are, thanks for sharing, great job of recovering and living those dreams. Welcome to the madness and looks like you are already doing the mj right. If you already haven't learned, this is great place to find answers to your mj questions. Keep the pics coming! Buck.
  4. You have already done some great work on your mj, making the rest of us jealous! Thanks for the inspiration in the attention to detail! Buck.
  5. Thanks Jeremy for doing this, great idea! Buck
  6. Just turned over 264k today, still running great! Buck.
  7. buxmj

    Hey you, Pete!

    Yeah that is an epic trade and yes you suck.
  8. Wow, that is amazing! Looking forward to pics and thanks for sharing! Buck
  9. Another thread someone has put some serious time in to get it going and then to fix it to keep it going. Thanks! Buck.
  10. There are some great pics of some great mjs posted previously on this thread. With whowey and Pete asking if there are build threads on these nice looking mjs, I really would like to reiterate the importance of a build thread. You may not realize that the build thread section is what a lot of us use for information and inspiration for our mjs. Many of us mjotm recipients have stated that in our "what we like about cc". PLEASE take the time to share what you have so we all can appreciate some different versions of what is becoming a rarer vehicle by the day. This forum is about sharing ideas and advise and a place for asking questions without worrying someone will vilify you if it is a simple or "stupid" question. Buck.
  11. I decided not to put the hockey stick emblems back on my Pioneer when I got it painted the first time and I have always been happy that I went with the clean look, especially since I got it painted again ten years later, probably a lot of work to take off. Buck.
  12. That would be fine with me, one of my next purchases! Buck.
  13. Wow, great find and welcome to the club. Keep the pics and updates coming! Buck
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